Top 10 Best Selling Salon Equipment

Owning a salon, which meets all professional standards in these financial times, may not sound as easy as it may seem. In fact, many of the so-called professional salons are being closed by the day due to lacking professional items hence offering poor quality services.

Besides, hair is a very delicate part of a body to any lady out there. Unless they have health issues that cause them to shave, hair is priceless to any lady out there, which is why it is good to go to a professional salon. However, if you are thinking of getting your equipment and probably sell some of your services go through our list of top 10 best selling salon equipment.

Below We have gathered the top 10 best selling salon equipment in 2017-2018

10. Cayenne White Hair Steamers

Price $110
Hair steaming contributes to a majority of your time in a salon thus it is important to purchase a steamer that is durable and very effective. The Cayenne white hair steamer is one of them. The steamer is perfect for hair treatment procedures. The steamer offers a very delicate steaming capability, which is what your clients need.

Also, the steamer only uses 32 ounces of water for effective functionality. Pretty, huh! Extremely! The steamer works under a heating power of 50-watt. It incorporates the use of simple interfaces for first-time users. It doesn’t leave anyone out.

9. Saloniture Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Price $69.99
We all know how salons can be messy and that is why you need to purchase a good floor mat. Also, they offer great service regarding reducing fatigue to the users. The mat also protects the chair from falling off since it is usually very slippery.

Also, the mat reduces the burden of having to clean over the waste. Its material allows you to easily scoop dirt and throw the waste. The floor mat prevents the person offering the services from slipping too, which is a common phenomenon if you do not use a mat. Furthermore, the mat is large enough to accommodate both your chair and the person offering the services.

8. Salon Sundry Professional Nylon Cape

Price $8.44
If you want your clients to come back after multiple visits to your salon, then you have to get a professional nylon cape. The sundry cape is what has tied to the client to ensure that the hair that falls does not mess up someone’s clothes.

However, with this nylon cape, you can adjust the snap closure to allow it to fit perfectly on your neck. It is made up very strong and durable nylon material too, which makes the salon sundry lightweight and soft. Furthermore, what better than a sundry which is water proof!

7. Spa Paraffin Wax Warmer

Price $27.78
Wax warmers, in salons, are usually used for therapy. The warmer has a very sleek frame that is easy to refresh after using it. In fact, you do not need any technical expertise to do this. It is transparent on the top allowing you to monitor your wax melt carefully under the given temperature. The bottom also allows you to dip hands, feet, and elbows.

6. Hair Straightener Karmin G3

Price $149.93
I wouldn’t classify any salon without having a quality straightener, and I’m not talking about those straighteners that make your hair look all fuzzy. I’m talking about top-notch quality hair straighteners like the Karmin G3. One; this straightener is made up of 100% ceramic. It heats up very quickly hence reducing the time you have to be there.

However, it has a range of temperature, which it can well under (usually 210 to around 460 degrees). The machine has an automatic safety shut off which reduces any chances of having your hair on fire.

5. 10-Piece Styling Combs

Price $5.99
Styling Combs date back to the days when salons used to be done inside a house of one of the known experts. Of course, after being treated to some quality services you may require your hair to be comb. These combs are therefore necessary to be in a salon.

The styling combs are used depending on the amount of hair, and the style one would want your hair to be comb. They are usually bought in a bunch of either ten pieces or 20 pieces. However, what distinguishes combs from other things in the list is that regardless of the brand, they will always ensure you get a quick, easy and pretty look.

4. Cotton Gym Towels

Price $39.95
These sassy gym towels play a major role in any salon. They are particularly used in drying out hair. Wet hair would usually smell bad if it comes in contact with any hair products applied. They totally dry hair allowing you to easily apply hair nutrients. These are safe to use and remove several stains. Also, these cotton gym towels re easy to wash and as a matter of fact do not shrink. However, you should refrain yourself from ironing them.

3. Kiloline Professional Heat Glove

Price $4.93
The glove is used hand in hand with the straightener. Since the straightener requires to be hot to be used and may not straighten all strands of hair, the glove aids to strengthen different strands of hair. The glove is worn on both hands for safety purposes. Also, it is resistant to heat to a certain extent. Therefore, at all cost avoid direct contact with the straightener.

2. Table Holder (Hair Iron, Blow Dryer Assets)

Price $18.99
These blow dryers are not often found in many stores. Unfortunately, not people value them too. These dryer holders are usually the safest places to hold all your equipment and avoid them from contamination. They are durable, attractive and very affordable.

1. Saloniture Premium Locking Trolley

Price $91.59
The saloniture premium locking trolley is ideal for all beauty salons. Consider it a much bigger storage for all your equipment or places where you could place some of that extra equipment on your sleeves. The locking trolley usually has four drawers and has other side pockets that provide more space. Besides, they are locked using a pin that uses state of the art technology.

Statistics show that salons and beauty products are a multi-billion dollar business. However, your reputation may be ruined if you run a salon with the lack of proper professional salon equipment.

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