Fashion magazines have become immensely popular amongst the Indian population especially in the last few years. Though it was said to be popular only amongst the female population it has started grabbing the attention of the male population.

These magazines are like a holy book to all the fashion enthusiasts as it keeps them updated on the current fashion trends around the world. Fashion magazine doesn’t limit themselves to news focusing only on fashion and lifestyles. They have expanded their horizon and include topics like travel, food, beauty tips, portfolios of influential people, recipes, interviews with models and designers, publishing their life stories and even horoscopes. There are many fashion magazines making the round so here’s the list of fashion magazines in India in 2018 that made it to the top 10 based on their readership:

10. Harper Bazaar

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 10th position of the Fashion Magazines in India 2018 lies Harper Bazaar. It was first published in the year 1867 and it’s an American women’s fashion magazine. Harper Bazaar started publishing in India in the year 2009 and its first feature was Kareena Kapoor and Swarovski crystal. This magazine is popular and followed by many stylists and fashion followers. The Harper Bazaar’s aim is to focus on the elite class and provide them with fashion updates.

9. Women’s Era

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 9th position is the Women’s Era magazine which was started in the year 1973 under the Delhi Press publishing house. It is published every two weeks in India. Except for providing novel ideas about the fashion world the magazine also focuses on other topics like book reviews, travel, and technology, beauty, cookery, sex, health etc. the magazine has now become one of the most popular magazines in India. Another interesting aspect of this magazine is that it publishes five short stories which give the reader an insight into the women’s world and the Indian families.

8. Glamour

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 8th position is the fashion magazine Glamour. Glamour was first published in the year 1939 in the United States and was originally called Glamour of Hollywood. And later, its local editions were published in different countries. Glamour also covers an extensive range of topics related to fashion, beauty, body, food etc.

7. Grazia

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 7th position is the magazine Grazia which the Indian edition of an Italian women’s fashion and gossip magazine of the same name. It is targeted at well-off urban women and it focuses on topics such as fashion, health, and current events.

6. Verve

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 6th position is the Verve magazine which has been in publication since 1995. It is India’s only home-grown magazine which focuses on luxury and lifestyle. The magazine completed its 20th anniversary in 2015. It is published once every month. The luxury magazine publishes women’s lifestyle, arts, and culture and it also includes travel, beauty, and articles about food. The best feature is that it is people focused and publishes in-depth interviews from the fashion world. Even though it focused on fashion as a predominant factor it also covers areas like business, books and Bollywood news. Verve also publishes a bi-annual magazine for men called Verve men. Actors who have made the cover include Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor etc.

5. Maxim

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 5th position of the list is the magazine which in its initial days of publication was men centric, Maxim. It is an international magazine which is known for its photography of various actresses, affluent personalities, and female models. It was released in Indian in the year 2006. It is published in India by the Media Transasia is its current editor-in-chief is Vivek Pareek.

4. Cosmopolitan

Best Fashion Magazines in India

Securing the 4th position on India’s top read fashion magazines is Cosmopolitan. America was the first to launch the magazine in the year 1886. When it was published, it used to be a family magazine and later it was converted into a literary magazine and in the year 1960, it became a women’s magazine. The magazine is printed by Hearst Magazines and has a total of 63 international editions which are disseminated in more than 100 countries, which is printed in 36 languages. It includes a plethora of topics along with fashion which includes; travel, career, self-improvement, wedding columns, beauty tips, and celebrities. This magazine is particularly known for women with a lifestyle.

3. GQ

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the 3rd position is the men’s magazine GQ, which was formerly known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly. America was the first to launch in the year 1931 and back then it was known as the Apparel Arts. The wholesale buyers and merchandising sellers were the focus group of the magazine. The name Gentlemen’s Quarterly was established in the year 1958 and it was re-branded as GQ in the year 1967. GQ publishes a section called the ‘Men of the Year’ which presented the award receivers in a distinct issue. This was launched by America in the year 1996. India launched it in the year 2010. GQ has said to be in many controversies with chargers of sexism against them in the early year.

2. Femina

Best Fashion Magazines in India

The magazine securing its position at the second spot is known as a promoter of the Femina Miss India beauty pageants. It was first published in the year 1959 and is published once every two weeks. It is owned by the Worldwide Media. The magazine covers topics related to health, different cuisines from around the world, relationships, celebrities’ interviews etc.

1. Vogue

Best Fashion Magazines in India

At the top of the list is Vogue which is preferred and is popular amongst the fashion enthusiasts. This fashion and lifestyle magazine was first published in India in the year 2007. It is published by Conde Nast and Vogue is its leading magazine. Vogue publishes topics of fashion, beauty, influential people from around the world and their stories, culture, and living, the portfolio of people, health, horoscope, and wellness.

Fashion magazines have always been in trend and they inspire not only the young generation but fashion enthusiasts across different age groups and gender. Fashion magazines are also informative in the sense that they publish stories of fashionistas which can be an inspiration to many. So, fashion magazines can be useful in both ways i.e. keeping people informed about the current trends and also provide information about the fashion world.


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