Retailing is actually meant that the seller of goods to the public in respectively small qualities for use or consumption rather for resells. The Retail industry is an exchange-traded fund that invests in companies whose main business is selling merchandise to the consumer so as to replicate the performance of an underlying retail index.

There are various retailers in India has departmental stores where the retailers offer product at a various price level, then comes the supermarket where it concentrates on supplying a range of food and beverage products. Thus, retail industry or retail companies play particularly a vital role bring about the change in the shopping of the various customers all across the country in at varied price range depending upon the quality and quantity of the commodity.

Therefore, we have mainly focused on the top 10 retail companies in India in 2019 which have made the consumer life really easy and smooth through these popular retail shops available in India. Let’s get a quick look and detailed overview of these top 10 best and largest retail companies in India in 2019 that has lead to our country into a new direction of selling:

10. Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited

Best Retail Companies in India 2019

Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited owns some of Indian’s iconic brands offering affordable casual wears to India’s young generation with high-quality of clothing fabric. Trends change every season but this company is keeping pace with the altering changing trend with impeccable performance and sense of world-class clothing. Since 1980, it has brought everything from stylish jeans and trousers to designer shirts and jackets to wardrobe across the country. The iconic brand of this clothing company is Killer, Intergriti, Lawman Page 3, and Easies.

Apart from their clothing brands, they have two fashion retail destinations K-Lounge and Addictions. The company has achieved a turnover of 303 corer rupees for an average annual growth rate of about 20%. The consumer is undoubtedly focused on the consumer’s needs by offering various options for an affordable fashion. The company has its headquarters based in the financial capital Mumbai, Maharashtra.

9. Titan Industries

Best Retail Companies in India

The Titan Industries is the superior venture of the TATA group which is considered as India’s 6th largest steel manufacturer. The company was set up back in the year 1988 which grew bigger and bigger each passing years into a global storehouse of businesses from engineering to hospitality, energy to consumer durables, finance to chemicals, and other by creating a revolutionary change in the Indian market of business. The company is one of the oldest and trusted companies which have developed its sales growth in different products and commodities for their valued customers at an unbeatable price with high-quality technology and software.

8. Aditya Birla Retail

Best Retail Companies in India

The Aditya Birla Retail company was set up in the year 2006 with its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Russell Berman is the CEO of the Hypermarkets of Aditya Birla Retail Ltd with a superior experience and managing power in handling the various location-based retail shops in all across India. The store comprises of various products at a very affordable range in meeting the needs and preferences of varied customers of varied choices.

They did a lot of research before opening the store in understanding the needs of various customers at a wide range. They have been the closest to the possible in fulfilling the various demands of the customers. The Aditya Birla Retail shops are basically known for the three things which offer products at low prices, secondly, the freshness in the range of the product, and thirdly they offer the valued products with 100% guaranteed satisfied customers.

7. McDonald’s

Best Retail Companies in India

McDonald’s the popular and highest gross selling food chain market in the world which serves for the best fast food supplies for the various consumers both nationally and internationally as well. The Indian market for McDonald’s has also widely been visited by the Indian customers from all over the places to gorged over their super yummilicious burger, French fries, wraps, and other international based fast food for the various fast food lovers. The company is an American company with its headquarters based in Illinois, U.S. They have a chain of outlets not only in U.S.A. but also in India as well with increasing demand for their foods and beverages.

6. Trent Ltd

Best Retail Companies in India

Trent Ltd deals in food and food processing which highlights the centre stage of our country. India is a significant player in food both in terms of production, quantity, and variety, and of course in terms of consumption. Thus, Trent Ltd fulfills all the varied section of food and food processing all across the country in meeting up the end needs of the various Indian customers who are looking variety and quality in a wide range of products. The company was set up in the year 1998 with its headquarters based in the financial capital Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Best Retail Companies in India

ITC has taken a giant leap into the future with its commissioning of its 5th manufacturing facility in Pune. The company was incorporated in the year 1910 and has come up with the vision of giving out the best and superior quality of service to their valued consumer at the best retail prices who are truly worth buying and pocket-friendly to your budget. They advanced technological support system with high-experienced workers and employees in carrying out the work with superior efficiency and for the smooth work process.

4. Shoppers Stop

Best Retail Companies in India

The company was incorporated in the year 1991 and has been considered as the 4th leading retail store in the Indian market for the best supply of high-quality finest fabrics of merchandise and new trending clothing brands with high-class finishing and a range of variety of products at an unbeatable price range. It has both national and international brands which have marked a new direction in the clothing brands with international and national designers from all over the world. The possibility and scope for Shoppers Stop have reached a new level of a shopping destination for all the shopping lovers with no comprising in quality and variety of merchandise of various brands.

3. Provogue India Ltd

Best Retail Companies in India

Provogue is a Mumbai based Indian company which offers a variety of different merchandise products and fashion accessories of the varied kind according to the preferences and choices of various Indian customers. This fashion brand deals shoes, accessories, wallets, bags, apparel, watches, sunglasses, and much other keeping with the pace of the latest trends in India. The company has great potential in holding up the latest trends in fashion and bringing out the best and high-quality merchandise for a wide range of customers in India.

2. Pantaloons retail Limited

Best Retail Companies in India

Pantaloons is the second leading retail store in India which compete with the international brands of the world market. It is one of the trusted and recognised brands with thousands of outlets in various locations all across the country. The retail store consists of both national and international brands keeping in mind the needs and preferences of a wide range of Indian customers.

1. Reliance Retail Limited

Best Retail Companies in India

Reliance Retail Limited is a big venture of the Reliance industries in India with the vision of proving the most trusted and high-quality products for a wide range of Indian customers with satisfied buying or purchasing. It deals in shoes, accessories, merchandise, cosmetics, groceries, and much other at an affordable and unbeatable price. It happens to be the most popular and recognised retail brand all across the country and thus taking place at the first position in the top 10 group of retail companies in India.

Therefore, this follows up the entire list and structure of the top 10 retail companies in India that have successfully bring about a complete change in the buying of various products at a wide range of affordable prices keeping in mind the taste and preferences of various Indian customers.


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