Top 10 Best Selling Selfie Sticks

Selfies have revolutionized the art of taking photos over the past few decades. They have opened a niche that wasn’t in existence. I mean, a few years an ago taking photo was not a thing. However, now every one wants to purchase a smartphone with a front camera which has very high specs.

A selfie stick, in turn, helps you take photos from an oblique aerial viewpoint. It becomes easier to take group photos with it like never before. Nonetheless, different selfies have different capabilities. Some are cool while others are just ordinary selfie sticks.

We have researched and picked the best 10 top selling selfie sticks in 2017-2018

10. PhotoBOMB Selfie Stick

Top 10 Best Selling Selfie Sticks 2017

Price $30.16
Photobomb selfie sticks introduce its unique superior quality selfie stick that can be extended up to 3.5 feet. The selfie stick is adjustable on every frame. It can fit phones usually 4.7 inches and to around 6 inches. Most of the phones are within that range, therefore, whether it’s a Samsung or an iPhone it will work perfectly.

Photobomb is the fourth generation selfie stick. It has an amazing Bluetooth mechanism that pairs the phone and selfie stick so that when you press your selfie stick, the phone captures that photo. Its battery life can last for hours; approximately 100 hours once it is fully charged.

9. Mpow Selfie Stick

Price $18.99
Mpow is another company that produces high-quality selfie stick. For starters, its selfie sticks can turn to around 270 degrees producing a perfect tilted photo. It comes in a very small size, which can be expanded, to the width you’d want to take a photo.

Mpow connects your phone and the stick using Bluetooth. Also, it works well with iOS and Android phones usually smaller than 6 inches. It has an expandable holding where you place your phone as you are taking your photos.

8. Flexion Stick

Price $25
Flexion stick is another flexible and solid selfie stick which is highly durable. The stick has an amazing ability to remain in tact while being used. It does not cause bending or wobbling which is a major disadvantage of many selfie sticks.

The selfie stick is sold at an affordable rate. IT comes with several things such as your Bluetooth self-portrait monopod, holder, micro-UB for charging and a manual.

7. Polar Pro PowerPole- Battery Extension Selfie Stick

Price $32.76
PolarPro power pole selfie stick would be of great assistance to any paparazzi. The selfie pole stick is compatible with various GoProto which help in taking selfies too. It is much firmer than an ordinary selfie stick for your smartphone. It has a great battery holding capacity.

PolarPro has two ports; hence can be attached two two phones. However, it is not as cheap as most ordinary selfie sticks. Nonetheless, it produces quality selfie pictures.

6. Mpow iSnap X

Price $27
Looking for an affordable selfie stick which is highly durable? Then you should acquire an iSnap X selfie stick which can handle almost any smartphone. The selfie stick can extend up to 6 inches once you expand it.

Also, it has an amazing shuttering speed. It also has a good battery pack since it lasts for a long time once it is fully charged. The selfie stick has been built in a way it can also handle tablets and phablets that are larger than 6 inches.

5. Fugetek Professional Selfie Stick

Price $19.95
Heard of a professional selfie stick? If your answer is no, well then here is the Fugetek professional selfie stick which accommodates smartphones, cameras, and DSLRs. Depending on your occasion you can opt which camera to use. The selfie stick will always stabilize your camera ensuring it does not fall even when being used. It is very strong since it is made up of a strong material.

4. Xtender Pro-Selfie Stick

Price $42.38
The extender pro-selfie stick is a sturdy selfie stick of the highest quality. It can extend up to 3 feet. It helps taking pictures of different natures including tilted ones. The selfie stick uses Bluetooth mechanism for effective working. It is affordable and can be found in multiple stores online.

3. Infinity Maker Selfie Pole

Price $24.95
Infinity Maker selfie is made from the highest quality material. The pole is both sturdy and light. Once it is disabled, it can fit into a pocket. It is a medium sized selfie pole. Also, it uses plug-in technology.

Plug-In technology assures that you do not need to have your selfie pole charged. All you have to do is plug your three-millimeter audio jack on your phone and take a selfie with it anywhere. It also comes with a shutter button so that you never forget all your wonderful memories alone or as a group.

2. Kiwii Selfie Stick Monopod

Price $7.99
The kiwi selfie stick does not need charging too. It works using the same technology as the infinity maker selfie pole. However, this selfie stick is compatible with most phones. It also has a capture button at the slight end of the monopod allowing you to capture great moments with family and friends. The monopods adjust up-to 32 inches, its lightweight and have a good sizeable extension. Lastly, it is affordable.

1. MJ Selfie Pro Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

Price $24.99
MJ Selfie Pro Remote shutter provides the greatest experience when you want to take professional selfies. The selfie stick may not have many of the other features such as a Bluetooth shutter, but it has cell phone holder functions. Also, it can extend up to 34 inches, which are twice the size of most selfie sticks. The selfie stick works well with iPhones and new Android phones. According to sales on different stores, it made a cruising 465 positive reviews a week after it was launched. You will enjoy using this selfie stick.

Getting a selfie stick in 2017 has primarily become an accomplishment. Apparently, there are many moments where one wishes they could capture for example in family gatherings when having some time for some barbecues or when you go to events with your friends. We have listed the best selfie sticks in 2017.

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