Top 10 Best Selling Scissor Jacks

Flat tires do not mean good news to any driver especially when you are on a road trip. It is why it is essential always to carry your scissor jack. A scissor jack helps lift you’re the hinge of your vehicle for you to access everything beneath, maybe check for oil spills or changing the flat tire (it is not advisable to use the scissor jack to hold the weight of the whole car, for that case a floor jack would be of help).

Nonetheless, like many items out there, many brands are producing different types of scissor jacks. Therefore, we decided to do some intensive research showing off the best scissor jacks.

The following are the top 10 best selling scissor jacks in 2017-2018.

10. Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

Price $52.05
The RV has an amazing stabilising and leveling capability. However, you should never use it for activities such as lifting or changing tires. Also, it does not work well when supporting the weight of other vehicles. The scissors incorporate the use if two steel jacks which make it more sturdy when its being used.

The scissors have a limit of 5,000 for every jack meaning they can only hold onto something that is 10,000lbs. To keep them in good shape, try not putting heavy things beyond the maximum breaking point.

Ina addition, they function effectively in surfaces that are very delicate. It helps since it doesn’t ruin such surfaces. Many scissor jacks do. In fact, this I the whole reason why they are used on surfaces that are not of much importance. They are usually tall and sturdy when used in work.

9. Eaz-Lift 48830 Leveling Scissor Jack

Price $83
Similar to other types of a scissor jack, this scissor jack allows you to either weld or bolt anything beneath your car or close to your wheel. The scissor jack is made up of a powder that is coated for rust protection. It can hold approximately 750 pounds. It may look smaller but you can expand it to around 8 inches so that you lift the car a bit higher.

The scissor jack has two sockets; one used for powering it up. The leveling scissor jack comes as two separate pieces. You may use the first to try to lift the vehicle after which you may need the second one if the first one is not tall enough.

8. Xtremepower Motorcycle Scissor Center Jack

Price $55.95
Xtreme power motorcycle is a very rusty machine, and by rusty in this case I mean ruthless. It can hold a lot of weight (probably the most convenient for your huge truck). The jack can hold around half a ton. If you were to use it on your truck, you’d need to lift two on antagonist ends to stabilise the balance of the car.

Also, it is approximately 16 inches. Besides, being used as a lifting machine for your cars, it can be used for lifting things inside your household. It is versatile regarding functionality (which is what would be helpful since it reduces costs). It can be used on multiple vehicles with ease too.

7. Zen Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor

Price $79.99
Zeny is specifically made for your motorcycles. It will satisfy all your needs in case you’d want to change something beneath. It is made in such a way that two jacks are connected; one acting as a firm base and another extending to lift up a car or any other object. It works for basic movement regardless.

You can also use it on tricycles, and other common cruisers. The scissor jack can hold weight up to 1,100 pounds that are remarkable since it can hold most of the motorcycles produced nowadays.

6. Heavy Duty 24 Inches RV Stabilizer

Price $76.57
A heavy-duty stabilizer is as the name terms, a good scissor jack for heavy-duty purposes. If you are looking for something to lift up heavy vehicles or objects, then this is one of them. It is usually purchased in many small pieces that are joined to have one bigger scissor jack, which is ultimately used to lift up objects.

To your surprise, these small scissors can lift up 7,500 pounds to a height of 2 feet. Surprisingly, they are compact regarding size and have the best warranty.

5. Powerbuilt 640819 Mechanical

Price $21.09
Powerbuilt has introduced the most advanced scissor jack, which offers both great performances as a small sized scissor jack. It is one of the reasons why it is considered as a powerful scissor jack at the moment. The jack is also easy to use for both beginners and professionals. It is really user-friendly with a stylish design and of the highest quality. Regarding durability, it has the lowest wear and tear rate.

4. Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Price $80
Wide deck motorcycle is pretty much for lighting very heavy things, especially for the motorcyclist. It serves as the best alternative for Zeny. It has been designed with the aim of the only serving motorcyclist. It is efficient as it reduces slipping.

Also, it can stand to a very high position and is very sturdy. You’re assured of safety when you use the center scissor on your motorcycle. Also, it is easy to use.

3. Ultra-Fab Products 48-979006 Scissor Jack

Price $38.30
The ultra fab scissor is made such that it heaps several tons from some inches as low as 4. The scissor jack has amazing safeguards, which protects it from falling into pieces when being used. The scissor jack is made for other intentions, which are to mount casing. You would need this scissor jack to join standard jolts. Also, it has a lifetime warranty.

2. Powerbuilt 640819 Mechanical Scissor Jack

Price $21.09
Powerbuilt mechanical scissor jack suits you for top-notch activities. A complete novice and a pro can use the scissor jack. It has some amazing steel, which strengthens the scissor jack reducing common colossal burdens.

Also, it can lift up to 4 inches making it very compatible with most of bikes and vehicles. I would not see any reason to leave it out. In fact, it meets all the ANSI measures.

1. Torin T10152 Jack

Price $17.48
So far, this is the smallest jack regarding size that can lift a very heavy load. It has a capacity to lift up to 1.5 tons (cool, huh?). The scissor jack is water powered. Therefore, water is crucial for it to run effectively. It is why the water is compressed into a chamber the exerted to lift up the vehicle.

This jack surpasses all regulations policies and is so far the most powerful jack in the market today. Also, it is very portable. Don’t you want something that can be stored on a piece of paper or your bag but yet is very efficient? I guess so.

All the jacks listed here provide top-notch services. You will not regret purchasing any one of them. Also, they are very durable and very affordable. Also, they are found in multiple stores.

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