Textile engineering can be defined as that branch of science which is mainly considered with all the principles and methodologies required for textile manufacturing.

“Textile Engineering”, a vast province in the engineering stream revolves around shades/color, apparel, and industry dealing in fabrics.

Utilizing the various techniques & laws, polymer analysis for textile fiber and yarn production is also possible in this very field of Textile engineering.

Numerous textile mills are located across the whole of India, which boosts up the country’s economy and plays a crucial role in development. India’s textile sector can be categorised into two distinct forms, namely:-

1. Handloom sector
2. Mechanized sector

Here are the top 10 best textile engineering colleges in India in 2019.

10. GCETTS (Government Textile Technology & Engineering College) in Serampore

Best Textile Engineering College in India 2019

A well-known & popular textile engineering college, it was established in the year 1908, Serampore, West Bengal. Initially, the diploma course in the field of textile technology, for a duration of 3 years was introduced in this college, in 1938. Later this course was upgraded to a degree program when it was affiliated with Calcutta University. The selection of students is based upon an entrance exam in the form of JEE which is operated by WBJEE. The faculties are well versed with technicalities and have a good command over textile processing & manufacture of fabrics. Various activities & programs are incorporated for a better understanding of textile engineering.

9. GZS PTU (Giani Zail Singh PTU Campus) in Bathinda

Best Textile Engineering College in India

The above-mentioned University was formulated by the government of Punjab in the year of 1989. It became a self-governing university four years later in 1992. The fields & courses related to textile engineering were launched after few years, i.e. in 1995. A technically sound and resourceful Institute having many international links in the textile industry started to offer programs which include apparel technology, knitting & yarn processing, non-woven technology, etc.

8. L.D. College of Engineering

Best Textile Engineering College in India

The L.D college of engineering was founded in the year 1948 by KasturbhaiLalbhai and is situated in Ahmedabad. It has been affiliated with a university named GTU(Gujarat Technical University) and the mark year was 2008. It is supposed to be one of the top choices in terms of the textile engineering college. The integrated and technical courses available in the institute help the students to learn the art of textile manufacture, polymer & yarn fabrication along with the production of textile fibers. All these features ensure the active involvement of students in the proposed development courses.

7. Textile Technology Institute Uttar Pradesh (UPTTI)

Best Textile Engineering College in India

This college is situated in Kanpur and is quite a famous and reputed one, basically for its textile manufacturing courses and was initially formed in the year 1914. Kanpur University affiliated this Institute back in 1966. The college has provisions for postgraduate & undergraduate aspirants by offering technical knowledge in the field of Textile engineering, Polymers & fiber Technology, Textile technology etc.

6. Kumaraguru College of Technology

Best Textile Engineering College in India

This list of top textile engineering colleges in India needs to mention the name of-kumaraguru College of Technology when it comes to textile manufacturing and related works. The institute was first framed in the year of 1984 & is located in Coimbatore.From its initial journey to present, it has become quite a popular textile engineering college and many of the students wish to be a part of this college. Major courses proposed by the college have been affiliated by the Anna University and has received the recognition from ALL INDIA COUNCIL for TECHNICAL EDUCATION. It is a student friendly college which provides multiple courses for the ease & betterment of the students.

5. PSG College of Technology

Best Textile Engineering College in India

This college was certified with 9001:2000 by ISO and was formally established in the year 1926 by the charitable trust of PSG & sons. The college is fabricated with various fields of engineering and technology which can be mentioned as Automotive, Defence, software related, machine tools along with textile engineering etc. This reputed institute has collaborations with the finest of research & development programs which are organised in India itself.

4. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar(NITJ)

Best Textile Engineering College in India

This college has marked its impression in the field of textile engineering, which makes it the next top textile engineering college. It was found in the year of 1987. It was awarded the status of being a NIT in the year 2002 by the government.

The various courses and degrees available in this institute are B.Tech&M.tech for textile engineering, technology etc.

3. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Best Textile Engineering College in India

One of the popular textile engineering colleges, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology has fixed its position in the list of top textile engineering colleges.

The college is renowned for its techniques and courses available to enrich the skills of textile manufacturing. It has both national & international linkages within the corporates.

The various departments in this college have been affirmed by the college named Anna University situated in Chennai. This college has received grade A from NAAC.

2. Delhi Technology University

Best Textile Engineering College in India

This university was formed in 1941, receiving the position of the affiliated university in the year 2009. Delhi Technology University is considered to be the very first technical Institute in Delhi and is a senior engineering college which offers textile engineering. It has around 14 institutions layered with academics & research works. It provides quality technical education & emphasizes on screening, testing in the textile line.

Apart from textile engineering, it also offers Biotechnology, MBA, Environmental engineering etc.

1. IIT Delhi(Indian Institute of Technology)

Best Textile Engineering College in India

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, is one of the most famous & recognised textile engineering college which was established in the year 1961. This Institute formulates the various concepts involved in textile manufacturing and also provides courses related to it in the form of B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. It has offered the ways to develop skills in this unique field by organising various activities and emphasizes on techniques of nanotechnology, apparel functionality, bio-textile etc. IIT Delhi, department of textile engineering has close tie ups with Bolton, University of Liberec, the Czech Republic which has indeed proven beneficial for the aspiring students(futuristic projects & research works).

The selection of students is governed through Joint Entrance Exam(JEE) and the marks obtained furnishes the enrollment of the aspirants.

This was the list of top 10 textile engineering colleges which are highly recommended and provide an excellent platform to explore the field of textile engineering. Students can easily get the entry forms and apply for the same. Knowledge is power and education, the key to break the chains and embrace freedom. Hope the details of textile engineering colleges help the students to opt for the best one!


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