Gone are those days when a business can be managed without considering and taking the help of analytics companies. One of the solid truths about the business in the present scenario is even some of the very well known organisations are failing to attract new customers. A few reasons are competition, changing customer preferences & needs, product delivery, quality and so on.

In the present scenario, you cannot be successful in business if you only believe in manufacturing your products and putting them in markets for sale. Market surveys, understanding the spending patterns of today’s customers, visualisation, knowing your competitors and staying ahead of them are the other tasks that you need to manage at the same time to keep up the pace.

This is exactly where the need of an analytics company is required. An Analytics company can provide a lot of services for any business. Some of the services include Customer Relation Management analytics, Market Research, Data modelling, Customer segmentation and so on. They provide you useful information about running a business and the process management after conducting surveys and providing useful information through data that seems useless. If you want to hire a company, here is the list of top 10 best analytics companies in India in 2019.

10. Fractal Analytics

Best Analytics Companies in India 2019

Fractal is an analytics company with around 18 years of experience in the profession. Artificial intelligence, big data & visualisation, customer relation analytics and integrated marketing are some of their key areas of specialisation. In addition to India, Fractal analytics offer their services in Europe, as well as in the USA. A very large number of businesses have already trusted them and have enhanced their popularity in past few years.

9. Unmetric

Best Analytics Companies in India

Unmetric is one of the best companies that can be trusted for data analytics and other similar services. They have an excellent track record of serving some of the best-known organisations across the globe. In India, they serve KFC, Toyota, Edelman and Indian Airlines. Someone that makes Unmetric the number one choice of an around 9500 plus business is their advanced technology and expertise.

8. Brillio

Best Analytics Companies in India

Brillio has been known to develop some of the best and in fact advanced solutions when it comes to analytics. Since last few years, the company is increasing their market value in India. They have been trusted by a lot of businesses for capturing value in a very short span of time. Brillio data analytics capabilities are strong and clear and they always provide functional expertise for corporations such as consumer products, retail, banking, media, we as well technology. They are also offering their services outside India as one of the best analytical company.

7. Quantum Analytics

Best Analytics Companies in India

Quantum was established in Australia in the year 2002 and presently they have a presence in around 13 countries. In India, they are serving a lot of media and financial institutions. One of their key credentials is helping business in improving their decisions by providing the best data analytics solutions. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced data analytics experts who are known to offer simply the best solutions. Experts also call it as one of the fastest growing analytics company in India.

6. Cognizant Analytics

Best Analytics Companies in India

If you want analytics solutions through a company that largely believes in innovation, this is the right option for you. Cognizant has always catered the needs of their clients with some advanced strategies they follow. They often conduct experiments with technology to understand how the results can be boosted further. Currently, they have more than 500 major retail clients in India which are continuously growing.

5. Machine Pulse

Best Analytics Companies in India

One of the major factors that have contributed in their success is nothing but the analytics solutions that are the true combination of 21st skills and highly advanced technology that they have in their arena. In addition to India, they are also offering their services in other parts of the world with a huge base of highly satisfied clients. Their specialisation is serving the companies in Internet-of-things segments. The team of data scientists they have always provided simply the best solutions to all their clients.

4. Flytxt

Best Analytics Companies in India

One of the key credentials of this analytics company in India is their excellent marketing algorithms, operational efficiency, as well as best CRM strategies. They have served almost every type of businesses and they have a very strong presence in India as one of the pioneer analytics company. They are best in providing the big data analytics solutions that can simply enhance and encourage digital transformation. Flytxt has been known to provide significant business value to one and all. Many of their clients have been reported a significant increase in their market value.

3. Accenture Analytics

Best Analytics Companies in India

Accenture is a well-reputed company in India that is currently serving a very large number of organisations in different sectors in effective data analytics. They provide data analytics through some genius minds and it really doesn’t matter what exactly your issue is, Accenture Analytics solutions are best in every aspect. They have a team of experts that help businesses in planning, risk management and in effective marketing through their Analytics solutions.

2. Wipro analytics

Best Analytics Companies in India

Wipro is a popular name in India when it comes to analytics solutions. You might have no idea but Wipro is the only organisations with offer world-class solutions not just in India but in other countries too. Wipro analytics is actually an arena with so of the well-known analytics experts across the globe and you can always make sure of premium solutions. Presently they are servicing healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, telecom, transportation, as well as financial sectors.

1. EXL Analytics

Best Analytics Companies in India

They are one of the best organisations in India with a solid reputation. EXL Analytics has already served organisations with advanced solutions to the analytics problems. Many experts have also recognised them as one of the best consultants when it comes to analytics in India. The true reason for their success is the team of 2000 plus data scientists who are highly experienced. When it comes to cutting the complex risk associated with the concerned tasks, this is the company that can be trusted truly.

With these companies, it is possible for you to boost progress in every process in the business. All these organisations have a tag of reputation, as well as the expertise to enable their clients what exactly they want. The good thing is they can simply be trusted for anything. Due to their multi-specialisation, you can hire them for any type of analytics without worrying about anything. All companies in the above list are very popular for their services and can simply add a lot to your business.


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