While healthy body is a desire for everyone, one can never rule out to talk or dream of having the perfect physique to show off a little. A good fitness centre can prove wonder in a person’s healthy transformation. While pondering of staying fit and having disease free body isn’t a sin, a little more than the healthy body is neither.

An early start in life with this motto will surely keep you a step ahead of most as not only your physical fitness gets assured, but a healthy mental condition too gets better.

Indians do have a lot of craze for gyms. Workout spaces that have standard equipment, health charts and guidance of well-trained trainers do get a lot of attention than those that are found in every nook and corner. Not just the world-class equipment, but the interior decor and the environment will keep your adrenaline level enough to shoot and visit gym daily for at least an hour. Below are some spacious and renowned fitness centres in India in 2019.

10. Vivafit Fitness centre

Best Gyms in India 2019

A women-only fitness centre, Vivafit has driven a mission to motivate and encourage women to get in shape and more strong. The fitness chain lies in Portugal, Spain and in India. The exclusively for women club has experts that instructs the women members to exercise the correct way and how to practice a healthy diet. This fitness club provides a great atmosphere for women to workout at one moment plus get relaxed in the next. It aims to establish more than 1,300 centres in near future.

9. Anytime Fitness

Best Gym in India

A 24-hour health fitness club, Anytime Fitness was founded in 2002 in Minnesota. Skilled trainers, state-of-art equipments, lifestyle programs, great service & support to members make it one of the best in the business. It operates more than 3,000 franchises around the globe with client base of more than 2 million. In India, it has gained immense popularity among fitness lovers.

8. Fitness First

Best Gym in India

With its Indian headquarters at Gurgaon, Fitness First was started in 1993 and has approximate 540 centres all around the globe. Fitness experts present over here provides the members with new and best techniques to improve the overall body structure. They have their reach in 18 nations around the world and have managed to reach 1.5 million milestones in count of members. They also have their own and unique motivational programmes to encourage the members and get them the best body.

7. Snap Fitness

Best Gym in India

Snap Fitness was established in the year 2008. Head of this Fitness chain lies in Bangalore. It’s a one of a kind fitness club, whose head office remains open 24×7, 365 days a year. A monthly membership fee is as low as Rs 1200 and is reasonable keeping in mind the extremely experienced trainers and world-class techniques. Services and suitability are of utmost level. There are more than 40,000 members associated with this fitness chain.

6. Fluid Fitness

Best Gym in India

It was initially started in the year 2004 and from then has built up more than 30 branches all around the country. It has around 20,000 thousand members and uses the latest and advanced technology to make their members fit. Delivering world-class fitness, Fluid Fitness also gives some other optional features to its members like Ayurveda, aerobics, spa and most importantly gym.

5. Solaris

Best Gym in India

Offering a wide range of fitness and work out techniques, Solaris has managed to gather 25,000 beings in their team. Initially started at 1999, Solaris fitness chain was originally established at Pune, Maharashtra. Equipped with modern instrument and well-trained staffs, the gym has the perfect equation to be one of the coolest fitness chain in India. The constant provision of health, diet and workout tips given to members help them to gain perfect body in less time. It has more than 50 centres all over India.

4. Fitness One

Best Gym in India

Next in the list comes the Fitness one. It was established in the year 2008 and has more than 100 centres spread throughout the country. The acknowledged proficiency of this gym chain has claimed it a great brand worth. Nutrition therapy and physiotherapy are some other attractive features of this gym chain. With great service for its members, Fitness One has been in constant development since its birth. This gym chain has headquarters in Chennai and record around 20,000 thousand members in their list.

3. Ozone Fitness

Best Gym in India

Initiated in the year 2002, Ozone Fitness is country’s first largest fitness chain of health and spa that is awarded with ISO-9001-2000 and ISO-14001 certificate. This Fitness centre was also awarded with Indira Gandhi Priya Darshini Award for being the most eco-friendly centre in India. Ozone Fitness or O3 has more than 30,000 thousand members throughout the nation. Due to such recognition and brand worth, it has been able to be one of the most luxury fitness health clubs.

2. Talwalkars

Best Gym in India

Founded in 1932, this one of the most famous and foremost gym in India. With more than 150,000+ members enrolled, it has more than 500 centres in more than 75 cities. Mostly known for the decades of experience in their name, Talwalkars has gained much popularity and faith of the members and increasing its influence day by day. Add on features like cardio training, steam/sauna, weight training, aerobics and yoga are some other reasons to hook up with this gym chain.

1. Gold’s Gym

Best Gym in India

Know for its well-equipped setup, Gold’s Gym is a worldwide established fitness centre. Founded by Joe Gold in California initially, Gold’s gym now has around 700 centres spread throughout the nation. It entered India in the year 2002 and from then until now is constantly providing a spacious and royal option for fitness freaks. Apart from the standard equipment, this gym also has highly trained professionals to assimilate the clients. State-of-art setup, individual management and continuous gradation also contribute, making it one of the most expensive gyms around the globe. It has between 1-1.15 lacs members in record till date.

Working all day long will surely bring you the money, but hour-a-day fitness routine, if followed, will bring you the health to make the best use of the money. Indian people have started realising this and the numbers are increasing heavily of the persons going to a fitness centre daily. Aforementioned clubs will give you the best possible way to get your dream of perfect physique gets fulfilled.


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