Web Hosting is a method which enables private users/individuals & various organisations to put up their web page or a website onto the internet. The technologies or technicalities required for viewing and accessing websites on the internet are furnished through a web hosting service provider.

These created websites are then stored on specialised computers known as servers. The Websites which are created can be easily accessed through the browsers which ultimately link end users to web hosters. All one needs is to own a personal domain. Here are the top 10 best web hosting companies (Providers) in India in 2019.

10. Hostgator

Best Web Hosting Companies in India 2019

An easy to use & environment-friendly, web hosting site, Hostgator allows numerous options for creating websites in consideration with users. Although its schemes come with charges imposed on the domain name, and website transfer, it is a very reliable site with constant plans to boost up the success of users. It is integrated with many important apps like a shopping cart, WordPress, CMS software etc. You can easily customize the websites and the offer of coupons for discounts makes it that much popular.

Some of the attributes of Hostgator:

i)Hatching Plan- unlimited transfer
ii)Baby Plan- unlimited domain
iii)Business Plan- Price of Rs 675/month

9. WebhostingBuzz

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

A very cheap/economical & reliable web hosting site, it also features after sales support. They are always ready for the betterment of all the customers and produce offers & projects for a successful business of websites. They are known for their end user compatibility and effective hosting.

Features involved with Webhosting Buzz:

i)Allowing data storage of 400 Gb completely Free
ii) Two domains, unlimited bandwidth plus e-mail service
iii) control panel i.ecPanel
iv) Minimum price of $495/month

8. Arvixe

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

This web hosting site came into existence in the year 2003. For its exceptional work, Arxive has received many awards and firmed its roots in the internet world.

Key features of Arxive are:

i)Undoubted and exceptional reliability
ii)Unlimited bandwidth along with storage
iii)Unlimited e-mail accounts
iv)Free transfer & set up
v) Starting price of just $4/month

7. HostItSmart

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

This web hosting site is loaded with product portfolios that are basically sharing of the domain, managing of servers, reseller hosting etc. It offers 4 varied types of plans which are:


Advantages of HostItSmart:

i)provision of unlimited domain name
ii) quality service along with uninterrupted & smooth running hosting services
iii)pre-defined scanning software which ensure the safety of data & files
iv) reliable customer service 24/7
v) Data backup in the cPanel

6. Hostoople

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

This web hosting site allows all the features at nominal rates and helps you to create online websites.

a) Economy Plan
b) Advanced Plan
c) Epic Plan

The important features associated with Hostoople can be listed as:

i)150 Gb high & extendable storage
ii)Bandwidth of unlimited frequency
iii)cPanel incorporated control panel
iv)Starting cost of Rs $3.95 per month along with coupon codes which allow additional discounts

5. SSD India

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

A recognized web hosting site, this site has shown its effectiveness in the form of start-ups & various business plans.

Some of the attributes of SSD:

Registration charges- starting at Rs 399/year

Managing of DNS details, website technicalities, FTP, specialised emails etc. all fall under the category of Domain Registration involving DNS Management. It comes with auto domain security which helps the users to lock their information & other details thereby making it so popular & reliable. Forwarding of domain name feature enables to load and transfer the domain to whichever website, one wishes.

Sharing of web hosting-Rs 49/month
Reseller hosting-Rs 599/month
Bulk handling of SMS services- Rs 10/sms

Other features of SSD India include the use of RAID-10 drive for data preservation, trusted customer service through emails, phone calling and also Live chats & assurance of 99.9% uptime.

4. Hosting Raja

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

Very handy with blogging, this web hosting site is affordable, compatible and a very popular one in India. It offers many services including WordPress hosting,VPS etc.

It offers you four different plans which can be adopted according to the need of a customer. For the beginners, there is a Gold/Unlimited scheme with an initial price of just Rs 199 per month. The HostingRaja support team is very well versed hosting services and cooperative allowing the users to work with satisfaction. It is incorporated with a total of 12 regional languages which makes things easier when it comes to hosting of websites.

3. HostPapa

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

Known for its green web hosting, Hostpapa is a very user-friendly and compatible web hosting site which offers various schemes with the initial cost of just Rs 199 per month. Creation of websites in HostPapa is really easy due to the availability of free guidelines, thus making it convenient of beginners.

Plans offered by HostPapa:

a)Starter Plan
b)Business Plan
c)Business Pro theme

Features of HostPapa can be summed up as:

i)Website/files backing up on a regular basis, which ensures security of users data and makes hosting easier
ii) Use of SSL certificates which provides security to your data from malware or any other threat
iii}100% sponsorship by green energy.

2. GoDaddy

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

Most of us are acquainted with the site named Godaddy because of its high popularity among web hosting sites. They do not charge even a penny for startup & setting up of the domain name, along with transferring of websites which are altogether free of cost. The money invested is refundable within 30 days of use & minute charges of Rs 249 may be deduced.

Features associated with Godaddy:

  • Providing free setup
  •  Data protection using 256-Bit code Encryption
  •  Assurance of 99.9% uptime

1)Economy Plan- Storage up to 100 GB, unlimited bandwidth, annual offers of free domain
2)Deluxe Plan- free domain, price of Rs 399/month
3)Ultimate Plan- Rates of Rs 499/month, email address of limit-1000

1. MilesWeb

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

One of the most reliable and popular web hosting company, MilesWeb has offered many a people to host their websites at convenient & cheaper rates. Choosing MilesWeb as your hosting server would guarantee an uptime offer of nearly 99.7 %.

MilesWeb is realized for offering hosting schemes which include:-

a) Geek( traffic involved websites )
b)Business( business oriented )
c) Startup( personal privilege )
d) Pro( multiple traffic )

Attributes of MilesWeb can be listed as:

i)Providing domain names for free
ii) installing of features like WordPress, Magneto using soft aculeus
iii) It offers cPanel which can be used to access the websites(domain, database etc. )
iv) All the plans come with a 30 days trial pack( refunding is allowed )

This was the generalised list of the various web hosting companies & sites available in India which are quite useful as well as reliable for hosting & modifying websites on the internet. You can use your own discretion and avail the services of any to gain maximum benefits. Hope the details provided would help you in making the best choice.


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