It basically collects some minimal amount of money seeking from a large number of people over the internet. Crowdfunding is the best source for needful donation and secured loans for the people who are having a difficult life for a living. The various organisations across India work for the crowdfunding platforms to raise money for the needful and underprivileged children.

In addition to this, this crowdfunding is also featured by various artists, celebrities, and filmmakers to raise funds for a good cause for the better living of the society. Nonetheless, the crowdfunding industry has been a major trend in India to reach to the common people over the internet to work for the needful people. There are various crowdfunding all over India which works for cancer crowdfunding, child health crowdfunding, and much more. Crowdfunding is not limited to work only for a social cause but you can work on various projects with various approaches according to your own preferences and choices. These can include film, photography, comic, theatre, etc.

Thus various organisations have played a varied role in crowdfunding and so here we have enlisted the top 10 best crowdfunding sites in India in 2019 to get a detailed overview of their work and projects.

10. Ketto

Best Crowdfunding Sites in India 2019

Ketto is one of the popular non-profit fund raising platforms over the internet which came into establishment in the year 2012 by its co-founders Zaheer Adenwala, Kunal Kapoor, and Varun Sheth. It a very popular sites for raising funds for various categories which include travel, photography, health, education, music, technology, fashion, movies and it also works for various social causes and charities all over India. The Ketto crowdfunding platform has participated in various campaigns which include the most popular ‘Olympic Gold Quest’ where it works for the Indian athletes to fund them with the basic necessity to support their playing. It generated over 1 million in Indian currency and handed over to the ‘Winter Olympics’ participants Shiva Keshavan for more better playing. There are a large number of fund raiser which works for health, children, education, technology, entrepreneurship, sports and much more.

9. Milaap

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

Another very popular crowdfunding platform over the internet is ‘Milaap’ which pledge to help the world as their foremost mission. It works for the various fund raisers such as education, sports, children, community, emergencies, medical, animals, memorials, art & media, technology, human rights, women, rural development, social entrepreneurship, and much more. The organisation has generated a total amount of INR 213.88 crores. They have come into operation in the year 2011 by its co-founders Anoj Vishwanathan and Mayukh Choudhury. They have two payment options for the Indian and foreign customers. It provides supports 24X7 through their chat box and email as well. They have come up with their mobile app for easy connectivity and accessibility. You can easily browse through their varied options like sharing your stories, lending, donating money for a good cause, fund raising, and varied more.

8. Ignite Intent

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

Ignite Intent is one of the very well-known and popular funds raising websites which has its headquarters based in Mumbai and co-founded by Rinikesh Shah. It basically looks after the needs and preferences of new start up companies or new business ventures along with this it also works for the various college projects which the students and colleges are involved all across India.

7. FundDreamsIndia

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

FundDreamsIndia believed in making all your dreams alive by supporting various social and community cause for the welfare of the society to give them a better living in the society. It is basically a non-profit organisation which operates from the capital of India ‘Delhi’. It has worked successfully with excellent performance and it has generated a total amount of nearly INR 19,61,200 and it has total contributors of nearly 493. They have a panel of various categories in their official websites which include emergencies, education, health, children, family & kids, calamities & disasters, non-profit organisations, travel, occasions & special events, ideas & businesses, weddings, fashion, movies, music, religious institutions, pets, sports, competitions and others. It is the most happening online mania for the easy contribution of money for various categories of your choice and preferences. It pledges to make the world a better living by raising some minimal amount for the society.

6. FuelADream

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

It is said to be one of the best crowdfunding platforms in India which are working for various causes, charities, ideas, recoveries, and also for special events. You can easily filter your search according to your needs and preferences by changing the options of states, cities/town, and funding model and most importantly the campaign types. They have worked for billions of people residing in India to help them to live in a better and healthy way. The organisation helps various fund raisers all over India to make their various campaign in running successfully through this widely popular platform. They initiate to make awareness among the people of contributing a minimal amount various categories campaigns and events. You can simply start your own campaign by creating an account with detailed information on your campaign story.

5. Faircent

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

Faircent is another leading crowdfunding platform which was co-founded by Nitin Gupta, Rajat Gandhi, and Vinay Mathews with its headquarters based in Gurgaon. It is an online portal which works as a market place between various lenders and borrowers where they can easily exchange the amount of money with the agreed terms and conditions of the policy. Thus, it works brilliantly between the two peers supporting each other policy and terms to make it a successful one. The platform is fairly operating over the last few years without taking any undue advantage of the interest paid for various loans.

4. DreamWallet

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

DreamWallet a popular crowdfunding platform which was co-founded by Manish Harodia and Nikhil Agarwal with its base camp in Jaipur and other regional offices in Pune and Mumbai. It is basically an online portal which works for various fields of categories keeping in mind every people choice and preferences. They work for art & music, children welfare, health care & program, government schools & colleges, photography, education, film, environment, gaming, fashion, start-ups, stage/ theatres, sports, social, travel, literature, technology, special events, food, and much more with huge benefits. It pledges to work for the well-being of every individual to bring a smile on their face by raising funds for them. You can also be a part of various campaigns by contributing a minimal contribution for the better living in the society.

3. Crowdera

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

Crowdera is the third most popular crowdfunding websites in India that works and bring ideas for the well-being of various activity people are involved but due to lack of money the various activity doesn’t turn out successful so the Crowdera platform took the initiative to raise funds for the various activities of the people all over the world. It is an American-Indian platform which was established in California by the co-founders Rich Mastuura, Chet Jain, and Chaitanya Atreya. This platform works globally for everyone irrespective of any country and any cause.

2. Catapooolt

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

The second most successful crowdfunding source is the ‘Catapooolt’ which pledge to change the world for a better living by raising funds for various categories and various fields of work according to the people needs and preferences. They have well-known partners involved with their campaigns and projects which include Mumbai co-working, Digital Ocean, ah! Ventures, Bombay connect, and much more. You can easily browse through their various categories of projects in sports, start-ups, social, creative, and much more. Satish Kataria is the popular CEO and founder of this well-known crowdfunding platform.

1. Bitgiving

Best Crowdfunding Site in India

Bitgiving is the top leading website for secure crowdfunding websites in India. It is the best and most recognised website which pledge to work for the benefit of the people all over the India. This popular website is founded by Ishita Anand with its headquarters based in New Delhi. It has a great potential in meeting the needs of various people to bring a happy smile on their face by raising the desirable funds for their needs. It believes in making every possible thing happen with great contribution and with great unity.

Therefore, we get a complete list of the top 10 best crowdfunding websites in India in 2019 that has come up a successful trend in the Indian market to bring happiness into the lives of the needful people who are hoping to live their dreams in reality by getting some minimal amount of money from these popular crowdfunding platforms. To make them believe in their dreams let’s make a small contribution towards them.


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