Top 10 Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps In India

The new age enhanced technology is a boon for the society as in the fast pacing life, time is the most valuable asset which very few people have in their lives. Starting from paying bills, to book travel tickets everything is available at just a click of your finger, and there you get it at your door step or on your android phone or laptop. Sometimes you may feel not to do any work and just rest the whole day, without even cooking food for yourself or the family, at such times too today the apps help.

With the new age online food service apps available now ordering food has become just a simple yet yummylicious activity. You have to just choose the type of food you would prefer, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Indian, Italian, Chinese, English breakfast or dinner. You just name it and these apps would help them deliver it at your doorstep in just few minutes.

Let us know more about top ten most downloaded food ordering apps in India 2017-2018.

10. Burrp

Burrp Top Most Famous Downloaded Food Ordering Apps In India 2017

Launched way back in 2006 one of the oldest food apps, the Burrp is now making much activity in the recent years in the food app market. It covers around fifty thousand restaurants and helping in choosing the best food according to your taste bub. It is a Network 18 group app specifically which was designed keeping easy food access to the general mass.

9. Yumist


It was founded with the motto to provide hassle free homemade food to the clients at their door step. It is linked to a retail chain of food delivery houses and some general home food suppliers. You can easily download this app and with just a few clicks hot steaming food would reach your home in just thirty minutes of its ordering.

8. Fresh Menu

Fresh Menu

This Bengaluru based food app was started by a couple Krishnan and Meena Ganesh, with the determination to deliver fresh and hygienic homemade food to the clients. There is a huge range of variety in the menu list starting from breakfast, different sandwiches, dinner, lunch and even salads and good desserts. The menu is new each day and on special demands a chef menu is also prepared for the niche customers who are actually food lovers.

7. Travelkhana


The travel khana was founded to serve those travellers taking train journeys and having difficulty with the same old monotonous railways pantry food. It is very simple after downloading the app you have to just order your preferred food, and it will be delivered to your booked berth in the train, even at your chosen station in the your journey route. Next time if you find the pantry food not up to the level just go for the Travel khana app and enjoy good hot meal.

6. Dominos


It is one of the most preferred online and phone pizza app in the whole nation, which is now making every generation go crazy with their variety of pizza ranges, even without calling the local franchise people of your local city or locality. You can even now save the ordered food for future reordering. This app is used both for delivery and pick up food orders too.

5. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

The most eminent pizza delivery app with a huge franchise, yet the phone app are preferred more. The unique and vast platter spread in the menu gives the food lovers a wide range to select from menu list. You have to just click and sign in to your local counter ad order your pizza which would be delivered within half an hour.

4. Faasos


This app first was launched as a small and simple restaurant which served delicious and unique wraps and rolls, with the food brains of Kallol Banerjee and Joydeep Burman. It has now held its pace in the fast growth of the food app chains market in the nation. The most fascinating feature of this app is that it has a multiple payment options which makes it more accessible to the general public from any wage of life. The menu is distinct and has a various food items on the list. The delivery time is always maintained to provide good, hot and healthy food to each of their customers, and now it has spread to ten major cities around India.

3. Swiggy


Started way back in 2014 this food app has really grown into the hearts of the food lovers, across seven major cities of the country. It started in Bengaluru and the founding members are Rahul Jaimini, Sriharsha Majeti and Nandan Reddy. The most unique feature of the app is that there is no minimum amount of ordering, as they believe in providing small single orders too that too in just 45 minutes hot and healthy. It also has the tracking of the food on real time tracking system where you can keep a track how far your food has reached. Also the different payment modes help people to order accordingly.

2. FoodPanda


Way back in 2012 three foodies and different thought process entrepreneurs started this app, and they were Amit Kohli, Rohit Chaddha and Akhilesh Bali. It si one of the inetrantionaly acclaimed app which has crossed the borders of the nation and reached to countries like Honkong, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan and many more to add. The only reason for its international fame is the hassle free and unique menu. In India it is running in hundred cities with the fastest payment mode of Paytm, Net banking and credit card system, with a wide range of Indian and Multi cuisine menu.

1. Zomato

Zomato Top Most Popular Downloaded Food Ordering Apps In India 2018

Zomato is the oldest but yet the most trending international app, which has gained its popularity in India as it is the founding country with the founders Pankaj Chaddha and Depinder Goyal way back in 2008. It now has its successful operations in nineteen more countries outside India. The huge and vast range of menu includes, café food, restaurants, international and Indian food, even street food is added to the list. So one can choose anything they want to and enjoy it with their families. They also have a customer chat system through which you can chat with the executives taking their advice on ordering food.

Now whenever you do not feel like cooking for yourself and just have some tasty and yummy food at your door step, you know which apps to download and use for your convenience. From the above list you would surely fall in love with many of the apps with their unique and easy accessible system of ordering and delivering food. So just choose the menu you want to nibble and download the app for getting hot and fresh food every day.

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