Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors

We may have experienced in life either with our phone or seen others fall and shutter at an instant. It is why it is inevitable to acquire a screen protector regardless of whether you are using an Android or an iPhone.

However, when it comes to Galaxy phones, in as much as they have stylish appearances, they are the most fragile phones. Therefore, it is mandatory to get yourself a Galaxy S7 screen protector. S’s have the greatest performance in the Android world.

Here are the top 10 best selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors in 2017-2018

10. iSmooth Samsung S7 Premium

Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors 2017 2018

Price $25
The smooth premium screen is an improvement of the normal premium screen. However, this screen features a very hard glass. The hardened glass makes the screen protector be of help. In as much as you phone may fall, the protector will ensure that it does not shatter,

The protector is also easy to install and may not need highly technical skills for this. Also, the protector works perfectly when pressed. It does repel fingerprints keeping your protector looking as neat as new. It also avoids any scratches on your screen.

9. Spigen Glas SlimGalaxy S7

Price $7.99
The Spigen Glass offers a great amount of protection to your screen. The protector is extremely durable as it uses real glass to protect your screen. As we all know real glass is very hard hence protecting your phone. It is why many admire the screen protector.

The screen protector is also one of the slimmest protectors. It has an anti-glare, anti-shatter and anti-scratch mechanism that provides safety to your smartphone.

8. ClearScreenz S7 Protector

Price $11.56
If you’re tired of using some shameless protectors, which are not as durable as they ought to, then you haven’t used the clear screen. Apparently, after its launch, many people have called it the best protector regarding minimizing the shattering effect. These protectors are made from a very high definition ultra material that comes with a hydrophobic coating. It protects you from bacteria or any residual fingerprint or dirt that may be found on the screen. Also, it is waterproof.

7. Armor Suit-Military Shield

Price $7.85
Many screen protectors are designed to suit phones that are straight; aren’t curvy in nature. However, the armor suit military shield has defiled all orders. The protector fits perfectly on your screen on all corners ensuring there’s seamless flaw when you are using your Samsung.

Also, it has a self-healing technology. The defined technology works in a way that it creates a home for your device.

6. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Edge Screen Protector

Price $6.95
It’s easy to have a screen protector that promises you a lot more and ends up just being a bag of trash, right? Well, the IQ shied LiQuid Skin Screen Protector is an exceptional one. The protector is very easy to install with some glue on its package. It prevents any bubbles from penetrating into your screen protector.

The protector is ultra smooth and very responsive when you are pressing your screen. It encompasses a small portion that also protects your home button, which is something that is hard to find in normal screen protectors. The IQ is the single toughest screen protector that uses a film as a conventional layer.

5. Arare Galaxy S7 Protector

Price $7.95
Do you own a curved Samsung S7 and you are looking for a screen that will fit comfortably and curve simultaneously as your phone? Then you got to purchase the Araree, screen protector. The screen protector has a very had coating which increases protection to your phone.

Some scratches, which may begin to form due to wear and tear, are eliminated by the healing mechanism of your protector. You can stay for years without having to worry about buying a new protector if you have one of these Arare Galaxy S7 protectors.

4. LaoHe Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

Price $8.99
LaoHe is an amazing brand that has built a screen protector that fits perfectly on your S7 protecting you from the hardness of all sorts. It has been used in several test outside to check it’s hardness capability and has proven to be extremely strong. The screen protector also has a mechanism, which prevents oil from attaching itself to the phone or the protector. Furthermore, it is fingerprint proof. It sticks firm whenever it is installed hence ensuring that bubbles do not attach themselves to the screen.

3. Taken Screen Protector

Price $11.35
If you are on a cheap budget and want to get three in one pack, then you better get yourself this taken screen protector. It uses three types of protectors to protect your phone from experiencing any damages. It is also easy to install and very firm avoiding the formation of bubbles between the phone and the protector.

2. Skinomi Matte Skin Screen Protector

Price $9.95
Most of the times, the greatest challenge with protectors is that when you go to conditions where it’s sunny, it becomes strainer to use your phone. In fact, some of them bounce back the light hence appear shiny. However, Skinomi has fixed the solution.

Skinomi’s screen protector balances light even in brighter surroundings. It is made up of an anti-glare material, which regulates this light. Besides, the protector is durable and provides protection through its unique polymerization technology. It also prevents minor dents or scratches from forming on your phone.

1. ICarez Premium Protector

Price $7.85
What every smartphone user fears the most is a major blast, for example, your kid shattering the protector with an object. Nonetheless, the iCarez protector is made up of an anti-blast material, which keeps your phone safe from conventional blasting problems.

Also, it has a very excellent resistant absorbent material that absorbs all external forces in case it falls. The protector has an oleophobic coating, which reduces every fingerprint automatically (we all know how they can be annoying).

All Samsung S7 protectors in our list have passed all certification process. They are all highly durable and very affordable. Therefore, go ahead and choose one of them that dazzles you.

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  1. The Arare screen protector may protect the screen but is at the same collecting a lot of dust. It is also very thick and sticky, so you got the feeling you have to press buttons on the screen rather than to touch them. On top of this it reflects light a lot. Overall it does deserve to be in the worst 10 products, not the top 10.

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