Top 10 Best Selling Sawhorses

Saw horses have made carpentry much easier regarding the ease of cutting wood. They help workshop men place the piece of timber on a straight platform so that they can cut it with prevention also preventing any unnecessary back strain.

Having an opportunity to work with premium sawhorses will help you enjoy every time with time. There are numerous benefits that come from using it. First of all, they are very durable. Plus they will serve for several years.

The following are some of the top 10 best sawhorses to buy in 2017-2018

10. Toughbuilt C550 41 inches Folding Saw Horse

Top 10 Best Selling Sawhorses 2017 2018

Price $55.87
Tough Built saw horse is a folding sawhorse that is very easy to conserve. It being a foldable sawhorse allows you to carry with ease. Also, you can imply a lot of force on it while using it without being worried about its chances of breaking. It is very strong and can hold a lot of weight. The sawhorse expands your productivity and also precision.

The table is very sturdy and tough. It has secure legs which open at both ends. It has no issue with crumbling as the stable legs provide ultimate strength and support to the saw horse. It can hold up to 1,100 lbs. On the ends, it also has a non-slip surface. It is the perfect saw horse you would need.

9. Stanley Twin STST60952 Sawhorse

Price $34.49
Stanley Twin saw horse are two horse that comes as a pair and hold equal weight. They help distribute the weight of the piece of wood on both ends. They are a lightweight version of many sawhorse that can hold a lot of weight.

They have an integral v-groove that holds materials in place whenever you saw. The results are perfect, and it is a sawhorse that provides an unforgettable experience.

8. WORX Clamping Sawhorse

Price $59.99
The pair of the saw is not foldable, but it is a clamping sawhorse. It is one sawhorse that is clamp into two. You can use both of them opened or jut as one. It is a common home tool. The sawhorse standouts as it provides ultimate balance to your piece of wood once it is placed on top. It is a good DIY tool that is very expandable.

It can be used for several ventured and the chances are that it holds a lot of weighing than common standard sawhorses. It has two-inch wide space made of relentless plywood and particleboard. According to some experiments, it is evident it can hold up to 1,000 pounds.

7. 2X4Basics 90196 Sawhorse

Price $26.79
Cutting smaller pieces of wood has always been a challenge to many people. You have to find simple ways to ensure that all your hardware from is in tact. Nonetheless, this saw horse provide you with a great opportunity of cutting such pieces with ease.

Basics Saw horse can hold up to 2,000 pounds. It has a lower shelf that has tools where you can store. It works well with 2 levels of double capacity that come with it(they are very easy to assemble). The sawhorse also has a two-year warranty.

6. Target Precision RB-H1034 Sawhorse

Price $41.42
Target precision saw horse has fully customizable sawhorse legs which are tailored to provide premium quality services. They are very sturdy; extremely sturdy. Therefore, you have no reason to worry about them crumbling down.

They are used to hold onto piece which only weight 150 pounds. It is good not to exceed this as they would crumble done easily. They have a non-slip material and rubber legs.

5. Stanley 011031S FatMax Sawhorse

Price $56.47
Stanley fat max saw horse is a custom fundamental sawhorse that is out of the ordinary sawhorse. It has elastic additions which help increase steadiness when its being used. It has a solid, utilitarian address. It is very easy to master how to use. It is intended for use in various fields today and stands as one of the best saw horses.

4. HICO USH1700 Sawhorse

Price $41.99
If you are searching for a sawhorse that is very affordable and durable; then you should consider purchasing this HICO USH1700 sawhorse. It would meet all your requirements. It works well with a double-steel construction that has comfortable handles. It is easily folded and has a very compact design that ensures you can store it in some small space as you are traveling.

Also, its non-slip rubber makes its stable and thus can be sued to work on different surfaces. It is very durable and strong; flexible for all sorts of work.

3. HICO Twin Pack USH1700 SawHorse

Price $41.99
HICO Twin Pack I a folding metal saw a horse that comes as a pair. It ensures that all your needs are met since it has a simple and compact design. It is very convenient regarding storage and ease of transportation. Both of the single HICO sawhorses can hold a lot of weight. Furthermore, they both have a fantastic crossing brace.

2. Trojan TS-35

Price $65.48
Trojan is a foldable sawhorse that helps when working on a lighter bundle of weight. It is very convenient since it exerts a lot of energy to the piece of wood placed. It only requires the little exertion of energy from your end to keep it up and to run. It has a good appearance and its easy to carry.

Also, it has various scores on top that will solidly hold the weight of things that are to be added on top. The two-fold assures you of exemplary work. However, it is only made when requested since its custom made the reason for its durability.

1. Black & Decker WM125 Work Bench

Price $29.31
Black & Decker workbench is manufactured from a non-skid material preventing all forms of sliding when using it. It also measures 33 inches by 5.5. It is the best for optimal work performance weighing 17 pounds. Nonetheless, despite the weight, it can hold up to 350 pounds.

It has amazing jaws which hold the piece of wood intact hence you have no reason worrying about whether the wood may fall. It is the best small sized, strong workbench you can purchase in the market.

We have listed the best top 10 best selling sawhorses in 2017-2018. All of them are durable providing a great experience when you use them. They are versatile and are foldable meaning they are highly portable and consume very little space.

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