Top 10 Best Selling Saxophones

Jazz has grown over the decades to be a favorite to many people who love music. It uses several instruments that enrich the music. Currently, here are eight different sizes of saxophones. Each one of them produces a different type of musical instrument.

Nonetheless, it is important to choose the type of saxophone that would be affordable and decent for you. Not forgetting that you have to know the type of musical beat you’d want to hear. For starters, consider getting student saxophones.

They are ideal for practice since they look pretty much like professional ones but are easy to use. Later on, use the intermediate saxophones before acquiring enough skills to purchase professional saxophones.

The following are some of the top 10 best-selling saxophones in 2017-2018

10. Le’Var Alto Saxophone

Top 10 Best Selling Saxophones 2017 2018

Price $468.99
Le’Var encourages beginners to use the alto saxophones. It is an alto saxophone which helps those who are into alto voice tune. It has working pads, key work, and adjustment keys. It is shiny and beautiful to any beginner out there. IT makes practice much easier even for a child.

The saxophone provides you with a great experience to have the pleasure of using saxophones. It promotes the culture and probably after few weeks (depending on your speed and interest in learning) you will be good to go advancing to the intermediate saxophone.

9. E Flat Alto Saxophone

Price $239.95
Cecilio is another common saxophone alto brand. It works well with both professionals and intermediates who have learned the art. It dimensions are around 26 inches by 13 inches. It has a high F key which moves faster when pressed, unlike most amateur saxophones.

It is flexible for users who are using it for the first time. Also, it has high-quality leather pads that produce amazing sound. It’s metal boosters are something to count on too while playing as they ensure that the sound produced is sweet to listen to.

8. Yamaha Alto Saxophone

Price $227.69
Yamaha alto saxophone is a state of the art saxophone that has amazing design features. First of all, this is only a professional saxophone and should be handled by people who know their way through saxophones. It greatly improves intonation and tone of many musicians helping them achieve their success.

It is durable too as it has a redesigned neck that improves response and ease of playing the instrument. You have to get the instrument if you want to improve your playing and singing skills.

7. Jean Paul AS-400

Price $449.95
Jean-Pail performs perfectly using the key Eb that is common for solo musicians or bands. The series is a standard size series that has prefect sound. The range so far is impressive, and it’s one of the best saxophones a beginner could have. It is favorable for beginners and intermediate players.

It comes with several things inside. The carrying case, Rico reeds, gloves, and a cleaning clothe. New users are always cautioned to sues the new piece of cloth to clean up the saxophone rather than using any other cloth. It’s warranty is always given when you request it; be sure to do that.

6. Yamaha YAS23 Saxophone

Price $321.57
Yamaha has built its brand in music; different top-notch instruments. The Yamaha YAS23 is nonetheless a masterpiece too. It provides a great experience to intermediate and advanced players. It weighs 14 pounds, can be carried easily. So far, many people have positively reviewed this saxophone; therefore, I’m pretty sure it will offer one amazing experience.

The warranty also comes when requested. If you’d love to check it out, you could ask for a quality check. You will appreciate this product.

5. Glory Gold Lacquer B-Flat Tenor Saxophone

Price $223.88
Glory has been tested by professionals and has been rated as one of the few top notch saxophones. It is because they have 11 pieces of reed and come with other piece of mouth cushions. If that’s not all, there’s a hardship case and a pair of screwdrivers.

Also, it is made from a color that looks like gold having very easy to adjust keys and a metal thumb rest. You will enjoy its high-quality leather pads with the metal resonators it comes with.

4. Legacy Intermediate Saxophone

Price $435.57
The legacy saxophone is an upgrade of the Alto saxophone but with much clearer Lacquer finish. The saxophone comes with key work and adjustment nobs to ensure that once you press any key, it is in unison producing a sweet tone. Using the saxophone is quite easier if you have been exposed to its beginner saxophone.

The saxophone has a ball brake that ensures that it remains durable by slowing down the rate of wear and tear. The saxophone inspires you to end up with a sweet tone. Of course, practice makes perfect. Therefore, knowing how to play it will improve when you consistently practice with it.

3. Etude Student Alto Saxophone

Price $400
The sax is made for producing a superior quality tone. It is an ideal saxophone for anyone who wants to start practicing the saxophone. It is shiny and beautiful (one of the things every beginner is looking for). It can help you master it within a very short period. It has great design and weighs 10 pounds.

2. Mendini Nickel Plated B-Flat Tenor Saxophone

Price $226.88
The Mini Nickel Plated saxophone is a saxophone with a very high F key made of the gold body. It is a saxophone that can be played by people of various levels. It is easier for young players to use it as well as those who are very experienced. It has no restrictions.

Also, it comes with a very plush lined nylon that has a hard case with a good pocket. It has an amazing backpack that has a good mouthpiece and an awesome neck strap (you should check it out; its made of very high-quality leather material).

1. Lazarro Professional Flat Alto Saxophone

Price $209.99
Lazarro Professional Alto Saxophone is made of quality brass material. It has an engraved bell decoration around the saxophone(just to add some style to it). Professionals mostly use it. It also comes with 11 pieces of reed and 8 pieces of mouth cushions. It has a hard shell case (this protects it from breaking even if it falls).

Our list has covered most of the Flat Auto saxophones; some good for beginners while other for professionals. We hope you will go out and check all of them. Also, all their prices are pocket-friendly.

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