Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Headsets

Every video game addict is always obsessed with having the best type of headset. A good quality headset should offer high-quality sound, have a sleek design and be easy to use. Playing your video game without having an earphone or headset can at times make you not to immerse yourself deeply into the gaming environment.

You should pick a right pair that will make you hear all the sounds in the game. Various brands make headsets that can be used for different gaming platforms. Some are universal meaning they can be used on multiple gadgets while others have been specifically designed to be used in individual devices. Here are some of the best-selling headsets.

Here we present the list of Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Headsets of 2017-2018

10. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Top Famous Selling Gaming Headsets 2019It is a lightweight gaming headset that is compatible with Windows PCs, Xbox ONE, PS4 and Wii gaming consoles. Its 90-degree rotating ear cups will fit any ear. For audio precision purposes, it has 50 mm directional drivers that produce the best sound quality you want. The inner parts of the cups have the HyperX signature memory foam that also has an adjustable steel slider. The headphone allows for intuitive volume control through buttons that are located on the headset ear cups.

9. SADES A60/OMG Stereo Headphones

SADES A60-OMG Stereo HeadphonesThey have versatile compatibility hence they can be used with Mac, Windows PCs. However, they are not compatible with Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles. The design of the ear cups is broad enough to cover your entire ear and this aids in cutting out external sound very effectively. The headset features a high-quality microphone that produces a crystal clear audio and doesn’t crackle when you adjust it. There is an external audio control that makes it quick and convenient for you to adjust volume levels.

8. DLAND Wired Gaming Headsets

DLAND Wired Gaming Headsets Top Most Famous Selling Gaming Headsets 2018The gaming headsets usually have a three pin 3.5 mm plug that can be plugged into your laptop and desktop. It can also be used with cell phones and PS4 gaming controls. DLAND used a 3.8 mm overstriking litz wire that is super strong to prevent your cable from being broken. Its high sensitivity omnidirectional condenser microphone will collect your sound efficiently. For adjusting volumes, there is a volume control knob along the length of the wire that you can use.

7. Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming HeadsetHave you had trouble while looking for a headset that will give you high-quality stereo sound when you are gaming? With this Logitech gaming headset, you can get the best sound quality you can think of. Soft and durable cloth ear pads will ensure that it fits comfortably to your ears. It has noise cancellation features that prevent background noise for clear voice pick up. The headphone can be used on Windows PCs and Linux Operating Systems.

6. BENGOO Gaming Headset

BENGOO Gaming Headset Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Headsets 2017BENGOO is the latest entry into this field. It includes a durable and tensile wire that reduces external resistance. The wire also prevents the line from twinning. Along the length of the wire, there is a rotary volume controller and a one mic mute button that offers more convenience for use. A high precision magnetic neodymium driver is responsible for giving you a rich sound field, sound clarity, and sound shock feeling. The headphones are best known for their ability to isolate ambient sound splendidly.

5. ENVEL G2000 PC headset

ENVEL G2000 PC headset Top Most Popular Selling Gaming Headsets 2018It uses earmuffs that have been made out of a skin friendly leather material. The earmuffs have super soft over-ear pads that are more comfortable for long duration’s of gaming. The vivid sound of the headset is achieved because the headphones have a high precision 50 mm magnetic neodymium drive. Glaring LED’S have been integrated on the headset, and they help in highlighting the general atmosphere of the game. This headset is well known for splendid noise isolation capabilities.

4. Corsair void wireless Headset

Corsair void wireless Headset Top Best Selling Gaming Headsets 2017A perfect sound and noise reduction microphone brings you clear sound clarity, sound shock feeling in most games. It is comfortable to wear since it uses a super soft over ear pad material that is more comfortable for long time wear. The earphone line has been equipped with a rotary volume controller and a one key mic mute. There is also an adjustable headband that aids in adjusting the headset to a proper position.corsair void wireless is compatible with PlayStation gaming consoles, PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

3. Kzon Gaming Headset

Kzon Gaming Headset Top 10 Best Selling Gaming HeadsetsThis quality gaming headset offers you excellent sound quality and accurate sound keep. It has an omnidirectional noise reduction microphone with a flexible tube that will allow you to adjust in any direction freely. The left ear cup has been built to house a volume controller and a microphone mute and unmute switch that is convenient to use. The headphone’s design is a symbol of exquisite craftsmanship and fashion appearance. They have an outstanding appearance when compared to other gaming headsets.

2. Nubwo K6 Gaming headset

Nubwo K6 Gaming headsetNubwo K6 is a professional gaming headset that offers high-quality stereo sound. It has extreme bass enhancement capabilities and provides excellent sound quality. There is an adjustable boom mic with excellent PC headset gaming USB 2.0. A long extension cable makes it easy to use. The gadget has a versatile jack that can directly work with multiple devices like PS4, PC, Mac, Xbox, tablets and mobile phones. The ergonomically cushioned ear cups makes it comfortable to use for extended hours during gaming.

1. KOTION EACH G1000 Gaming headset

KOTION EACH G1000 Gaming headset Top Popular Selling Gaming Headsets 2019G1000 gaming headphones offer you the best sound quality you can imagine. They have a neodymium driver that provides a high precision sound source position for various games. Its microphone is omnidirectional and has a flexible tube that freely adjusts to any direction. The left ear cup has built-in volume controller. Its wire cable is sturdy enough to guarantee you durability. The Headset has a stylish design and appearance.

You cannot talk about video gaming without headphones coming into your mind. A good headset should be durable and should have good aesthetics. There are wired and wireless headsets that you can find on the market. I fancy the latter as they offer better flexibility when using.

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