The industry of the beauty salons in India has witnessed an incredible growth over the past few years. People have now become extremely conscious of themselves and they prefer to look their best. Being presentable is very important.

The international manufacturers of the beauty products have found their place in the marketplace of India. The hold that the companies of the beauty products have in the market is commendable.

The business of salon in this country is around five thousand crores, which makes this industry one of the best industries in India. The growth rate has been phenomenal. Each and every person prefer to look attractive and they look for the services of the top salon chains of the country. Given below is a list of the top ten chains of beauty salons in India in 2019.

10. Strands Salon and Spa

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India 2019

The Strands Salon Private Limited is one of the leading chains of the beauty salons in this country that have the title Strands. Strands are basically the flagship of the very famous brand Matrix, which is the number one salon brand. This provider has been growing over the year in huge leaps. The services that the salon provides include skin care, hair care, beauty, spa solutions, and beauty. The services are done by the professionals who have been trained by the L’oreal, Strands, and the Matrix Academy. The wide range is also complemented with the products that are technically perfect in order to keep the customers satisfied.

9. Green Trends Hair & Style Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

The Green developments Hair & model Salon is considered to be one of the pioneers that offer the complete array of services. They provide effective solutions of grooming to the consumers especially to those who are very conscious about the price. Green Trends provides haircuts that are fashionable along with haircut services, solutions for skin care as well as the bridal suites. The stylists are professional and well-trained and they provide friendly services.

8. Affinity Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

Affinity is a very popular chain of the unisex salons in India. They are extremely classy and swanky and are known to provide the international requirement for the hair and the options of beauty treatment. The first center of Affinity had been established in Green Park situated in Delhi. The salon was established in the year 1992. The salons provide plenty of services that include skin care solutions, beauty treatment, hair solutions, and more. The outlets consist of many hair stylists. This is one of the leading beauty salon chains in the country.

7. Star & Sitara Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

The Star & Sitara Salon is one of the leading chains of unisex salons that are found in India. It is also amongst the top ten beauty salon chains. The salon is very unique and the main aim is to democratise all the salon services so that the customers can get effortless access. The reason why the customers are attracted to this salon is because of the cheap rate. Lately, one of the leading fitness chains, the Talwalkars has announced a joint venture with the Pantaloon Retail Ltd in order to acquire this salon.

6. L’oreal Professional Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

The L’oreal Professional Salon is one of the most glamorous beauty salon chains in the country. They also provide training classes to the aspiring stylists and beauticians. They are very renowned for the products and the services that they provide to the customers. There is no doubt to the fact that it is the best and customers flock to the salons to maintain themselves.

5. Naturals Unisex Salon And Spa

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

The Naturals Unisex Salons And Spa have around 114 salons spread all over the country. This salon has become synonymous with styling and care in India. No wonder it is amongst the leading chains of beauty salons in this country. This salon is a unisex salon and provides various kind of services that can be availed by the different kinds of people. Naturals is also the salon that has shown a phenomenal growth within a few years. Naturals is also famous for the franchise strategy that they have come up with, which is also a blooming business currently in India.


Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

The VLCC salons have managed to revolutionise the concept of the beauty industry in India. The salons are present in around three hundred locations that are spread hundred and nine cities all over the world. The countries that have VLCC salons other than India include Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. VLCC has gained a wide recognition because of the solutions for weight loss and the strategies for the beauty remedies. There are around hundred hair care, skin care, and body care products.

3. Shahnaz Husain Spas and Salons

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

Shahnaz Husain is considered to be the pioneer of the natural care of skin and hair in India. She is the one who has spread the Ayurvedic tradition of this Nation to every nook and corner of the world. The salons aim to provide services and products of pure beauty and the anti-aging remedies as well. This brand was launched in 1970 by Shahnaz Husain. There are as many as 200 salons and spas all over the world that offer the organic therapies along with the products and services of Shahnaz Husain.

2. Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chain in India

Jawed Habib is amongst the leading beauty and hair salon chains in the country. The company is known to have 322 outlets spread across 21 countries. The salons offer services related to beauty and hair that carry the hallmark of quality. The salons also have a beautiful ambiance that reflects the warmth of the professionals.

1. Lakme Beauty Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chains in India 2019

Lakme is undoubtedly the most popular trusted name not only in India but all over the world. There are around 10 studios and 122 salons that are spread across premium locations in the city. The services provided are excellent. Lakme is the leading beauty salon chain in India.

People visit salons in order to keep themselves beautiful, organised, and presentable. It is important that the services are taken from the leading chains of the beauty salons to get the best skin care, hair care, or body fitness treatments.