Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

Samsung S7 Edge is an elegant looking phone. The new Samsung has brought in a feature that has distinguished it from many smartphones in the market.

The phone has features such having a curved bend. However, like many smartphones, the Samsung s7 is prone to shattering. You would require a cover case to prevent such.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases in 2017-2018

10. LK Ultra Resistant Case

Price $6.99
If you do not want to spend more than $10 buying a case, then the LK Ultra Resistant case is the case that could be of help to you. The case is a nice option and is sold under a flexible budget. The case can be purchased online at multiple stores. However, due to its price, it goes out of stock more often.

The case has a simple case name at the bottom allowing you to enjoy the freedom of lacking names written in large print. Also, it allows both the camera and other functionalities at the back to get adequate space. Some cases which are usually less than $10.

9. OBLIQ Slim Meta

Price $22.22
The slim meta thin edge case is pretty similar to the typical High Pro Shield. However, this offers a bunch of pretty much fantastic protection to your Samsung s7 edge. The case is a silver-color case that is stunning as it incorporates all the sound, power key button, and camera in the right spot.

At the front, the cover case only includes a small inch of the phone. The phone itself which comes in handy especially for those who prefer slim phone cases. The phone case also has an excellent grip as a result of the material it is made up of. The material decreases its chances of falling.

8. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

Price $14.99
The unicorn bottle is a fairly decent phone case with some high tech classy appearance. The phone case entirely makes your S7 safer and easy to use. The curved case is black in color and has a black cover with bolts on the four corners.

The unicorn phone case is made in such a way that the power button and volume keys are inward. Also, it has an extra layer of protection on the back so that just in case your phone falls, it will prevent shattering.

7. VRS Design Layered Dandy

Price $24.22
Layered dandy is a fashionable design case that can fit well especially for those who love wearing jeans. The case is made in a wallet kind of appearance. Its faux leather prevents the phone from experiencing any damages when it falls.

The wallet case comes with a holder that is pretty much strong allowing the phone to be placed in a landscape where you can watch videos without holding the phone. It is one of the things that makes this case exceptional. The case also allows you to store things such as your sim card in the pockets inside the phone case.

6. Envoy Series Case

Price $13.99
If you are not a fan of many flip cases, then you’d love these cases. They are pretty much a combination of both flip and nonflip cases. The case has a classic color of maroon red which occupies the back of your phone. The envoy series is made of leather too and has some frame on the edges of the phone.

The phone case protects the back of your phone. However, you can purchase phone protectors to protect your screen too.

5. Oblique Edge Case

Price $32.22
Oblique is a reputable company that has been making various cases over the years. Their new oblique naked shield edition is no exception to their fantastic series of phone cases. The edge case has a small magnetic stand, which can be opened at any time allowing the phone to stand on its own. You will enjoy watching movies on your phone without holding it.

The phone case is a slim, non-slip case, which is compatible with several carriers, and international phone model cases. The case is also light and has a very firm grip. It comes in black, clear or rose gold color.

4. Incipio offGRID Battery Phone Case

Price $27.68
I’m sure you know how annoying it can be when you want to juice up your phone, and you are out there in the wild. Smartphones may not have capacities to sustain enough power. It is why you would need a battery pack with you. However, in most cases, battery packs are huge. Therefore, getting a phone case, which can charge your phone, would be an ideal scenario in this case.

Look no further; the Incipo phone case is just what you need. The phone case juices up your phone as you are using it. Usually, it has a lot of power than your phone. Also, it is very slim you will not realize much difference when it comes to using this or using a standard mobile case. Furthermore, when charging your phone, you don’t have to remove the case for it charges both the phone and the case inside.

3. RingKe fusion Cyrstal Clear Samsung Edge Case

Price $20.69
Cheap cases aren’t as fancy as expensive ones. However, if you are using the RingKe Fusion Cyrstal Case then be ready to knock yourself out. The case is a highly advanced phone case with amazing features from dust covers to linty pockets.

The edge case is an anti-scratch phone case, which has pockets all over to ensure that all sides are protected from dust or water. In any case, you’d want to charge you would need to open up those tiny pockets. The RingKe not only protects your phone from shattering but also protects its internal parts.

2. Poetic Affinity Series

Price $12.95
Poetic affinity series is another popular Samsung s7 series. The case may not look as fancy as most of the case, but it protects your phone from the common problem you can experience, cracking. The phone case is a two-layered case that allows curved displays to function properly too. Also, the epic affinity series is quite affordable for all those seeking to buy a durable phone case.

1. iBlanson Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Price $14.99
The phone case is specifically designed to impress. It is a slim case that is transparent on all edges. It does not hide the elegance of your Samsung. The case is made up of an anti-slip technology preventing it from falling apart. Also, it is resistant to shattering and typical discoloration that makes phones appear old.

We have listed the best and most affordable phone cases across the earth in our list with no exceptions of phone cases that are stylish and others that have added features such as the power pack.

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