Top 10 Best Selling Sandwich Makers

Breakfast cannot be complete without that one special remedy; sandwiches. They are tasty, yummy, and takes few minutes to prepare (which is what everyone would want especially when you are late for work).

The advantage with sandwiches is that you can take it as your breakfast meal, as your lunch meal and at night. They are not constricted to a certain time. Also, they are universally loved in as much as different nations add different spices.

It would be a shame especially if you had visitors come over.

Nonetheless, we have come up with top 10 best selling sandwich makers in 2017-2018.

10. Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill

Best Selling Sandwich Makers 2017 2018

Price $19
Cuisinart dual-sandwich is a cool electric grill that easily cuts your sandwich into two parts. It is among the earliest grills. It works perfectly for those good times sandwiches. However, you can only make two sandwiches at a time. It is simpler to use and has a non-stick surface.

The sandwich maker works in such a way that you place bread inside it and waits for a light to turn blue. Usually, in the process of preparing he sandwich, the machine is red, but on completion, it turns to blue. Cuisinart dual sandwich has adequate space for you to add some recipes to your bread.

9. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Price $24
Hamilton Beach maker is another incredible sandwich maker which has adequate space for just one sandwich. However, as compared to the Cuisinart dual sandwich, this provides enough room for you to add more ingredients to your sandwich. Also, it does not cut the sandwich into two.

The device is also made in such a way that a dishwasher would help in cleaning it up. The parts of the machine are made with a non-stick coating increasing its durability. It is 9 to 7 inches and its very affordable. Preferably used in many fast food restaurants.

8. Hamilton Beach Maker Dual Breakfast

Price $35
Hamilton maker dual breakfast, from the Hamilton group, is totally different to its predecessor, the single sandwich maker. The dual breakfast allows you to place your bread and all ingredients on top and at the bottom of the machine. On top of the machine, you place bread and an egg at the centre while at the bottom you place your other piece of bread and any other ingredients.

Dual breakfast works faster and more efficient that its predecessor. Within five minutes you will have your sandwich ready. It works in a watt that it makes sandwich clump together and makes it hot. Therefore, if you prefer taking hot sandwiches purchase it.

7. Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker White

Price $17.83
Proctor Silex allows you to place your piece of bread and all other on two separate places inside it. All it does is compress the ingredients making them compact with the bread. It makes the bread hot and favourable to consume. Also, it has a nonstick barbecue plate which simplifies cleaning.

It works well as a preheater, and above everything else makes incredible sweet sandwiches within a short period of time too. If you’d want your sandwiches cut into two, then you can do this manually. Also, it does not make the crust hard like other sandwich makers.

6. Hamilton 25460A Sandwich Maker

Price $24.94
Of all the Hamilton sandwich makers listed on our list today, this one is the mot convenient if you want a sandwich maker with a larger space. It has enough space to allow bread which is sufficient to make a hotdog fit in.

This Hamilton sandwich maker has two lights on top of its cover, signalling you whether your bread is ready. You can monitor the preheating process using those buttons. It can also be used to make paninis.

5. Gourmet Health Grill Sandwich Maker

Price $47.59
Gourmet health grill is a sandwich maker, which has multiple lines compressing your sandwich into respective lines that can help if you’d want to cut it into small pieces. It also controls the temperature within it and has a two-year guarantee.

Gourmet health grill has multi capacities hence very favorable for barbecues. The proficient sandwich maker is made from stainless steel and gives a smooth edge to your kitchen.

4. Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler

Price $55.99
Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler stands out as a unique sandwich maker of all the Cuisinart brands. However, in this one, it can support two pieces of bread together with their ingredients. Unlike, the other types, it does not cut the pieces of bread into two. It guarantees tastefulness using very efficient upper and lower barbecue plates.

It is easy to clean as the parts are made in a way that they are not affected when washed by a dishwasher. It has more advanced buttons; the “force on” button and “prepared to cook.” For a beginner, it is good to go through the manual so that you may not end up messing up the sandwich.

3. Imusa GAU-80102 Sandwich Maker

Price $46.25
Imusa is a versatile high performing electric sandwich maker who can also be used as a Panini press. The sandwich maker has smooth upper and lower plates hence leaving your sandwich maker to be flat and smooth. The Imusa sandwich maker has two indicators showing the beginning g of making the sandwich and when it’s all done. Also, since it is electric you are safe leaving it to function on its own as a circuit will cut off the power to the sandwich maker once it’s done preparing.

2. Breville Sandwich Maker

Price $27.72
Breville is a to the quality brand of sandwich makers which has very few types of sandwich makers in the market today. However, it provides you perfectly pressed sandwich makers. The front part that is used as an opener is made up of material that is a bad conductor of heat. It has four buttons that execute different commands on its top.

1. T-Fal Sandwich Maker

Price $27.28
The T-Fal sandwich maker is a primes sandwich maker that produces the highest level of quality for your sandwich. It gives your sandwich a very extraordinary look. It has different pockets that permit extensive filling. It is simple to use and ensures your bread is pressed well producing an amazing sandwich.

We have listed the most convenient, affordable and durable sandwich makers. Feel free to check each in online stores.

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