Top 10 Best Selling Scuba Diving Masks

Scuba diving masks are mandatory for anyone who is into the sport of swimming in oceans, seas or even in deep ends of lakes. They are essential as they help the diver to see clearly down where there’s mass of water. Have you ever tried opening your eyes inside a water tab? You’d know why scuba diving masks are important.

Nonetheless, the type of scuba diving you should acquire wholly depends on the depth of water and your budget. Most expensive diving masks are very effective in very deep ends of water in large water bodies.

List of the top 10 best-selling scuba diving masks in 2017-2018

10. Cressi Ranger Snorkeling


Price $24.23
Cressi ranger snorkeling mask is made up of polycarbonate material that is extremely sturdy regardless of the amount of water level in water bodies. The mask provides a clear depth of vision once worn. The mask has been designed to fit perfectly on your face and fit tightly preventing water from entering your nose or eyes that are common parts that need protection.

It has proven over time that the glass material that is used to make the crisis is very strong and at all costs prevents the glass from breaking; a common phenomenon experienced. The straps are very simple to use as all you’d need to attach it to your face and you’ll be good to go.

9. Speedo Adult Mask

Price $20.49
Speedo Adult Recreation dive mask is a very solid model of the speedo five masks. It offers great quality to the user since it is comfortable once worn. It has an extra layer protecting your eyes from water in large water bodies.

Also, the mask dive can be used for recreational purposes, which are one reason why people buy it. The gadget has a masking effect and is very clear for any user who puts it on. The mask is made from silicone; silicone increases the strength of the mask and avoids breakage primarily from the impending water current.

8. GoPro Hero and Dive Mask

Price $79.99
If you would want to have more fun other than swimming inside a school of fish, then you have to purchase this item. It is a GoPro Hero fused into a scuba dive providing you with a rare opportunity of witnessing sea life. The upper part of the dive masks provides protection and safety to your scuba mask. Therefore, while swimming, you do not have to worry about the GoPro.

This model assures you of flawless movement when swimming. Most of the scuba diving mask run through water and have some interference with the impending current that is antagonistic. It is preferable that you use this for an amazing experience when you are swimming in the sea or ocean.

7. Tusa M1001 Freedom HD Scuba Mask

Price $74.95
Tusa M1001 Freedom HD Scuba mask is huge piece of the lens that offers exemplary 180 degrees of beautiful sight. They have tight and easy to use buckles. They are very comfortable as they are a strap to whatever degree of your convenience on your face. The scuba mask is made of some high-quality material.

They are good as they incorporate a nice large nose figure. They are designed nicely to prevent water from penetrating inside your nose. They are among the few scuba masks worth your money.

6. Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel

Price $49.99
Cressi Panoramic wide masks are masks made of delicate silicone with two fold feathered edge skort. They have enhanced permeability. These scuba masks are designed in such a way that they completely fit your upper face (eyes and nose). They also have frames (they can be used for dip end swimming).

These masks have straps that can be modified to permit your mask to securely fit inside the masks. They are just a new innovative piece of masks that can be purchased at multiple stores. They are customizable if you need help with that.

5. Phantom Aquatics Speed Motor Mask

Price $41.99
Phantom Aquatics speed motor masks are premium masks that are made from a material that is tough making them durable for a long period (silicone). They are easy to wear as they have customizable and flexible straps at one end. They come with various other items when you purchase one. For example, they come with dry snorkels that help you breathe safely.

Also, they have one focal point vision that permits the user to have better clarity of one particular point or object. The masks also use a new technology known as EZ level to keep your nostrils from taking in water when swimming.

4. Oceanic Mako Dive Mask

Price $49.95
Oceanic dive mask is another premium decent dive masks that has very strong solid construction. They are classified as low volume design masks. They are non panoramic masks hence have one pivotal point. Also, they have a neoprene strap cover, which adds a nice touch to it.

Oceanic dive masks have huge lenses and have very comfortable straps at the back. Ones who do not make you feel comfortable when worn. The goal is to provide seamless and very comfortable movement inside the sea or ocean.

3. ScubaPro Scuba Diving Mask

Price $91
ScubaPro is a great piece of lens mask with an amazing fitting silicone skirt. It is extremely great for facial hair. It allows hair also to be protected from the current.

If you are seeking to invest in a lifetime gear that has multiple replacement options, then get yourself a Scubapro. It is very common especially to first time divers. It will provide you great comfort and at an affordable rate.

2. Cressi PANO 4 Scuba Dive Mask

Price $33.99
Cressi PANO scuba dive mask is very similar to masks that are for substantial tear style. They offer various focal points that are more agreeable. They function greatly with two-fold band straps. They are worth their price in regards to their features.

Also, they give one a wide view when swimming. They are very delicate due to the silicone material they are made up from. They will make you feel at ease when swimming.

1. Cressi Frameless

Price $28.99
Cressi Frameless tops our list as the most effective scuba diving mask well in regards to the amount of water you will be swimming into. Nonetheless, these frameless diving masks have an amazing clasp that is very simple to change. They have a great feel to your skin once worn.

They have great focal points that guarantee durable sturdiness once used; they are 100% silicon which makes them very exceptional.

All these scuba diving masks top as our top 10 diving masks that are exceptional and efficient when used. The similarity is that you will not have impending current break your scuba diving mask as you swim against the strong current. It is because they are made from a highly sturdy glass material.

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