Top 10 Best Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women

Walking shoes are more than essential for everyone who loves keeping fit through walking. They not only make sure we are comfortable while walking but also ensure that our feet, knees, and backs are not affected by walking.

Walking shoes are beneficial for everyday walks and hiking in harsh terrains. With a broad variety of options available, it is advisable to not only choose walking shoes based on factors like comfort, the durability of the shoes but also the breath ability of the shoes and the design. I have compiled a list of 10 best-selling walking shoes that will help guide you on the best shoes to buy so that when you want walking shoes, you can buy the best walking shoes and not just regular walking shoes that may end up harming your feet.

Checkout some of the top 10 best walking shoes of 2017-2018 for men and women

1. ASICS Gel Quickwalk 2SL

ASICS Gel Quickwalk 2SL Top Best Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women 2017These shoes come highly recommended because they have midsoles that are gel cushioned. This provides comfort to you while having your daily walks. They come with a rubber sole that is durable and does not easily wear out. You can use them for an extended period of time. These shoes also fit quite well. To protect your feet while wearing them, these shoes come with a collar as well as a padded tongue. They are designed with synthetic leather to give them a good look.

2. APC Techloom Pro

APC Techloom Pro Top 10 Best Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women 2017This is a walking shoe that has an attractive design that brings out a good look when you wear them. The eight mm drop created in them is intended to put the foot in a natural position when you touch down. This ensures that you do not strain your foot while walking. They are so comfortable, and this is made possible by propelium cushioning that they are fit with. This is the type of shoes that have the best fit and are breathable at the same time.

3. New Balance MW577

New Balance MW577The New Balance MW577 ensures that you can have long workouts without having foot problems. This is because it has great support and excellent cushioning that gives your feet the comfort that they need. The shoes give you stability while having your usual walks. The quality design is very attractive with leather on its upper parts, and it also has reflective parts.

4. New Balance MW759

New Balance MW759These shoes are beneficial to the wearer because they come with toe caps to make sure that your toes are prevented from damage that you can get while walking. They consider every shoe size and have the extra wide size for those who want them. These shoes are an excellent choice because they are light and have little weight. If you are concerned about stability, then these shoes are a good choice for you because they have a tread sole.

5. Greats Bab Low

Greats Bab Low Top Famous Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women 2019Get these shoes if you love unisex shoes. You do not need to wear socks with these shoes because they even have a neoprene panel that is put in place to help avoid sweating in your shoes. Your comfort is guaranteed in these shoes because the forefoot has rubber pads to make you feel comfortable as you take your walks. If you love walking or hiking, then there is no need to worry because they are suitable for tropical and temperate climates.

6. ASICS Women’s Gel – Kayano 22

ASICS Women’s Gel – Kayano 22 Top Most Popular Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women 2018These are the type of walking shoes that assures you of stability with their design. They are efficient in absorbing shock because they are made with gel cushioning. They are lace up shoes that are made with synthetic material to give them a great look. Your grip is made stronger as you walk because these shoes are made with rubber soles. They are also breathable, and that makes them a good choice.

7. JACKSHIBO Unisex Couple Casual

JACKSHIBO Unisex Couple Casual Top Popular Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women 2019These shoes are perfect for friends and couples who want to match their looks while walking or hiking. They are available on two great choices. You can get them as lace up or slip on. Because they are unisex, you can get them in different colors that are suitable for both men and women. They are breathable and also have a fabric lining. They also come as waterproof and are suitable for all seasons.

8. ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 22

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 22 Top Most Famous Selling Walking Shoes for Men & Women 2018This type of shoes come with a reasonable width that gives a good fit while making you feel comfortable. You are also assured of comfort by the gel cushioning in the shoes. Apart from being made of synthetic material, the shoes are also flexible and can be used for walking as well as running. The rubber soles that they have are good for stability. They also have an attractive design that comes with great colors. ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 22 is also very affordable.

9. Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam

Skechers Sport Women’s D'Lites Memory FoamThey are made with fabric that is synthetic and also with leather materials. The soles are not only made of rubber but are also supportive while walking. These shoes are also recommended because they are breathable and very comfortable. Protect your feet when walking by choosing them.

10. New Balance 1065

New Balance 1065 Top 10 Best Selling Walking Shoes for Men & WomenAnother type of shoes that is best for you is the New Balance 1065. This is because they have a large width and are comfortable. They come with a good look as well as great support to your feet. Some pairs also come with a narrow fit design that is small enough. The design of these shoes is great, and this makes them suitable for everyday use. When you buy these shoes, it is a good deal because they are also durable.

With an unlimited choice of shoes being offered, it is wise to have standards and consider quality. That is why this list comes in handy mainly because it helps you choose which shoes are right for you. It has options that ensure your comfort, safety as well as taste. Choose shoes that will make walking a fun activity to look forward to all the time.

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