Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home

Interior home design apps help us to transform our ideas into images that you can see. With these apps, we can try different models on how we want our house to look like, before reaching a final decision.

Some applications will run on Android platforms while others are custom made to be used on iOS. If you are building or designing interior décor for your house, consider using these applications as they can help save you time and money.

Here are the Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home in 2017-2018

10. Home Design 3D Gold

Home Design 3D Gold Top Popular Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2018

Home Design 3D Gold is an application that runs on Apple smartphones and tablets. It is among the most creative applications that will offer you a quick and powerful way to indulge in home design fantasies. The Home Design 3D Gold will enable you to take advantage of current and upcoming events. This application will allow you to model your home to the desired design and then go ahead to buy the products that you will use to decorate your house. The Golf version is available to users who purchase it.

9. Curate

Curate Top Most Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2017

Gone are the days when we used to draw interior design plans using pens. Today’s technology is sophisticated enough to allow you to decorate your home from the comfort of any place. Curate will allow you to design your home with ease virtually. You can pick from a wider selection of tools that include even artwork. Using curate will enable you to try different models before making the final decision on the one that is ideal for you.

8. Interior Design

Interior Design Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home

I know the name of the app sounds more of activity than an app. This app is for iOS users. It is an excellent app that will virtually help you to design every room in your home to the desired style. You can get good interior design ideas and tips when using this app. It boasts of more than 500 interior design ideas, modern interior ideas, house inspiration ideas, and interior decorating ideas. With all these capabilities within your grasp, you can go ahead to make your home the most beautiful in your neighbourhood.

7. Planner 5D

Planner 5D

The application is easy to use. It will allow you to create beautiful interior and exterior designs for your house. You can get both 2D and 3D models when using this app. Planner 5D has many items that you will choose for your interior design. There is a comprehensive catalog from where you can pick the different designs that you want to implement. This app lets you plan and furnish a house any way you want it. There is a virtual reality mode that will give you an insight into how things look in reality.

6. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler Interior Design Top Most Popular Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2018

This is another great app for designing you home. It has the latest interior design projects and tips. To use it, you just need to take a picture of your room and using the application you will create your 3D home design playground. The application will allow you to place high-quality models of furniture in your design giving you a real look of how your room will look. Before you purchase any product for your room, try out your ideas with this great applications.

5. Zillow Digs

Zillow Digs

The app will give you all possible ideas for making home improvements. When compared with other apps, you will realise that when you use this app, you can make price estimates of the products you want to decorate your house with. It is known to give accurate estimates of the project cost. The app is currently available on iOS meaning that all the information will only be found on iPhones and iPada. Download this app and start designing your room with the touch of your screen

4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas Top Famous Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2019

It has been viewed as the best interior design apps that you can use. It is easy to use as you can see all the tools for making models. The application’s catalog covers everything that you will need. Straight from building to remodeling and decorating your home. The catalog has over eleven million high resolution home interior photos that you can choose based on style, room, and location. This is the perfect app that you need if you are looking to live in a home that has exotic designs.

3. LikeThat Décor and Furniture

LikeThat Décor and Furniture

Have you ever has trouble deciding which color best suits your room? Have you had trouble picking the ideal furniture that will blend with other furniture in the house? If you have, then Like That Décor and Furniture is the application that is tailor-made to solve all your worries. The app can read an image and cross check its features with the ones that are already in its inventory. It has over 25 million products that will help you in making a decision about how your house will look.

2. MagicPlan


MagicPlan spares you the trouble of taking measurements and drawing up floor plans by making the process effortless. The app can compute distances within a space simply by analysing a picture. This application is simple to use. It can help you know the exact dimensions of the furniture that you want to fit in your house. You will never go wrong with this app. Download it for both Android and iOS Platforms.

1. BrightNest

BrightNest Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2017

There are two key components of interior design that almost every designer has to achieve. He/she has to stay organised during the entire process, and he or she has to maintain a clear vision of what he wants to make. BrightNest is an application that will help you achieve this two components. It will allow you to line up your necessary household tasks in an orderly manner. You can also get advice on the better methods of how to achieve the best designs.

You should download an application that you think is easy to use. Most of these apps perform similar functions. So regardless of the one you download you are guaranteed of achieving good designs.

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