Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner

Eyeliners are among the must-have makeups that you can’t miss. They make your appearance better. Enhance your look by making your eyes pop and bring out a bright part of you. Eyeliners come in liquid, gel and pencil form.

The broad range of eyeliners has changed the game by making to be not just drawing a line on your eyes as it used to be. You have to consider the color that suits you and the type of look that you at achieving. The waterproof factor also is nowadays a priority for most ladies. To help you make an informed decision on what is best let us have a look on the eyeliner that is efficient and right for you.

Checkout few Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in 2017-2018

10. Charlotte Tilbury Rock N Kohl

Charlotte Tilbury Rock N Kohl Top Most Famous Selling Eyeliner 2018It is a liquid eyeliner pencil. You can draw either thin or thick lines with it as the pencil design makes it easy to use. Maintaining it is simple with its liquid liner qualities. It gives you an excellent look when applied and you can draw from single lines to cat eyes quickly. You can use it to attain any look that you want. It will last for a better part of the day and is quite affordable. Try it and begin the art of making your eyes beautiful.

9. NARS Larger Than Life Long Wear

NARS Larger Than Life Long WearFashion and fun are the combinations that have been used to come up with the colors of this eyeliner pencils. This makes NARS larger than life long wear a game changer as it has popping colors that you can enjoy. Its texture is creamy, and it is long lasting and can stay up to 12 hours. They are beautifully designed to help you get the glam look that you desire. NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear is affordable.

8. Cargo Swimmable Eye Pencil

Cargo Swimmable Eye Pencil Top Best Selling Eyeliner 2017You don’t have to stop yourself from swimming because your eyeliner will wash out. This eyeliner is waterproof so that you can sweat, but it won’t come out. It has five neutral tones that you can utilize. No need to re-apply as it stays for 14 hours. It helps you have a good appearance for any look that you want. Its waterproof feature makes it stand out from the rest.

7. Stila Stay-all-day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Stila Stay-all-day Waterproof Liquid EyelinerWith its sharp tip, you can draw a thin line without much effort. You can perfect your art if you are having problems getting fine lines. The tip is marker-like and will help you get that fine line. You can even draw cat eyes now with this eyeliner. Another added attribute is that it waterproof so you can swim, sweat or cry with no worries. Stays the whole day when applied.

6. Mac Chromaline Gel liner

Mac Chromaline Gel liner Top 10 Best Selling EyelinerFor beginners, you can start with this gel liner that comes in a little pot that is easy to use. It is jet black in color and will you get that perfect feline flick that you desire. Drawing cat eyes has been made easier with this gel liner. To get the glam look that you want to use Mac Chromaline Gel Liner that will help you attain a beautiful appearance. The eyeliner stays for a long period.

5. Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner Top Famous Selling Eyeliner 2019This gel eyeliner lasts long when applied. It gives you the deep black pigment that ladies are always looking for in an eyeliner. It comes in a small lovely pot that allows you to use a brush to draw those cat eyes. The amazing part is that it is waterproof. So even if you get rained on you have a bad look. The brush helps you draw fine lines that can be thick or thin. The choice is yours.

4. Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen

Tom Ford Eye Defining PenWith double ends that each has different sized nibs, you can explore all the looks you have ever wanted. You can draw winged feline flicks, or you can decide to settle for the full-on cat eyes. To have a firm grip, the pen is large just to give you that. You can even reach the inner corners of your eyes just to get that gorgeous look. It lasts long when applied so that you can maintain a good look for the better part of the day. The pigments are opaque, and this eyeliner does not budge.

3. Bourjois Erasable liner

Bourjois Erasable liner Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner 2017The distinguishing feature about this eyeliner is that it has an inbuilt eraser that you can use when it has smudged. You don’t have to fear drawing crooked lines as its part of the learning process. Even so, Bourjois Erasable liner has your back, and you can correct that. It is waterproof and lasts longer when applied. Beginners can take advantage of this and practice so that they can be artistic in getting beautiful looks.

2. Kat Von D Tattoo liner

Kat Von D Tattoo liner Top Popular Selling Eyeliner 2019To get that feeling like you have tattooed your lash line then you can use Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. It has three pigments that you can utilize to give you that bold lash line. It is affordable and comes in handy in getting a striking appearance. The pigments are suitable for all skin tones. It has a sharp tip that helps you master the art and get your desired look.

1. Dior Style Liner

Dior Style Liner Top Most Popular Selling Eyeliner 2018Its fine brush makes you draw fine lines on your lash. You can draw fine feline flicks or cat eyes with it. To get the stylish look that you want, begin slowly and smoothly progress to get the best result. It lasts longer, and therefore you don’t have to re-apply during the day. The brush helps you get a uniform lash line. Try the Dior Style Liner and see the fantastic result.

Your eyelashes bring out a striking look to your face. They bring attention to your eyes and are an essential part of everyday makeup. Make sure they are neat and well groomed to give you the desired look. Ensure that the products you get are safe to use and reliable.

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