Education shapes an individual to be a better citizen. And in order to do so, no other option is as good as a boarding school, which focuses on integrating all-around personality developments. To promote Woman Empowerment, a girl child should be groomed well from a very young age, and it is possible via residential schools effectively. Checkout the top 10 best boarding schools in India for girls in 2019.

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10. Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani

Best Boarding School in India 2019

This school, a part of the Birla group, has aimed to train each girl student to be self reliant, honest, high personality, bubbling with self confidence, disciplined and an independent woman to readily face any hindrance in future.

Established in 1941 has its affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi. It is living up to its commitments in providing quality education in a tranquil, learning environment.

It hosts individual laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer. It too lays on the development of the supportive co curricular activities and has provision for swimming pool, gymnasium, athletics, etc.

9. Mody School, Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan

Best Boarding School in India

It provides a colossal medium to bring out the utmost potential in a student. Established in 1988 has its affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi along with it offers IBO following the CIE pattern. It provides education from class III to class XII. With 256acrs of campus, its infrastructure has individual laboratories of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Home Science, Mathematics, Biotech, Art and Craft and Geography provisioned with latest advanced technologies.

They also provide teachings of foreign languages such as German, French, etc.

The school makes sure to look after comprehensive developments of the students.

8. Shah Satnam Ji Girls School, Sirsa

Best Boarding School in India

This school aimed in not only to provide a resourceful education to the girl students but also to promote women empowerment.

Established in 1994 has its affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi. It has achieved a great fleet in being the best boarding school in Haryana.

It has been built in a quiet, calm, peaceful environment, which is one of the contributing factors that made this school one of the top in India. Advanced infrastructure, skilled faculties, enriched in supportive co curricular activities made this school won a number of distinguished milestones in India.

7. Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar

Best Boarding School in India

Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar, pioneered for focusing to deliver a quality education to all the girl students.

Established in 1981 has its affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi. Abiding by its motto, “education enlighten the life”, the campus is equipped with an academic wing, a large auditorium, a utility block, health club and a dining room provisioned for 1000 students. The school builds emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects in the students.

It also lays great emphasis on extra curriculum activities and hence made infrastructure for roller skating rink, indoor shooting range, and an outdoor swimming pool.

6. Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun

Best Boarding School in India

This school belongs to the category for the best and the safest zone for educating a girl child.

Established in 2012 has its affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi and follows Cambridge International Examination Curriculum. With a 40acrs campus, the school offers the latest technology to educate a student. From equipped with Apple products in well-spaced computer labs to classrooms provisioned with learning class programs such as ICT, along with the state of the art temperature feature installed in it. It offers two auditoriums and a library, collection of 2550 books excluding specimens.

5. Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie

Best Boarding School in India

Mussoorie International School has kept their distances from the hubbub of the town. Hence, it has created a flawless atmosphere for learning. This school is widely known for its providing efficiently the education from class I to class XII students.

Established in 1984 has its affiliation to CISCE, New Delhi and follows Cambridge International Examination Curriculum. The school owns a very big campus of 40acrs with the necessary equipment to train the students both physically and mentally.

The school has maintained to keep pace with the leaps and bounds of development and constantly keeps improving its infrastructure.

4. Ashok Hall Girls Residential School, Ranikhet

Best Boarding School in India

It is known for its marvellous foundation for both primary and secondary education.

Established in 1993 has its affiliation to CISCE, New Delhi. With the lively atmosphere in the lap of the Himalaya, the 25acr campus has provisioned for 3 well-equipped science laboratories viz, Biology Chemistry and Physics. Each class is privileged with large space and an airy ambiance.

The school hosts a library, enriched with a great and vast collection of books and study materials which can be very convenient for the students.

It offers a playground for skilling in supportive extra-curricular activities.

3. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Best Boarding School in India

This school is distinguishably known for imparting contemporary education including traditional culture. It has an every equipment to train young girls to be valuable citizens.

Established in 1956 has its affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi. With a vivid ambiance, it educates 500 students from in and out of India and braces them for the world of future.

It has distinguishing performances in co-curricular activities, remarkably takes care of the all-around development of a pupil. It has exchange programs in London with the Woodbridge School and is also an associate of the Round Square Conference.

2. Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer

Best Boarding School in India

This school is a package for wide-ranging development for a student. With the motto, “to let the light be there”, it has profusely able to develop a student’s full potential. Not only focusing on the learning of books, but also made a great focus on developing an individual personality enriched with tolerance, respect, love, and integrity.

Established in 1988 has its affiliation to CISCE, New Delhi. It has around 800 students with 90 highly skilled faculty members. A member of the Round Square Conference does many exchange programs with schools in Australia and England.

1. Welham’s Girls School, Dehradun

Best Boarding School in India

This school has chart topped the list as it lays out their equal supremacy in both fields of education and co-curricular activities, sports being the major component.

Established in 1957 has its affiliation to CISCE, New Delhi. The campus of 12acr, has thoroughly equipped labs of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with the cavernous classroom.

It has divided their students into 5 houses to inculcate healthy competitive spirit among them. Extra Curriculum performed are badminton, tennis, athletics, aerobics, basketball, karate and hockey. Taking the advantage of its location, they arrange, trekking, skiing, camps, etc for shaping up the students.

Plentiful women have achieved great fleet in academics, military, scientists and the list goes on. This list will surely guide to choose the appropriate school to educate your daughter to be a better human, which in turn she will shape a better future to India.