Grocery shopping is an indispensable part of any household. Although it is deemed to be a tedious activity, yet it cannot be avoided. But, with the advent of technology, this has become a lot easy for everyone nowadays.

One can now sit back at home and order online whatever items are needed. This not only saves time but also save money. The following is the handbook of top 10 online grocery stores available online in 2019.

10. More store

Best Online Grocery Stores in India 2019

More store is a subsidiary company of the Aditya Birla Group. It has a number of stores that are well distributed among the majority of the metropolitan cities. It is also known to be one of the stores which provide online shopping facility to the consumers. The supermarket has a diversified product portfolio which comprises of grocery items, fruits, veggies, stationery items, home care articles, various types of fitness related products etc. More store makes sure that the customers get fresh products that are also of high quality at a very reasonable price.

9. Spencer’s

Best Online Grocery Store in India

Spencer’s is a Sanjiv Goenka group company which has a number of outlets mostly concentrated in the NCR and Kolkata. The customers get dual facility from this store. They can either shop by visiting the nearest outlet or can even order the items as per their requirement through the online facility. Customers can remain tension free after placing their order since they provide delivery within three hours. Again a nominal transportation cost is charged by them which can be easily afforded by the general people. Their products include fruits, daily grocery items, fresh veggies, tasty frozen eatables, dessert items, dairy products and even garments, apparels and household decorative items.

8. Zip

Best Online Grocery Store in India

Zip is a renowned online supermarket that evolved in order to meet the needs and wants of the households. They have gained the trust and faith of the customers by providing them with quality articles at an affordable price. Again the consumers get benefitted as they can save the cost involved on commuting. This online supermarket provides delivery of grocery items on the same day and they have even time slots which are flexible in nature for the welfare of the customers. All the needs related to grocery products, dairy products, and snack items are fulfilled by online store Zip. At present, they are serving the customers of Hyderabad and Vizag and planning to expand their business.

7. Heritage

Best Online Grocery Store in India

Heritage came into existence in 1992 and the person behind the birth of the retail store is N. Chandrababu Naidu. Heritage is gaining popularity day by day with its own retail outlet Heritage Fresh. Heritage Fresh provides lucrative offers to the customers on a wide and diversified range of products like grocery items, baked foods, frozen eatables, household goods and even personal care articles. Customers can order online and receive delivery of the items on time. Heritage Fresh also promises their customer of easy exchange facility in case there are any issues with the product. At present, there are more than ninety outlets which are operating in Chennai and Bangalore.

6. Naturally Yours

Best Online Grocery Store in India

Nowadays every individual relies on fresh products that have a lot of food value in them. They believe that the products produced by the farmers are not only cheap but also they are fantastic. Naturally Yours provide the platform where one can get both cheap as well as organic food items. It is one of the stores which is famous for the large range of healthy products like organic food, organic grocery items, various organic supplements, organic Ayurvedic products, etc.

5. Aaramshop

Best Online Grocery Store in India

For someone grocery shopping is a monotonous and hectic job. But for the sustenance, it is essential as well as mandatory. Aaramshop, the grocery store bridges the gap of a lazy person with the grocery stores. One can pick up various products like edible oil, pulses, cereals, rice, wheat, snacks item, etc from the online store of Aaramshop. Customers even get the opportunity of selecting time and place of delivering items. Again, coupons are provided which helps the customers to save money on the final grocery list.

4. Bazaar Cart

Best Online Grocery Store in India

Bazaar Cart is the online store that has all the items of the food pyramid. From grocery items to fresh green vegetables, everything is available with them. Again other products include bakery items, milk products, various international brand food items, beverages, etc. The motto of Bazaar Cart is to provide food items at an affordable price without the compromisation of quality. Coupons are even provided that entitle the consumers to a great discount on green vegetables.

3. Amazon Groceries

Best Online Grocery Store in India

Online shopping of grocery items has become effortless, trouble-free and comfortable with Amazon Groceries. Not only they charge less price in comparison to others but also they provide various coupons, so that customers get benefitted. Their product portfolio includes grocery item, various essential food item, beverage, snacks, etc. Again lucrative and amazing offers are there for the prime members. The subscribe option and save option if opted on a monthly basis can result in additional discounts on various grocery items.

2. Reliance Fresh

Best Online Grocery Store in India

This is one of the stores that started operating as an online store after their offline store gained immense fame and popularity. The online store of Reliance Fresh offers more than six thousand products to the customers all over India. Much of the energy can be saved just by sitting at home and ordering grocery items at their online platform. Their list includes fresh vegetables, cereals, rice, spices, snacks, biscuits, pulses, dairy products, sweets, confectioneries and even household items. Customers get the benefit of savings all throughout the week and even during festive seasons and occasions. After the orders are placed, products are delivered with utmost care at the mentioned address.

1. BigBasket

Best Online Grocery Store in India

BigBasket, at present, is the largest supermarket in the country. For the promotion of organic farming, the government of Karnataka has entered into an agreement with the largest online store BigBasket. It is estimated that this online store will be procuring five hundred metric tons of cereal like millet. All types of fresh veggies, organic fruits, poultry items, frozen foods, meat, bread, pulses, cereals, milk products, pickles, spices, beverages, snacks, staple foods and other grocery items are readily available at their store. A large number of coupons, cash back offers are also available that allow the customers to save a large amount after the final purchase. BigBasket is famous for express delivery. Presently they are operating in the cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangaluru, and Pune.

In this busy world, it is important for prioritising each and every task. But then grocery shopping cannot be ignored. So the online mode of grocery shopping is advantageous for every individual since it saves both money and time and also the impulsive buying nature can be tamed.


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