Most of the people in India love to read books and magazines. Since a long time, the English Magazines in India has been a favourite for the people of India as they are one of the most important sources of news, editorials and a perfect place for placing the views and opinions of the commoners as well as the celebrities and renowned personalities. Given below is a list of the top 10 best English magazines in India in 2019.

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10. Diamond Cricket Today

Best English Magazines in India 2019

It is a monthly magazine for cricket which is published in English. The company which publishes it is based in Delhi, known by the name of Diamond Magazines. The publication has got a very strong support from some of the most experienced personalities from this field. In short, the magazine provides a 360-degree view of the cricket world along with the total coverage of the Test Matches and the One Day Internationals. The columns in the magazine are generally written by the experienced cricket experts and writers in this field and with their columns, they provide the readers with the inside stories, legendary moments of international cricket, cricket history, interviews and other exclusive columns and all these are accompanied with awesome photographs.

9. Filmfare

Best English Magazines in India

This English magazine deals with the stories of Bollywood and the Indian Film Industry and has been one of the favourites of the Indians since five decades. It is also one of the most famous magazines selected by the film stars, especially when they think of sharing certain stuff with their fans. It has exclusive photo shoots, interviews, sneak peeks, inside stories, movie review, fashion coverage, and the best and colorful moments of the Bollywood divas. It is one of the most popular entertainment magazines and is presently being published fortnightly. Recently, it has also introduced an edition which deals with the South India Film Industry and has over 2 million readers and fans. It also conducts the Filmfare Awards.

8. Femina

Best English Magazines in India

It has been one of the most widely read magazines in India by women. Since the past 50 years, Femina has been providing the Indian women with a definitive guide for lifestyle and life so that the females can be more progressive in their areas of work and interest. Most of the multifaceted and multitasking women in India think Femina to be a referral for expanding their work areas and exploring new boundaries. It discusses the issues that are acting as barriers to the progression and growth of the female gender. These discussions are written by renowned editors and columnists which attracts a large number of female readers.

7. Sportstar

Best English Magazines in India

It is one of the most popular English sports magazines that is published on a weekly basis. With headquarters in Chennai, the publisher of this magazine and The Hindu is the same. Founded in 1978, the magazine is known to cover all the international sports which include the Euro Cup, FIFA World Cup and also the Olympics. It provides the Indians with the cricket news along with the sports like football, badminton, and tennis. The magazine has also introduced an online portal from 2015 and has offered a platform to the Indians to keep up with the sports and the players of the same.

6. Competition Success Review

Best English Magazines in India

It is one of the most popular magazines of India. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity due to the authentic information it provides in awesome language. Known as CSR, it has been as the largest general knowledge magazine in India for the past four decades. The majority of readers of this magazine are the students who aim to appear in the competitive examinations. Besides providing the students with general knowledge and current affairs of India, it also provides the tips for interviews, GDs, and the previous year’s question papers.

5. Reader’s Digest

Best English Magazines in India

Besides being the largest selling magazine in the whole world for nine years, it is also one of the largest selling English magazines in India. Besides providing excitement and fun, the magazine also provides a serious insight into the various challenges of everyday life. For most of the readers, the magazine has become a necessity. Its an awesome package of humor and real-life issues discussed, providing a fine power for guiding people.

4. Outlook

Best English Magazines in India

Outlook India is one of the most renowned weekly magazines publishing English news of the events occurring in India. It is known to provide the readers with the latest updates on political happenings, sports, cricket, cinema and other news of general importance. It is India’s one of the most selling magazines.

3. General Knowledge Today

Best English Magazines in India

One can understand by the name of the magazine that it deals with general knowledge and the current affairs of the country of India. The students of India consider it to be one of the best magazines as it covers all the topics that are questioned in the competitive exams of India. The current affairs and general knowledge are explained in the most lucid and concise manner as it is a perfect diary for all the events happening nationally as well as internationally.

2. Pratiyogita Darpan

Best English Magazines in India

It is known to be the leading magazine of India for the ones who are preparing for the competitive and government examinations. The magazines are published on a monthly basis. It all started in 1978 by Upkar Prakashan which was Agra based. Besides covering the areas of current affairs, it also covers the subjects like geography, history, economy, polity and the Indian constitution. It also provides the students with the questions of the previous years, mainly those of the competitive examinations.

1. India Today

Best English Magazines in India

Established in 1975, India Today is the magazine which is presently the mostly sold in India. It has got the first position in the list. The magazine is published on a weekly basis. The magazine elaborately covers all the important news of both the nation and globe and also includes the news like the economy, sports, national issues as well as business. The magazine provides appropriate content and news from all around the world. The readers of this magazine is increasing everyday.

All the magazines mentioned above are the most popular English magazines that are published in India in the year 2019. The youth of the present generation are mostly interested in reading journals and magazines and hence they can derive help from the list mentioned above. Experts have always recommended imbibing the habit of going through and reading magazines and newspapers for accumulating knowledge.