Top 10 Best Selling Android Tablets

Modern tablets are compact portable devices that let you read emails, play music videos, surf the internet, play games and many more functions. These tablets are based on small OS that is why we have to purchase or download additional applications from application stores.

Most tablets don’t have USB ports to fit flash disks. They also don’t have room for house CD or DVD drives. Tablets are not meant to replace the functions performed by computers. They have been made to operate as secondary devices for casual entertainment.

Here we present the list of Top 10 Best Selling Android Tablets of 2017-2018

10. RCA Voyager

RCA Voyager Top 10 Best Selling Android TabletsThe RCA Voyager has a 7-inch touchscreen that has a resolution of 1024*600. This tablet has good specifications. Among the notable are a 16GB internal storage and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. For a tablet, this processor is powerful enough to prevent it from hanging when it is in operation. And if you think that this internal storage is too little for you, there is a micro SD card slot for additional memory. Marshmallow 6.0 is the Android version that this tablet runs on.

9. NPOLE Tablet

NPOLE Tablet Top Popular Selling Android Tablets 2019It has a 16 GB internal storage area that will offer you plenty of space to multitask without slowing different background processes. The internal storage is enough for you to store movies, keep photos and play games that are compatible with the device. There is a film on the screen surface when you buy it that protects the screen surface from scratches and dust. It has a quad-core processor that makes it fast and responsive. The gadgets display is bright, and it can show vivid colors.

8. ASUS ZenPad 8

ASUS ZenPad 8 Top 10 Best Selling Android Tablets 2017This touchscreen tablet has an 8-inch screen size that has a resolution of 1280 *800. It has a MediaTek processor, MTK 8163 version. The processor is quad-core making it a powerful tablets that does not slow down when it has multiple background processes running. The front camera and back cameras are 2MP and 5 MP respectively, and they will take good quality photos and videos. It comes with an internal disk size of 16 GB that can be upgraded to the desired size.

7. ASUS ZenPad 10

ASUS ZenPad 10 Top Best Selling Android Tablets 2017It has a 10-inch screen size. It has been fashion inspired with the design carrying modern influences for a luxurious, clean look that will give a universal stylish appeal. Apart from the Camera and the internal storage size, the ASUS ZenPad outmatches its earlier version of the ASUS ZenPad 8. Its speed has improved to 1.3 GHz, and a quad-core processor powers it. The tablet has been made with VisualMaster technology that will immerse you in bright visuals that are ideal for mobile entertainment.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab ASamsung is known to make arguably the best Android smartphone and tablets. It doesn’t disappoint on this Samsung Galaxy Tab A. It has a vibrant 10.1-inch screen that makes everything come to life. A long-lasting battery will ensure that you are powered for long hours. A speedy processor prevents the tablet from hanging when in use. There is a micro SD slot that will expand your memory from 16 GB to an additional 200 GB. With this device, you can send videos and pictures from the tablet to your Samsung Smart TV for a broader look.

5. ValuePad VP112-IPS

ValuePad VP112-IPSIf you are expecting performance that is compared to Apple or Samsung, please do not go for this tablet. Most users have found this tablet to be having powerful features as compared to the price by which it retails. It is an incredibly powerful gadget that has a robust quad-core CPU backed up by a multi-core GPU. It has a RAM of 1GB and a display resolution of 1280 *800 IPS. The internal storage is 16 GB, but it can be expanded to a desired sized through a micro SD slot.

4. Contixo Google Android tablet

Contixo Google Android tablet Top Most Famous Selling Android Tablets 2018With this gadget, you get to have a stunning display that will be ideal for watching movies and playing games. Its quad-core processor gives a high performance that prevents the gadget from slowing down when in use. It has a high speed of 1.5 GHz, and its internal storage space is 8GB. Half of what other tablets of it equal size have. The design on the tablets is simple and perfectly fits into your hand. You can buy this fantastic product across major stores in the world.

3. Fire HD Tablet

Fire HD Tablet Top Most Popular Selling Android Tablets 2018It has an 8-inch touchscreen that has a high-quality display. The battery life of this tablet can last up to twelve hours on a single full charge. The processor speed is 1.3GHz, and it is a quad core one. A cool feature about this gadget is that it has the Alexa cloud-based service that you just and ask for the tablet to do anything. An internal storage of 16GB can be expanded up to 200 GB. The tablets are in a wide variety of colors that you can choose.

2. Google Nexus

Google Nexus Top Famous Selling Android Tablets 2019Google Nexus is a more powerful tablet when compared with the rest. It has a dual-core A15 processor that offers the best performance. The memory of the tablet is 2GB to ensure that you use it without it lagging. The video resolution is HD with a 2560 *1600 resolution. The front and rear camera are 1.9 MP and 5MP respectively. This is one gadget that will serve you well as compared to other ones whose battery life is small.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2It is Wi-Fi tablet that runs on Android 6.0 marshmallow. The screen size is of an 8-inch size. A 2028 *1536 resolution will provide you with high-quality pictures and videos. The screen is made of super AMOLED technology that is the reason behind the high-end resolution. Its speeds are in the range of above 1.8GHz. The tablet has two types of processors. One that has a speed of 1.8 GHz and another has the speed of 1.4GHZ.

Tablets will never replace laptops. But they can offer features that most laptops offer. When buying a laptop, you should consider almost all of the specification that this article has. Give a lot of attention to the camera type, screen size and the processor speed. Other features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility are universal among major brands.

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