Top 10 Best Selling Sandboxes for Kids

Remember how your childhood was filled with a lot of games? Or probably not. However, that is not the issue here. Science supports the very real benefit of exploratory and play in learning experiences.

For a child to develop their psyche, intellect, and their physical bodies, play is a must. Nonetheless, due to today’s pressure to make the ends meet, having a good time with your kid is almost a luxury. The good news is that there is something you can provide for them to have a long lasting experience of being a child. Sandbox. Like real play, Sandbox Games can promote both freedom and creativity in the child.

Here are the top 10 Best-selling Sandboxes for kids in 2017-2018

10. Executive Sandbox

Top 10 Best Selling Sandboxes for Kids 2017 2018

Price: $30
Regardless of your kid’s age, they will confess that the executive sandbox is something they like. The sandbox has premium features. For starters, it incorporates the beach kind of life. It has amazing pearl white sand, a small chair, a shovel and a small bucket. Check it out. It’s pretty amazing. Surprisingly, it costs less than $30. Who wouldn’t want such for their kids?

9. Step2 Natural Playful Sand & Water

Price $61.68
Step2 incorporates two sections; one for water and another for sand. It comes with several things: from boats to bridges and pots. Its unique appearance makes it to stand out among the other sandboxes. It is highly affordable. Your child will be for sure be highly occupied.

8. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Price $26.47
The little Tikes turtle sandbox is for younger kids – usually the ages between 0 and 4. The sandbox brings some timeless memory. It is much smaller as compared to most of the sandboxes because of the age of its targeted users.

The sandbox comes with flippers which are used as seats. It is usually in the appearance of a turtle making it fun for the children. Removing the top of the turtle for usage is sheer excitement for the little angels.

7. Kidkraft Cabana Sandbox

Price $27.86
Most sandbox lack a cover which may be a disadvantage especially if your child has some challenge with excessive light from the sun. The kidkraft sandbox is constructed using the best quality of wood available to make it stand strong in spite of very stormy wind.

Kidkraft prevents your kids from rain too. It is attributed to the covering, which is made up of materials which prevent water to pass through, regardless of its intensity.

6. Badger Basket Cedar

Price $43.86
This sandbox is described as very safe for your kids. The sandbox has wood covering all ends. The seat furniture is very durable for any user. It helps you enjoy comfort since you are assured of safety when your kids are playing inside it.

However, it is good to put this caution. The sandbox should be wonderful for those children who are not over active as one can be hurt by the wood in case of a fight or heavy activity.

5. BrookStone Sand Box

Price $14.99
BrookStone is an affordable sandbox for a limited number of users. If you’d want to have few kids or just one kid play in a sandbox; then abrookstone sandbox is your choice. The sandbox comes with a very polished natural wood which is durable because it is made from top-notch quality material.

Brookstone is usually a cylindrical mold and comes with your own wood, which is used to dig up and pile up soil making different shapes and sizes. It’s a great choice for people who have kids five years and above.

4. Step2 Play and Store Sandbox

Price $49.99
Step2 is a reputable company that has retained its reputation in the industry as a top notch company that provides durable and affordable sandboxes. They have made sandboxes of all sorts. Their latest step2 play and store sandbox is a sandbox that comes with a cover, which is placed over when it is not being used.

The quality of this product is exemplary. You cannot compare its quality to other known sandboxes in the industry. It also protects from critters which is a common phenomenon.

3. Tierra Garden Sandbox

Price $275.99
Tierra sandbox is waterproof, durable and safe for kids to use. The sandbox protects your kids from UV light by using a protector on top. The sandbox is easy to transport as it lacks a bottom floor. The sandbox is 8 inches tall and has rims beneath.

2. Kidkraft Pirate Sandbox

Price $183.11
So many kids admire the new pirate sandbox. It features two main compartments. The first sandbox has some sand, a shovel and a bucket. The second compartment is an accessory box over the counter. It creates an appearance of a pirate shop. The accessory compartment is basically where your kid will place all the equipment. It provides large space in the sandbox.

In addition, it is designed in a way that the pirate theme is maintained in the midst of all this, giving your child an experience of being a “pirate” like what they see in SpongeBob.

1. Activity Kidkraft

Price $60
Topping our list today is the activity kidkraft sandbox. The sandbox also has two compartments, the sandbox and the accessory. However, in this case these compartments are not separated. They are joined together in one place. The accessory compartment is found at the end of the sandbox. It has some drawers where the equipment are kept. In addition, it provides a great canopy protecting your child from dangerous UV light.

Every childhood experience is unforgettable and becomes a moment to treasurer as you grow up. Therefore, provide the same experience to your kid(s) by purchasing a sandbox for them to play in. They are safe, help build intellect, durable, affordable and will protect your child from dangerous UV light.

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