We often observe young students being extremely stylish in their outlook. It is not only their attire proved it but also the way they think creatively about fashion needs to be taken care of too. There are a number of people who are very passionate about trying out new designs and creative enough to come up with excellent fashion designing ideas.

For such people, fashion designing is actually the best career option in this era. There are a number of opportunities that can be explored by budding fashion designers and achieve their goals in this career path.

This field not only enhances the creativity of fashion designing of an individual but also gives an opportunity to be popular in the glamorous world of media. As a cherry on the cake one gets a decent paycheck too for his or her hardworking in this field. So the easiest way to establish oneself in this field is that one needs to get enrolled in one of the best fashion designing institutes. Over the time the field of fashion designing has been receiving a great amount of demand which has led to the opening of a number of fashion designing colleges. So it is very important for a fashion designer aspirant to choose the best college to fulfil his or her dreams in this field. Here is s list of top 10 best fashion designing colleges in India in 2019.

10. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata

Best Fashion Designing College in India in 2019

This institute was opened in the year 1995. Initially, it was started with a group of small talented faculty members to expand NIFT as a whole in Kolkata and was located at Manjusha Bhavan in Salt Lake sector. Later on, as the demand increased and over a time period of five years it expanded its huge campus by the year 1999 at Salt Lake itself. Presently the college has more than 750 students in the college. This college is well equipped with seminar hall, auditorium, audio-visual projectors, the number of labs and studios divided according to the branches of fashion designing. They also have an upgraded library and research center.

9. NIFT Tea College of Knitwear Fashion

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This college was established in the year 1997. It was started by the Tirupur Exporters with the collaboration between ICICI and Ministry of SSI and ARI. A student before taking admission in this college should always remember that this college has no relation and is not connected to the New Delhi NIFT by any case. To get admission in this college all aspirants have to have good marks in their class 12 board results for UG course and good marks in UG to get admission in PG courses of the college. This college focuses on imparting knowledge in the field of fashion and knitwear and all courses are related to the same.

8. Northern Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This college was opened in the year 1995 and is one of the branches of NIFT. So to get admission here too one needs to crack the NIFT entrance examination. It is located at Baddi which is a place near Chandigarh. There are also other branches of NIFT in Ludhiana and Jalandhar. This institute has signed a contract with the main head office of NIFT stating that they will help this college in getting students and thus they follow the same discipline and curriculum according to the main NIFT. Students living in nearby areas to this college can easily opt for admission if they aspire to become good fashion designers.

7. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This too is one of the best colleges of fashion designing under the brand name of NIFT. The institute was initially started in the year 1995 at Chenetha Bhavan. With time it has expanded its campus at Madhapur which was started on 20th May 1999. The main attraction of this college its highly efficient faculty who rules the center quite appropriately. The students dream to take admission over here as it has a large campus with a persisting aesthetic feel in the environment which welcomes allergen aspirants positively. After cracking the NIFT entrance examination one can think of taking admission over here. But one must also know that only girls are offered hostel facilities in this college but that too on first cum basis. Boys are not allowed to have any kind of hostel facilities.

6. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This college too can be entered only by clearing the NIFT entrance exam as it is a part of it. The institute was started in the year 2008 and the initial classes were taken at Udyog Bhavan at Patna. But in the year 2014, the college started its permanent campus which is located in Mithapur Farms in Patna. The unique thing about this college is its strict discipline and decorum and it looks after the security of the students with utmost care. This college is fully no smoking zone which prevents students from taking up to negative addiction. The institute is also well connected to every part of the city and can be accessed with all kinds of public transports by the students.

5. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This college is well known for its leather and textile designing courses. The institute offers a number of facilities to the students. Firstly the campus of Chennai NIFT allows the students and teachers to access both the interior and the exterior courtyard which is linked with table tennis, basketball courts, and the gym. Students are also allowed to use free Wi-Fi when they are on the campus. For their career exposure, the students are taken for industrial visits so that they can excel in their career. This is one of the best options for a student to get admission here if he or she is able to crack the NIFT entrance examination successfully.

4. Pearl Academy, Delhi

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This college was started in the year 1993 by the Little People Education Society. The college was initially registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The House of Pearl Fashions Limited promoted this academy widely. The first campus of this institute was established at Okhla which is situated in South Delhi. But with ever-growing popularity and demand of the college, it shifted itself to a larger campus in Naraina which is located in West Delhi. The authentic value of this academy was gained in the year 1995 when it collaborated itself with the Nottingham Trent University. One has to crack the Pearl Academy personal entrance examination to get admission in this great college.

3. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This institute is one of the best fashion designing colleges under the brand name of NIFT. The campus of this institute has everything that a student may ask for starting from highly equipped lecture rooms, research centers, laboratories and studios, gym and much more. The top companies come to this college to recruit the students while they are completing their degrees. They are given so much exposure in this institute that some of them are sent abroad for their future studies and more. Once you have cracked the NIFT entrance examination with high marks you can be assured that you will get admission in this institute. Then there will be no looking back in your career.

2. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This institute too was started in the year 1995. As this institute is situated at the heart city of fashion designing so it is one of the best colleges which offers this fashion designing course. At the moment the campus of the college is situated at Navi Mumbai. This college offers a large amount of exposure to young fashion aspirants which help them to establish their mark in the fashion industry successfully. The campus has all the equipment needed in the fashion field. For relaxation of the students, they have recreational rooms and one of the best gym centers of the country. So just crack the NIFT entrance and your dream institute is waiting for you!

1. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi

Best Fashion Designing College in India

This is the first and oldest institute under the brand name of NIFT which was started in the year 1986. This college was a joint venture between the Ministry of Textiles, Indian Government and FIT of New York. The head office of NIFT is also located nearby to the main campus thus making it the best fashion designing college of the country. The college offers both regular and CE programs for the students. Being the oldest institute in the field of fashion designing it also offers the best research center which constitutes of print and nonprint information in this field.

These were the top 10 fashion designing colleges in India. If you actually have the urge to create new designs and give fashionable and stylish looks to people around you then you should aim in cracking the entrance examinations of these above colleges and make your mark in the fashion industry. These colleges will not only help you to fulfil your dreams in the fashion field but also encourage you to gain fame and popularity in return of the hard work you do in the fashion industry. So choose wisely which fashion institute matches your preferences as your dream college is waiting for you!


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