As we all know India ranks second in case of world’s population and is assumed to produce the maximum number of doctors worldwide. According to statistical data, we find there is only one doctor to serve 1700 citizens in India. According to world health organisation, there should be a minimum of one doctor per one thousand citizens. It is also observed that there is only 0.8 dentist per ten thousand citizens who are served.

There is already a lack of ten lakh MBBS doctors thus India needs to work hard to serve its population in a better way. To be precise India had more than 1500 medical colleges spread over our country. All these institutes are having specialisation in various fields with all kinds of basic facilities and modern technologies to treat their patients adequately. All these institutes have their own strengths and weaknesses of being among the best dental colleges of India.

It is up to the students who need to choose their college calmly and intuitively so that they are able to acquire the best knowledge of their field of specialisation and also has a competitive edge to their future goals. To make your job easier of fulfilling your dream of becoming one of the best dentists of the country here is a list of top 10 best dental colleges in India in 2019 in which you may think of taking admission and brighten up your future!

10. Himachal Dental College

Best Dental Colleges in India 2019

This popular college is situated in north India. The college has a big campus with all the latest amenities and modern technologies and provides great opportunities to students to continue their studies and do their research work in a variety of fields. This is only possible as the college has one of the top class laboratory and qualified faculty to help the budding dentists. The college makes sure in providing with the newest educational services which encourage the students to have a hassle-free and affordable access to a large amount of education and effective research outcomes.

9. Guru Gobind Tricentenary Dental College

Best Dental Colleges in India

This dental college is also located in one of the front lines in north India. They ensure their students in making them highly efficient doctors every year. A large number of students pass out from this college. The college also follows the latest study syllabus and also has a highly effective laboratory to provide the best opportunities to the students. This college had its first session in the year 2002 and have been focusing on upgrading treatment facilities in the rural areas of north India.

8. KM Shah Dental College and Hospital- Sumandeep Vidyapeeth

Best Dental Colleges in India

This is the only college which is situated in the eastern part of our country. All students who live in the eastern part of India and aspires to be a highly qualified dentist dreams of getting into this college. This college is not only a well-known name in eastern India but also a popular college all over the country. It has gained a large amount of popularity due to its strict decorum and curriculum under which students dedicate themselves in achieving their medical degree. The college provides all the facilities which help the students in excelling in theoretical as well as in their practical knowledge. This college is one of the best options in India where one should pursue his or her dental studies in this college.

7. SVS Institute of Dental Science

Best Dental Colleges in India

SVS Institute of Dental Science is a well known on in all over the country for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has an upgraded curriculum. Secondly, the college offers high-quality facilities with the help of modern technologies. They are given a wide range of opportunities to research on a number of case studies which provides the students with practical experience. The laboratory of the college is also one of the best in the entire country. The students are also said to be provided by a mammoth library which helps them to get all sorts of study materials on a wide range of topics and cases.

6. Army College of Dental Science

Best Dental Colleges in India

As the name suggests this dental college is under army supervision which results in strict decorum and curriculum which is followed by all the students. This college offers one of the best environment for students who are doing research and higher studies. Apart from basic facilities they provide all the requirements to the students while completing their course. If a person is passionate about being one of the best dentists in the country then this college is highly recommended for such a student.

5. Government Dental College, Mumbai

Best Dental Colleges in India

Being a government dental college a large number of students aim for this institution as it is highly affordable. Additionally, it is also situated in one of the busiest city in our country. But it has been observed that students who are unsuccessful in cracking medical entrance in their first attempt due to the lack of one or two marks they usually prefer taking admission in this college. This college is among the best for students who want to gain maximum knowledge through case studies.

4. Bapuji Dental College and Hospital

Best Dental Colleges in India

This dental college has the maximum positive review given by students. They have a large campus, a highly upgraded laboratory, a great space to perform a large number of case studies on a variety of topics and also a superb group of faculty members. The faculty of the college is best to guide students for their higher studies and researches performed by them. These are the reasons for which students graduating from this college get placed in the top organisations and health care centers.

3. Saraswati Dental Colleges, Lucknow

Best Dental Colleges in India

Saraswati Dental Colleges, Lucknow was established in the year 1998 have also gained the certification of ISO number 9001:2008. this proves that it is one of the most authentic dental colleges of India. The trainers in this college use simple ways of teaching complex concepts to students. A student gains first-hand experience in practical knowledge while studying in this college.

2. SRM Dental Colleges, Chennai

Best Dental Colleges in India

This dental college is one of the popular institutions in all over India. This college has gained so much of popularity due to its highly efficient faculty members. They also have the latest equipment with all sorts of modern technologies which helps the students for all kinds of extended education. The students are provided with full exposure in this field where they can gain maximum knowledge.

1. Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Studies, New Delhi

Best Dental Colleges in India

Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Studies, New Delhi is situated at the heart of the country and is known for its excellent courses in the medical field. They are the leading institute in the field of dental studies. Apart from basic curriculum and studies they also focus on treating the patients in the rural areas. They provide all kinds of services to all kinds of patients with utmost love and care. If a student is looking for high-quality studies and research work then one should give his or her preference in getting admission in this college.

In case of medical field dental studies have become one of the most demanding center for research over the time. They are also gaining popularity in the professional world. So it is very important for a student to choose the correct institute for herself or himself very wisely so that he or she can make most from the knowledge gained during their educational session. These were the top 10 outstanding dental colleges of India which should be aimed at every dental student who wants a bright future in this field.


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