Indians have always shown a great interest in games. With respect to advancement in technology, the gaming companies have become more amazing. This is because they have converted some of the best outdoor games into indoor ones with the help of technology.

Presently, there is hardly any outdoor game which you cannot play on your computer screen. It is quite true that people of almost every age are addicted to games in India. Gamers even spend a lot of money buying gaming devices to add more to their experience. On an average basis, a few of the top gaming companies generate around 34 percent of their revenues from Indian markets only.

If you are also a die-hard gamer, you would be glad to know that gone are those days when you have to build your gaming computers which in fact, need a lot of money to be invested. Presently you can enjoy all your favorite games anything you want without investing in gaming equipment. Well, you might be wondering how? And the answer is through online gaming sites. Although there is no strict upper limit on playing games on the internet, choosing the right website is important. Below is the list of top 10 best online gaming sites in India for 2019.

10. Daily games

Best Online Gaming Sites in India 2019

This gaming website is completely different from others. It’s not just it has been designed and developed beautifully, but there are certain features meant especially for the gamers. You can buy credit anytime and can store it in your account. Also, there are a few games that can simply transform your whole gaming experience. You might have no idea but this website attracts the attention of around 8 million users every year which makes it one of the well-recognised online gaming platforms.


Best Online Gaming Site in India

It is one of the best gaming websites for basically those who are new in the gaming world. It covers games from some of the basic ones to some of the well-known ones. Presently, Pan India Pvt Ltd is the owner of this gaming site. They have connected around 480 portals together. You can choose from a number of categories such as cricket, tricky, fun, entertainment, brainy and lots more.

8. Games

Best Online Gaming Site in India

The best thing is their servers which are never down. Also, you can enjoy a flawless blend of features when it comes to playing games. The website has gained a ton of publicity in a short time span and there are certain reasons for that. You can find a very large number of games. The good thing is they can be paused anywhere and can be resumed later.

7. Shockwave

Best Online Gaming Site in India

Shockwave is another gaming website with a lot of active users all the time. This website gained popularity due to most of the games that can be played free of cost. It simply introduces you with some of the best games across the globe which you can play with a unique experience. All the games are very exciting and in fact very easy to play. Even if you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry. The best part is all the games available have clearly mentioned instructions on how to play.

6. Syfy Games

Best Online Gaming Site in India

You can find games in categories such as cricket, puzzles, adventure, arcade, racing, as well as multi-player. The website operates very quickly and wouldn’t put your experience down. You can always play games that have been designed by some of the well-known developers across the globe on this website. Another thing is they always pay special attention to the needs of gamers who visit their website.

5. Angry birds

Best Online Gaming Site in India

Angry bird is a single game. Since a few years ago, it got a lot of popularity and still, there are people in India who often play it. Actually, it is one of the games that are still appreciated by all age people. The simple interface and simple to play approach make this website one of the best gaming platform in India.

4. Zapak

Best Online Gaming Site in India

Zapak is one of the oldest and in fact finest gaming website in India which has a lot of games available. The best thing about this website is they have updated their categories with respect to the demand and craze of gamers. Presently, there are around 100 games which you can play on Zapak and all the games are simply the best.

3. Addicting Games

Best Online Gaming Site in India

This gaming website is best in every aspect. It is visited by gamers all over the world. The fact is you can play games with other players irrespective of their location. It lets you play basic, high-end or some of the complex games depending upon your choice. They update their categories and add new games often which games every time you visit on their website, you probably have something new to play.

2. Gamestop

Best Online Gaming Site in India

If all you need is good graphics and high-speed games, this is the website for you. It has some of the finest games of the world available on it. Of course, you need high-order gaming skills with a few games present on it. Another need is a high-speed internet connection.

1. Miniclip

Best Online Gaming Site in India

When it comes to playing games, there is hardly any other website which is better than this. It is actually one of the very famous and in fact trusted sites by millions of gamers across the country. Since last few years, they have added a diverse array of games on the servers. This has attracted the attention of a lot of people. Another good thing about this online gaming platform is the graphics which are excellent irrespective of the game you choose to play.

The websites mentioned above can be trusted in every aspect. There are a lot of games available on these platforms simply and it really doesn’t matter what you want and when. Just by paying a very nominal fee, you can enjoy your all time favorite games. Almost every payment making option is available and it’s safe to make an online transaction on these websites. Also, they have games that let your earn credit online which can be converted into money. Although it’s not available with all the websites or games, you can easily keep up the pace. Good Luck!