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Ever been intrigued with bike riding or horse riding? Well, it’s pretty much fun. Trust me! Personally, I enjoy every time I’m riding a horse. It gives me a sense of courage; the sense of daring into the world of the unknown, makes me fell like I own the world while on my bike.

Nonetheless, you have to keep yourself safe when riding horses especially. The key thing is to ensure you have all your gears with you. For a start, you’d need a cool jacket that helps you from the impending cold that comes when riding a horse. Secondly and most importantly are the appropriate shoes.

Usually, many people tend to use any shoe. However, this is not correct since regular shoes lack the level of grip and traction riding boots have.

The following are the top 10 best selling riding boots in 2017-2018.

10. Cole Haan Women’s Tall Riding boot

Top 10 Best Selling Riding Boots 2017

Price $126.69
These shoes ensure that you never get less than that. The Cole Haan riding boots are purely leather. They are built with the greatest craftsmanship ensuring that the result will leave you looking equestrian inspired.

The boots have an interior padded lining that maximizes comfort making the boot breathable and resistant. Also, the boot is resistant to both oil and water. It is what distinguishes it from other normal boots.

9. Brinley Womens Buckle

Price $33.99
The brinley women’s buckle riding boot is the second riding boot in our list. The material which it is made up of is unique and of high quality. Made in a way that it has the greatest attraction to any user out there. It is approximately 13 inches with various amazing designs.

Any lady can use the buckle out there as it also incorporates the use of a buckle on the ankle. Another thing that sets it apart from various riding boots is the buckle increases the ease of putting on and removing the boot.

8. Enzo Angiolini Wide Calf Boot

Price $79.99
The riding boot has been nominated severally as being a very stylish boot of high quality. It has some amazing features one of it being its extra stability. The material it is made up of increases its lifetime.

In fact, the boot can last for years before taking it to be repaired or experiencing wear and tear. The boot also has an inner lining, which adds comfort to the user. Its zipper runs from the bottom to the top making it easier to wear.

7. Sam Penny Riding Boot

Price $88.23
This stylish boot is made out of not just any leather material but of the burnish leather category. The boot will always leave you not doubting your taste for finer things. The boot has a padding that increases comfort to your feet and a high grip and traction.

It’s heel measures one inches increasing its support. Its synthetic sole improves comfort for your feet inside the boot. The Sam Penny is also affordable as compared to many riding boots.

6. Frye Melissa Women’s Button Boot

Price $125
The Fyre Melissa Boot is a half calved boot for women. The Melissa boot uses material level of the highest level of performance. The boot is made up of 100% leather.

Fyre boot has a heel size that measures 15 inches from the arch. Also, provides support to the shoes and allows you to walk comfortably too. You will have an unforgettable experience with these boots.

5. Twisted Women’s Calf Stitched Panel Tall boots

Price $39.99
The twisted women’s calf panel tall boots is another top-notch boot because of its faux leather material. It is very attractive to many people out there and also has a solid shaft of 17 inches. The tall boots are easy to wear due to the buckle straps on the ankle and near the end of the boot.

Its synthetic sole makes your feet comfortable inside of the boot. There are various colors, shapes, and sizes. It fits perfectly with any casual dress or official wear.

4. Journee Womens Collection High Boots

Price $36.99
Journee’s collection never disappoints regarding quality provision. The boot is a halved boot with an extra calf measuring 19 inches. There are extremely stunning and attractive.

Their quality retention is made up of synthetic material both on the inside and in the outside. In fact many users who have rated these high boots have liked it so much. The boots are also very affordable.

3. Fergalicious Lexy Boots

Price: $48.59
The Fergalicious lexy boots are made up of high-quality leather and sole. These boots come in different colors and designs. The boots have a slouched shaft with different buckles. It has full-length zip entry. The tall boots have a spur buckle with the high quality synthetic sole.

Also, these Lexy boots are comfortable to wear due to their inner sole that also prevents sweating. Its shaft is also 16 inches, which is sturdy making it safe for the user regardless of the surface it’s used in.

2. Nine West Sassy Tran Shaft Boot

Price: $21.99
The Nine West Sassy Tran shaft boot combines both elegance and quality. The boot is made up of natural materials that make it lightweight. The boots have openings on the upper part of it with a rubber sole that will protect you from all weather conditions. The inner soles make it last long.

1. Madden Cactuss Boot

Price: $98.99
The Madden Cactuss Boot is a very easy to wear boot also designed to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire day. The boot has a shaft which measures 16 inches and easily reaches knees. It makes you look classy.

Also, the boots have a full zip closure also easy to put. The boots are mainly used in fall occasions and open to approximately 15 inches.

Before purchasing any boot on our list, check each feature for you to be sure which boot may fit you. It is good to take time before choosing any of the boots. Nonetheless, the boots in our list are top-notch boots that will offer both comfort and class.

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