Presently, water pollutants have become a major issue of concern for the daily habitat. It requires a lot of cleaning and water purification procedure for providing safe drinking water for the mankind. The major companies in India serve to protect the water by purifying it for drinking purpose. They help to eradicate harmful chemicals and waste from the water and generate bacteria-free water for all.

These reputed and well-known organisations look after water filtration and other water treatment procedure for ensuring waste-free water for all living in India. The water treatment program plays a vital role in safeguarding the good health for everybody ensuring the best and high-quality pure water in all location all over India.

The various water treatment include are chemical treatment, waste treatment, water treatment by reducing the level of harmful particles that cause people harmful diseases from waste and chemical water. Let’s look at the top 10 best water treatment companies in 2018 which work for the safeguard of water supply in India:

10. Voltas Limited

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

Voltas Limited has featured in the well-being of water purification in various states in India. It is a major unit of a Tata Enterprise with the belief of providing the purest form of water. They have used advanced technology and techniques in implementing the water treatment procedure in various parts of India keeping in mind the rising health issue in every family.

The company came into existence back in 1934 with its headquarters in Chennai and Vienna. They provide service in commercial and public purpose as well including sewage treatment, waste water management, sea water treatment, and much more with the verified and tested product for supplying good healthy water in all location. They also provide water treatment services for industrial use as well which include textile, sugar, tanneries, food processing, oil refining, iron and steel, and other major industries prevailing in India.

9. Ion Exchange India Ltd

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

Another leading and well-known organisation in supplying safe drinking water is ‘Ion Exchange India Ltd’, it works as a pioneer in working in the stability and water treatment of chemical and waste water in India. It began in 1934 as since then established as a reputed water treatment company in India. They offer secure and safe methods in various services like chemical water treatment, filtration of water, recycling of water, removal of residual from water, and much more.

They offer their various water treatment services in residential, official, and industrial usage. They use and implement top and advanced methods and technology for better health treatment in the society. The company work with the latest software and highly-qualified engineers in the processing of water management and ensuring safe pure drinking water.

8. SFC Environmental Technologies PVT LTD

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

The water treatment and water Management Company came into existence in 2006 with the hope and belief in safeguarding the water from harmful chemicals, bacteria, and residual by filtering it and providing best and pure quality of water for commercial purpose for major cities and other small towns. They have taken initiative in looking after the water treatment of both residential and industrial purpose. They used latest and upgraded methodologies and software for eradicating the harmful components and particles from the water. Apart from India, they provide their best services for the overseas market as well.

7. UEM India Pvt. Ltd

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

One of the top leading and advanced company in waste water management is ‘UEM India Pvt. Ltd’ in safeguarding the commercial and industrial water from harmful components and chemical particles. The company came into establishment back in 1975 to ensure the purest form of water in various parts of India and overseas countries as well.

They are specialised in water and waste water management with thousands of high-qualified employees and engineers. They have their company offices not only in India but various other countries like USA, Middle East, and West Indies. They have expanded their services in business expansion, geographical expansion, and technology expansion.

6. WOG Technologies

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

It is again a leading company in offering the best quality of water for the commercial and industrial purpose for every usage. They offer advanced and modern solutions for treating the bad water into the high-quality water with chemical and bacteria free water supply in various parts of India. They tend to offer in stabilizing the waste water by purifying it with latest filtration methodologies. It filtrated out harmful particles and components along with color and bacteria through their advanced technologies by acting as a shield against the waste water.

5. Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

Another leading company in the process of waste water management is ‘Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd’ in making India a better healthy living for all. They provide safe and high-quality water which is very cost effective for everybody ensuring healthy water with no chemicals and ammonia for your various purposes. They offer their services for both commercial and industrial purpose treating the bad water into good healthy water. The company offices are based in various parts of India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Noida, Bengaluru, and other countries like the UK, and Saudi Arabia. They are specialised in sewage water treatment, waste water treatment, water management, effluent treatment plants, and other operation and maintenance services.

4. Siemens

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

The company is considered as providing the best and safe drinking water for various industries by eradicating harmful chemicals and bacterial components from water. They provide an advanced solution in treating the bad water with modern technology and techniques in supplying water for various purposes. They are specialised in offering consistent reliable water production with safety measures and cost effective methodologies. They add value across the entire lifecycle of water supply system. The company is expert in handling quality and quantity, maximising efficiency, and meeting client compliance standard by delivering high-quality water in various parts of India.

3. GE Water

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

The GE Water Company provides the best water solution in treating the high resistant harmful chemicals and components from the water by filtrating out these unwanted components. It provides safety measures with advanced technology and techniques for treating the waste water for various commercial and industrial purposes. It fights against the uncertain economic climate with their upgraded units and qualified engineers.

2. Vat Technical Wabag GmbH

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

The company came into existence back in 1925 for treating water and waste water in various fields. They are one of leading company securing the second position in providing the best and high-quality of water for every purpose. It tends to create value out of water for commercial and industrial usage. They are the global leader in water and waste water system. They deliver service expertise and resources to add value across the entire lifecycle of various water treatment systems.

1. Thermax. D Ltd

Best Water Treatment Companies in India

It is the top leading company in water and waste water treatment in India ensuring high quality and quantity of water for various operation and purposes. It helps to maximise various business and infrastructure for industrial purposes. They are available 24X7 or in emergency basis in treating the bad water at your service anytime. They have experts in operational and field experiences with advanced technologies and solutions.

Thus, here we get the overview of the top 10 best water treatment companies in India in 2018 which tends to ensure technical and customer service to improve the consistency and reliability in treating the various water systems in various parts of India and other major countries as well.


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