Literature is the mirror of the society, and credit goes to publishing houses to keep literature continued in our lives with the help of books and papers. It can be rightly said that a publisher has very little to do with the content of books, but their marketing and advertising strategy definitely proves to be of great help in reaching the mass of people. Good publishers have left a good remark among people making them believe that books of certain publishers are always great.

Your Writing needs a good publisher to reach a number of publishers. India has a huge number of small book publishers and few larger rated publishers. A publishing houses not just prints but does a lot more work than you ever thought of. They involve in planning, editing, copy editing, acquisition of rights, copyrighting, art directing, cover art designing, production managing promoting, and at last, the most important of all, distributing and selling. Below are some best and largest publishing Houses in India in 2019 who have gained enough fame and left a good remark in mind of Indian readers:

10. Taxman Publications Limited

Best Publishing Houses in India 2019

They are one of the classy publication company founded in the year 1960 by Mr U. K. Bhargava. They are one of the reputed publishing companies publishing books which concerns both for the students and professionals. They have specialisation on the subject of financial management and tax laws. The wide range of materials they provides includes journals, print materials, educational books and online materials also. The authors associated with this publication house are Vishal Thakre, Surbhi Bansal, Vinod Kothari, William Statsky etc.

9. Orient Longman

Best Publishing House in India

It is a Hyderabad based publishing house established in the year 1960. They publish books mainly of subjects like Science and English. They also have some small publishers under them like Spark India, Sangam Books, DC publishers, Ravi Dayal Publishers etc for the purpose of selling local language books. They are known for their quality writings and attract innovative minds of Indian readers.

8. S. Chand Publishing

Best Publishing House in India

It is a prestigious name in the publishing industry. For the educational services and higher studies, they are India’s renowned publishing company. Beside subject related books, they are also known to publish general category books also. Their list of author includes Manjit Kaur, R. S. Agarwal, Arun Wakhlu, P S Hemne etc. They are known for the good quality publishing facilities. They also offer state-of-the-art printing.

7. National Book Trust, India

Best Publishing House in India

This publishing house in published in the year 1957 and is Delhi based. This publishing house is established by Government of India and is one the renowned publishing house of India. They publishes their books in 18 languages which includes Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani and some others. They produce a wide range for books keeping in mind all the age groups. Their books are concerned with high social and cultural values. This publishing house is the product of the step taken by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development with the motto of offering good collections of books.

6. Hachette India Publishers

Best Publishing House in India

They are mainly known to produce fictional, non-fictional and children story books which are their bestsellers. They also publish a handful of books related to sectors like fashion, journalism, literature, law, medicine, architecture, economics, computer, language, astrology and many others. They have many national and international authors connected with them. They have earned a reputation as leading publishing house in India.

5. Random House India

Best Publishing House in India

They are one of the leading publishing brands in India. They have a bunch of modern writers under who writes for them like Anita Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri, Namita Devidayal etc. They have a wide range of international authors and Nobel Prize laureates like Dan Brown, Edward de Bono and so on. Their books are mainly on fiction, poetry, cooking and food, classics, biography, lifestyles, health, mystery, romance, spirituality etc.

4. Harper Collins Publishers India

Best Publishing House in India

They are world’s second largest publishing house and have branches across the globe and India is one among them. The books they published include topics like a thriller, crime, romance, mystery, music and film, history, poetry, sports, politics, travel etc. They use digital technology for the young generations. Dalai Lama, Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho, Amitav Ghosh are some of the reputed writers they have.

3. MacMillan India Limited

Best Publishing House in India

This publishing house is established by Daniel and Alexandar Macmillan in the year 1843. They mainly publishes book for the undergraduate students and high school students and have a network with more than 15,000 schools across the country. They have the fortune of publishing some of the famous books on literature by the famous authors like Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Carroll etc.

2. Cambridge University Press

Best Publishing House in India

They are one of the major parts of the Cambridge University having a branch in India which includes cities like Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. They are professional publishing house which mainly publishes books related to subjects like engineering, physics, astronomy, biology, economics, mathematics, history etc. They publish their books in both print and digital form. They aims to fulfil the dreams in the way through education.

1. Penguins Books India

Best Publishing Houses in India 2019

This is India’s largest publishing house founded in the year 1985. Beside English, they publish their books in other nine languages. They also have an online app publishing their books in audio version with e-book facility. They are the most professional publishing company having books related to various sectors like biography, philosophy, business, lifestyle, visual and children cooks, politics, short stories, sports etc.

Most of the above mentioned Publishing Houses print in English, but in some other language too. They are gaining enough profit with such passionate readers among Indians. Young writers try their best to get one of them to publish their work. However, these publishing houses are little expensive. But they guarantee more reach for your work. Foreign publishing Houses have made their presence in India and this has enabled more reach to people spread in the whole world.


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