Today the economic sector of the country has really grown with the new ways of investments and policies which are making it easy for the general public to secure their money for the future. The non-banking financial companies the NFBC’s are now raising to fame in this economic scenario of the country with their various schemes and investment policies for the general public.

These organisations provide banking services without yet being having the bank permit, but play with few restrictions and rules which abided are giving them much better profits and their investors are enjoying the economic security. It also holds s the 70% of the financial services to the rural and the urban people of the nation. Let us know more about the top ten NBFC companies of India in 2019.

10. Reliance Capital

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India 2019

This NBFC Company was established way back in 1986, and is now one of the top financial companies of the nation. Few of the most common and best financial services offered by the company are its assets management scheme, broking, distribution and insurance scheme, commercial financing scheme, mutual funds, mortgaging, asset investment and financial securities. It is a trustworthy name in the field of finance.

9. Sundaram Finance

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

Sundaram Finance was Established way back in 1954 this financial company is working in the field of financial; support for purchasing vehicles and personalised cars. It also deals with various more investment solutions with their new age schemes in retail business investments and the business financial scheme. It has around 560 total branches all over the nation and a strong investor count of one lakh and above. They give loans for tractors, cars, and mortgage too. In the rural areas people prefer this NBFC Company more than any other company in this field for their flexible schemes which helps the farmers.

8. Mahindra And Mahindra Financial Services Limited

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

With a strong spread of branch offices around the nation numbering to thousand, the MMFSCL is now running in the top financial list of the country. It gives financial solutions in a varied field of investments policies and support to the general people for their better financial securities for the future. The schemes are in the field of loans be it vehicle, home, corporate, gold and even for working capital loans which are needed mostly in the country. It also has two subsidiary branches working deeply more into the different sectors of economic growth and security. These two subsidiaries are namely the Mahindra insurance brokers limited and the Mahindra rural housing finance limited.

7. L&T Finance

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

This reputed NBFC Company was established way back in 1994 and is now known to be the top player in the field of financial investments and securities. Spreading their wings and services in the different spheres of growth like the trade, agriculture and industry fiancés, L&T are the known and trusted financial company. They hold various honorable awards for giving financial solutions specifically in the field of commercial vehicle loans, personal vehicle loans and corporate and rural loans. It is now catering its financial services to more than ten lakh people of the nation.

6. Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

This NBFC Company was founded in the year 1979 and for the last 38 years has been strong in the financial investments schemes and services in the whole nation. It deals with different categories of financial services starting from insurances, mutual funds, stock broking etc. it also deals in the investment planning and loan services for vehicles like the heavy vehicle truck duty loan, the light duty truck vehicle loan, the general passenger vehicle loans, farming equipment’s and the mini truck loan, and it even gives construction vehicle loan to many constructing companies of the country.

5. Power Finance Corporation Limited

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

The only NBFC Company which holds a Navratna Status in the whole financial sector, established way back in 1986. It has supported in many of the big and strong power projects of the country and caters their services specially to the power generation projects, power transmission projects and the power distribution and management projects of the is known for the best service providers in the power management projects and has also got a strong certification from the government of India due to its various support in these big projects of the nation from old days still going on strong and steady.

4. India Bulls Housing Finance Limited

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

IndiaBulls Housing Finance Limited, The name itself predicts the services it caters to the general public of the country, mainly dealing with housing loans and services. Their motto is to help every individual to fulfill their dream of having their own house with honor and respect, making it easier with the interest rates while providing heir various schemes in this field. They specifically deal with the home loans and property loans with much competitive and affordable rates and discounts. They are now catering to most of the house buyers who are looking for easy and hassle free loan system scheme for buying a new house or property for their families.

3. Bajaj Finserv

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

Founded way back in 2007 this private sector NBFC Company has served with grace and poise in the field of financial securities and loans. The Bajaj Finserv deals mainly with lending money on gold jewelry, various kinds of insurances and wealth and prospect advisory schemes for general public of the country. Few of the other financial schemes which the company caters are the loans for buying homes, gold loans, loans for doctors in their career enhancement, many different personal loans and even provide business and entrepreneurship loans.


Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

The name itself speaks of its popularity among the Indian citizens, who have strong trust in this NBFC private sector financial company. Also it is one of the oldest financial sector companies starting its services way back from 1977. They have the best services for home finance solutions and have provided many people with their own dream houses in the nation. They have around three hundred outlet offices spread all over the country which are offering their strong services to more than 2400 cities and towns of the nation. Till date the HDFC finance company has given loans of an estimate of 2.5 trillion for more than 50 units in the cumulative sectors.

Few of the famous schemes provided by the company are the home loans, the loans for improvement of housing sectors, and the property dealing loans.

1. LIC Housing Finance Limited

Best Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

If you think of the most trusted and the oldest housing financial NBFC Company in the whole country then only one name would come to mind, and it is none other than the LIC Housing Finance Limited. It is the top trending housing finance company which was established in the year 1989 from the main LIC Company as an assurance for housing loan solutions for general pubic of the nation. It further provides and caters services in the sector of constructions, renovations, repairing, and even buying new flats and houses. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and has an approximate 230 marketing units spread all over the nation in various cities and townships.

So now your financial security stress would be less with the above list to choose the best among them all. Each of these NBFC Companies is leading in their sector of financial services which are now the best friend in an economic filed for every Indian today, making their dreams coming true with the support of the non-banking companies which have always thought of the public first and then the profits. The government of India also fully supports their various services with the understanding of the workings of these reputed companies.


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