Top 10 Best Selling Must have Baby Essentials for you

Baby Essentials are things that most mothers cannot do without. They help to raise a healthy child. There are various baby products that you can find on the market. The most common are diapers, baby cribs, potties, strollers, baby bottles among many others.

If you are a new mom, you should get these products as they can help lessen time and effort spent when raising your child. The influx of various companies that make different products has made it difficult to decide which products one needs for their baby.

Here are the top 10 best-selling baby essentials that you might need in 2017-2018

10. Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller

This is a lightweight stroller that weighs less than twenty pounds, and this makes it ultra-portable and perfect for new moms. It is sturdy enough to hold children that weigh up to 40 pounds. One side of the stroller has a fold with storage latch for easy-to-close convenience. It is a deluxe padded multi-position seat that allows your baby to ride in comfort as you explore the outdoors.

9. Baby Jogger Go Infant Car Seat

Baby Jogger Go Infant Car Seat

This seat allows you to create your traveling system by attaching it to your favorite baby stroller. Without its base, it can easily be installed in a vehicle. There is a push button latch that allows for easy and quick base installation. The baby seat can be attached to your back car seat and fastened with an integrated belt lock-off feature that keeps it firmly attached to your rear car seat.

8. NUK 14060 Hearts Baby Bottle

NUK 14060 Hearts Baby Bottle

The product features an improved Fit Nipple which resembles the shape of the nursing mom’s nipple. This feature enables it to fit perfectly into your baby’s mouth. The baby bottle silicone nipples are available in two nipple sizes and three flow rates. Size 1 can be ideal for children of 0 to 6 months. Size 2 is a larger nipple for babies of 6+ months. This is a product that you cannot afford to miss if you are a lactating mother.

7. Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers Top Popular Selling Baby Essentials 2018

Diapers allow parents to quickly clean your child poo and pee by trapping it inside. There are different types of diapers on the market, but pampers is the leading brand. Diapers made from this company are soft, comfort and offer protection to your baby. Some types have Swaddlers wetness indicators that will tell you when your child needs a change. It has extra absorb-channel that help to distribute wetness evenly for up to twelve hours.

6. Baby Monitors with Camera

Baby Monitors with Camera

Baby monitors are to help you check on your baby while it is sleeping from a remote location n the house. They have stunning HD video quality, and some can rotate 180 degrees to give a wider view of your sleeping baby. Some monitors have an alarm system that will output a sound whenever your child is up and crying. Some baby monitors have motion detectors that give notifications about your child’s movement through PUSH notifications on using smartphone applications.

5. Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers Top 10 Best Selling Baby Essentials 2017

There are two types of baby carriers. Some can be strapped on your back while others are meant to be used while your child rests on your chest. However, other carriers are a two sided product that can be used when your baby is sleeping on your back and when it is resting on your chest. Baby carriers increase intimacy between the child and the parent. There are various types of this product that you can buy. You should choose on that is comfortable, sturdy enough and one that has good aesthetics.

4. Breast Pumps

Breast Pumps Top Most Popular Selling Baby Essentials 2018

A breast pump is a useful product for a mother even if she needs to breastfeed her baby exclusively. Moms use these pumps for many reasons, at times you have to go to work, to allow other family members or the father to feed the baby, give the mother time to relax properly or to induce lactation for children who have been adopted. An ideal breast pump should not pose any danger to the mother.

3. Breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding pillow Top Famous Selling Baby Essentials 2019

The pillows come in different fabrics. Some cotton while others are made of synthetic fabrics. A breastfeeding pillow usually wraps around the back helping the lactating mom and baby to have a perfect posture. The pillow is helpful during feeding and helps to prevent getting a sore back or neck. Some pillows have contours that conform to different body shapes for maximum comfort. You should get this pillow as it will make your lactating sessions easier for you.

2. Baby Cribs

Baby Cribs Top Most Selling Baby Essentials 2017

In some parts of the world, babies share beds with parents. However, it is good practice if babies sleep in their cribs. The cage design of most cribs is meant to restrict the baby to the bed. Baby beds are a common feature in countries affected by westernization. You should prioritize cribs that have been made of wood as compared to metal as wood feels warms to touch, and are light hence easily portable to different locations in the house.

1. Potties

Potties Top 10 Best Selling Baby Essentials

Potties are miniature toilets that are used by babies who no longer need diapers. They provide an easy way to clean your child’s poo and pee. The potties are mostly made of plastic making them to be portable to any location in the house. The potties were at one time said to prepare kids to use the flush toilet once they are big. You should buy one that you think best suits your baby.

Regardless of the brand of baby product you buy, you should be aware that they all perform similar functions. As a good parent, you have to decide which products are best for you. The cost of the products should easily fit into your budget estimates. Pick the right product as it will help you raise a healthy and happy baby.

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