Top 10 Best Selling Laptops & Reviews – Chromebooks, MacBook

Evolution of computers is a process that is gradually on the move. The earlier computers used transistors vacuum tubes and had low speeds. The previous versions of computers produced a lot of heat, they were slow and occupied large spaces.

Evolution of the computers has seen the reduction in the processor size and other individual components. The laptop was the latest reincarnation of the earlier machines whereby it is fast, smaller and affordable. Chromebooks, notebooks, and MacBook are the current miniature sized laptops that offer performance that cannot be matched to their predecessors. After much considerations, we made it into selecting the best laptops that you can buy.

These are some of the Top 10 Best Selling Laptops 2017-2018 – Chromebooks, MacBook. Take a look…

10. Dell Inspiron 7000 13-inch

Dell Inspiron 7000 13-inch Top Most Popular Selling Laptops & Reviews 2018Dell is an amazing brand that makes this Dell Inspiron laptop. It is an excellent two-in-one laptop that has a 13-inch display screen. It has a hinge that makes it be viewed from virtually any angle by just twisting it around the hinge. The hinge allows the laptop to change from a laptop to a tablet. It comes with different types of processor that is powered by operating systems like Microsoft and UNIX.

9. Asus ROG G752VS Series

Asus ROG G752VS Series Top Best Selling Laptops & Reviews 2017The Asus ROG G752VS is a gaming laptop that features a powerful CPU and graphical chips by Intel NVIDIA or AMD. It has a 17.3-inch display screen that is synchronized with the laptops Graphical Processing Unit. The laptop is currently not easily portable. The product is reliable as it can meet all different game requirements. It has an internal cooling system that is powerful enough to keep it cool when in usage. Make it your laptop of choice.

8. Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook Top 10 Best Selling Laptops & Reviews 2017Apple is a well-known brand that makes iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This 12-inch beauty is beautiful, colorful and easy to carry around. It is available in different colors that you can choose. The laptop is rather fast making it reliable to perform your heavy computer tasks. It has an excellent battery life on a single charge. The MacBook is famously known for its retina display that outputs the best video quality you can find on the market.

7. Samsung Notebook 9 13.3

Samsung Notebook 9 13.3Unlike other brands that assemble most of their laptops, Samsung makes its individual components. The notebook nine has been regarded as a compact workhouse that has a sturdy magnesium body. It is powered by an Intel Corei5 processor with speeds above 2.5GHz. It has a memory of 8GB. Currently, you can find it running on Windows 10 that is the best operating system at the moment. You can get this fantastic product at different stores at affordable prices.

6. ASUS ZenBook Flip

ASUS ZenBook Flip Top Most Famous Selling Laptops & Reviews 2018This is a 13.3-inch touchscreen laptop that can easily slide into your handbag or backpack. Its lightweight characteristic makes it a favorite among ladies. It has sixth generation Intel Core M processor that has speeds of over 2.GHz. The laptop’s battery can last a minimum of six hours on a single charge. It is the first certified ZenBook with Microsoft Cortana with Voice premium. The product runs on Windows 10 operating system.

5. HP Chromebook 13

HP Chromebook 13 Top Popular Selling Laptops & Reviews 2019This HP laptop has an internal storage of 32GB, and it has speeds of above 2.2GHz. The laptop is all metal and it suitable for both casual and business users. It has a powerful Graphical Processing Unit that is responsible for its ultra-high definition display. It has excellent sound quality and battery life. The metallic body is a guarantee that it will last long while giving you that zippy performance.

4. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 Top Famous Selling Laptops & Reviews 2019The XPS 15 is a high-end laptop that runs on Windows 10. It has an optional 15.6-inch 4K display. It has a sixth generation core i7 processor that is super-fast to prevent it from lagging. It has a long lasting battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. The laptop has a 32 GB internal storage area. You might think about purchasing an external hard drive if you have documents that are more than 32GB. Other than that the laptop is convenient and easy to operate.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 YogaThis is the number one contender for the best Windows 10 Laptop for casual and business purposes. Its outstanding features include a sleek design and ultra-tough body that has been tested to meet military specifications. An inbuilt stylus offers the perfect alternative to the excellent backlit keyboard. It has a powerful Graphical Processing Unit that provides the High-definition bright display. The laptop retails at affordable prices on the main stores.

2. HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 Top 10 Best Selling Laptops & ReviewsThis is the latest generation laptop that is a 2-in-one product that has a powerful seventh generation Intel processor. It output a crisp and bright display. The battery charge can last long enough to enable you to use it for long hours on a single charge. Other stand-out features of the laptop include an all-metal body that is incredibly light, excellent speakers that give a high-quality sound. Bang and Olufsen tune the speakers.

1. Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface BookMicrosoft in universally known for making the Windows operating system. It is also associated with the X-Box Gaming console. The manufacture of the Microsoft Surface Book puts the company among the elite laptop makers. It is a two in one product whereby the desktop can be detached so that it assumes the shape of a tablet. It has other features like the Surface Pen and an ultra-sharp display.

When looking for the ideal laptop, you should always consider the processor speed, hard disk size, memory size, the processor type and generation among many other features. A fast laptop means that you can able to perform your work with the ease and simplicity that you want. Most Notebooks, Chromebooks and MacBook, are reliable laptops. Why do you go to places to look for machines that are not going to work well for you? get into our stores and get an order of a machine that you will never regret buying ever.

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