Top 10 Best Selling Respirators

If you’ve been in such a situation where there’s a lot of smoke and dust, then you will understand why you would need a respirator. In fact, many times these air substances are very harmful to your health especially if you work in factories.

It is good to ensure you have this one preventing any further damage that may arise. They are very easy and comfortable to wear. Most of them facilitate easier breathing. In addition, they do not allow moisture to clog hence affecting your breathing. Nonetheless, there are many types of respirators in the world we live in today. However, you must take into consideration that you have to check the features of every single respirator to get the best one. We have compiled a comprehensive list of high-end respirators.

The following are some of the 10 best selling respirators in 2017-2018

10. Particulate Best Safety Respirator

Top 10 Best Selling Respirators 2017 2018

Price: $27.99
The particulate best safety respirator is a very effective respirator that prevents dust and any particles to penetrate inside. The particulate respirator allows free flow of air to reduce discomfort. It makes it more comfortable. Therefore, this allows you to use it for a long duration on your nose.

Also, the respirator is comfortable and convenient for you to store. The respirator is comfortable and portable. It is the most simple to use and very secure respirator in 2016.

9. GVS Elipse Half Mask Respirator

Price: $26
The GVS respirator is made up of interesting elastomer material. The most interesting thing with this respirator is that it is highly allergenic and comes in various sizes. The GVS respirator is highly unique due to the material and can endure for a long time.

Subsequently, the GVS respirator half mask is fitting, comfortable and allows ventilation of air inside. Keeping it cooler for any user. Over the years, the mask has been designed for low breathing to reduce fatigue and increase comfort.

8. MSA Safety Respirator

Price: $40
For starters, this is the best safety respirator for any user who deals with both paint and pesticide. It helps reduce the levels of odors inside. The inner seal ensures that it fits and that comfort is enhanced. The safety respirator allows low breathing resistance.

Approved by the NIOSH and R95/OV, the MSA respirator allows both organic and inorganic materials to function. The respirator can resist degradation for at least 8 hours before removing for a quick break.

7. 3M Half FacePiece Assembly 6291

Price: $17.59
The 3M Facepiece is a lightweight respirator that offers both safety and comfort. The respirator incorporates 3M filters, which makes it very versatile for all situations. The facepiece is remarkably soft and has very good cartridges, which increases balance and visibility.

The half piece respirator is customized to fit any user due to its capacity. Also, the face piece reduces exposure to numerous contaminants. Moreover, due to its features, it makes it enjoyable to any user.

6. Paint Respirator

Price: $15.44
Paint Respirator is a respirator commonly put on when you are applying paint. The mask has comfortable material inside which increases comfort and performance. The cotton inside also avoids any irritation. It has a mechanism to ensure that moist is continuously removed.

The respirator enhances visibility to the user leading to them working faster. It also has a balanced designed to ensure you have the ultimate comfort experience.

5. Safety Works 817664

Price: $25.87
The respirator is common for most toxic places; this said it has a very high capability to remove any odor or toxic dust in such areas. NIOSH approved the respirator thus safe for use. Allegedly, it traps 99$ of toxic dust or lead material. It is comfortable primarily like wearing big headphones. It is ideal since it is also adjustable, something you don’t find in most respirators.

4. 3M Particulate Respirator Protection 10

Price: $14.99
3M respirators are usually very efficient in terms of filtering substances. The 3M particulate protection 10 is no different. It has the highest level of performance and has been advised severally by practitioners to be among the few that filter around 90% of dirt and contamination.

3M is compatible with other protective gears which are common in places such as factories. An upgrade on the particulate is that it makes breathing much easier.

3. 3M full Facepiece 6700

Price: $114.43
There are several facepiece respirators but I’m pretty sure none is as slick as this one. The respirator is made of a very clear lens and has straps at the back to allow you to buckle it tightly preventing entry of harmful gases. The lenses provide panoramic field of view allowing you to see well. Preventing airborne diseases is the aim of the facepiece respirator.

Primarily, the facepiece 3M is very light. Therefore, it does not nag the worker as use it. Ideally, the sole purpose of full facepiece respirators is this.

2. 3M Aura Particulate 9211

Price: $47.69
Aura particulate is a glossy respirator that is effective in preventing inhalation of very tiny particles of dust. It fits perfectly on your face. The material it is made from makes it durable. It is very comfortable to wear even though its just a half piece respirator.

1. Honeywell OV/R95 Reusable Respirator

Price: $96.29
Honeywell is a reputable company that has made respirators over the last few years. Recently, their Honeywell reusable respirators have allowed them to provide amazing solutions to challenges faced by many respirators that is dealing with pesticides.

The respirator has two separate breathing ports that help the use breathe well. It has a very fitting respirator front that applies adequate pressure to the face of the user.

The comprehensive list has penned down 10 of the best respirators in 2017-2018. Choose a respirator in regards to the nature of your work. It helps a lot.

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