Law is one of the most coveted degrees in our country. Every year around four lakh students take the CLAT examination to get into one of the esteemed universities in India. Law is a five-year degree which prepares individuals to gain knowledge about the country’s laws and serve as the right of the nation. Here is the list of top 10 best law college in India in 2019.

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10. New Law College (BVDU)

Best Law Colleges in India 2019

At the tenth position is the New Law College. It was formed in the year 1978. It is a college under Bharati Vidyapeeth. This college has an A grade from NAAC. This college provides bachelors and a masters course in law and provides an integrated 5-year course. It also offers diploma and other certification courses. These courses in Taxation Laws, Arbitration Laws, Cyber Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Corporate Law and Labor Laws. The faculty in this college is renowned and are posted at the higher position.

9. Amity Law School

Best Law Colleges in India

At the ninth position is the Amity Law School. This school of law is located in Delhi. It was established under RBEF in the year of 1999. It is ranked amongst the top colleges. It is an autonomous college and provides bachelors and masters courses in law. It also provides an MPhil in law. This university has a lot of scholarship schemes for the students studying law. It is an integrated 5-year course provided by this school.

8. Gujarat National Law University

Best Law Colleges in India

At the eight position is the Gujarat National Law University. It is one of the prestigious colleges for studying law. It is located in the state of Gujarat. The GNLU was established in the year of 2004. The structure is based on the National Law School of India. It is the only Law school which provides courses which are integrated courses in 5 different streams such as Bachelors of Arts, LLB, Bachelors in Commerce, LLB, Bachelors in Business administration LLB, Bachelor in social work, LLB, Bachelors in science LLB. The master’s courses are provided in New Economic Laws, International and Comparative Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Constitutional and Administrative Law. They also offer Ph.D. programs in many other fields along with the law. There are also diploma courses and certification courses provided in Criminology, Environmental law, Internet Law and Policy, Economics and Law etc.

7. Symbiosis Society’s Law College

Best Law Colleges in India

At the seventh position is the Symbiosis Society’s Law College. This is the school of law which is located in Maharashtra in the city of Pune. It is one of the esteemed universities which was formed in the year of 1977. This law college comes from the parent university of Symbiosis International. It provides bachelors in law and is an integrated five-year course. In fact, this university is known to be a pioneer in getting started with this program. There are many other courses which can be sought for apart from law such as the Managerial Economics, Business Organisation, Organisational Behaviour and the Managerial Communication etc.

Their main objectives are to generate lawyers who have a deeper knowledge of the law with along with knowledge of other degrees such as History, Political Science, Economics, Sanskrit, Public Administration etc. It also provides postgraduate degree which follows an approach which is interdisciplinary and has 5 specialisations related to law. The diploma courses provided are part-time over the course of one year. It also has an additional postgraduate program. There are also many certificate courses which have certification in Legal Studies of the Europe and in Security Laws. They also provide Ph.D. for the selected candidates. Students have to pass an entrance exam which is formed by this university for entrance in their coursework.

6. National Law University

Best Law Colleges in India

At the sixth position is the National Law University. The National Law University is located in the city of Mumbai and it is also known as the Maharashtra National Law University i.e. MNLU. This is supposed to be the eighteenth institute to be formed in India. MNLU provides the students with an integrated 5-year bachelors and masters course in law. Students need to clear the Law Test which permits the students with higher marks to get his/her seat in the university. It also offers a masters course of one year in Research and Pedagogy.

5. ILS Law College

Best Law Colleges in India

At the fifth position is the ILS Law College. ILS which is nothing but Indian Law Society’s Law College. This college is situated in Pune. This college was formed in the year of 1924. This college provides both courses one which has a total of 3 years and the courses which care about 5 years too. It is being supported by the foundations such as Ford. It was initially under the Bombay University but it became the constituent of the Pune University after it was formed in the year of 1949.

4. National University of Juridical Sciences

Best Law Colleges in India

At the fourth position in this list of top colleges in the National University of Juridical Sciences. It is located in the state of West Bengal. It is an independent institute not under the government. It provides courses at both levels i.e. the undergraduate and masters. It is the part of the elite law institutes in this country. It has an integrated course which is 5 years. Students need to pass a test before getting accepted by this institute. There are also PhDs and MPhils and also diploma that people can do. Apart from that, there are some courses which are online.

3. National Law Institute University

Best Law Colleges in India

At the third position in this list of top colleges is the national law institute. NLI is an institute which provides research opportunities too. It is situated in the city of Bhopal. And it was formed in the year of 1997. This institute was formed under a system which is called the National Law School. This institute takes 100 students for the undergraduate course. It has a test which the students need to pass in order to get into this university which is called a common law admission test. The center for the cyber law which is established by the government is situated in this university.

2. NALSAR University of Law

Best Law Colleges in India

At the second position in this list is the NALSAR University of Law. NALSAR i.e. the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research is an institute which is established in the state of Telangana. It was established in the year of 1998. This institute was the next institute after NLSIU which was formed in India. This institute is known to be entirely residential. It has an intake of around 480 students for the undergraduate courses. They take a total of 120 students for their postgraduate courses. This institute offers a 5-year intensive integrated law program.

1. National Law School of Indian University

Best Law Colleges in India 2019

At the top of the list is the institute in Bangalore called the National Law School of Indian University. It is also known as NLSIU. It is an institution for learning the legal aspect and provides both, the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate degree. It is known to be the first institute in India that was established and hence holds an important position. It provides a 5-year coursework in law and social sciences. It was established in the year 1986. In undergraduate studies, it takes 80 students and 40 in postgraduate studies.

There are many such law colleges in India but these comes in the top 10. These colleges are well known for their teaching faculty, infrastructure, research, placements, international exposure or exposure in general. Getting into these universities is like a dream for many because it gives them good prospect and experience for their future jobs.