Bauxite is a very important ore which is used for manufacturing aluminum. Bauxite is basically an oxide of the aluminum metal. The name has been derived from the French term Le Beaux. Bauxite is not just any specific mineral but it is a rock that consists of the hydrated aluminum oxide. It is almost like clay and generally comes in three color variants of pink, white or reddish. The color generally depends upon the iron content that is present in bauxite. Bauxite is found in different states in India. The total reserve is that of thirty-six million tonnes. These deposits are associated with the laterite content that is found to cap the plateaus and hills. The exception is the coastal areas of Goa and Gujarat respectively. Bauxite is mainly found in places like Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, etc. Recently, the production of this mineral has increased. Bauxite is extremely important because it helps in the manufacturing of aluminum, which in turn is used for a various number of industries. Given below are the top ten producers of bauxite in the country.

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10. Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Top Popular Largest Bauxite Producing States in India 2019

Jammu and Kashmir fall under the list of one of the largest producers of bauxite in India. Though it is a lot less in comparison to all the other states, they have created a significant name by producing bauxite. The bauxite production in Jammu and Kashmir has increased over the years. Recently, there have been reports of extensive bauxite deposits in Poonch and Jammu area.

9. Kerala


Kerala has also entered the list of the bauxite producing states of India. There have been discoveries of bauxite in Kerala. Though a very limited quantity, it is definitely famous for producing bauxite in the country.

8. Goa


Bauxite ores have been recently discovered in Goa as well. Though the estimated quantity is unknown, Goa has been making a significant contribution by producing bauxite in the nation.

7. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

A huge amount of bauxite is produced in the area of the Amarkantak plateau, Balaghat and Mandla district, and also the famous Maikala Range which is located in Shahdol. Another significant area where bauxite is produced in huge quantities is in the Jabalpur district, near the Kotni area.

6. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

The bauxite reserve of Tamil Nadu is around seventeen million tonnes according to the estimations. It is mainly found in areas around Salem, Nilgiri, and Madurai. Salem and Nilgiri are considered to be the primary producers of Tamil Nadu among all the other districts. As of now, Tamil Nadu is known to contribute around two percent of the entire bauxite produced all over the country. Tamil Nadu is on the list of the leading bauxite producing states of India.

5. Chhattisgarh


Chattisgarh is known to produce around six percent of the bauxite in the nation. Bauxite is mainly produced in areas like the popular Maikala range which is situated near Bilaspur, the Durg District, regions around Surguja, Bilaspur, and Rajgarh. These places are famous mostly because of the rich bauxite deposit that is present here. Chhattisgarh is also among the leading producers of the mineral in this country.

4. Maharashtra


Maharashtra produces around ten percent of the bauxite that is produced in the country. The recoverable resources of this state are around eighty-seven million tonnes in total according to the estimations. The huge deposits occur in regions like the Kolhapur district. Places like Dhangarwadi, Inderganj, Radhanagari, and Udgiri contain the huge deposits with the alumina which ranges from 52 to 89 percent. The districts that are known for their considerable deposits of bauxite are Ratnagiri, Pune, Thane, and Satara.

3. Jharkhand


The reserves of the different grades of bauxite are estimated to be around sixty-three million tonnes in the Jharkhand region. These reserves are mainly found in the huge areas of places like Lohardaga, Ranchi, Gumla, and Palamu districts. Bauxite content is also found in areas like the Munger and Dumka districts. Bauxite of high grades is known to occur in Lohardaga along with certain adjoining areas. This place is also amongst the leading producers of bauxite in the entire country.

2. Gujarat


The largest producer of bauxite in India is the famous state of Gujarat after the state of Orissa. According to the records, Gujarat is known to produce around fifteen percent of bauxite in the nation. The reserves of bauxite in this state are estimated to be around eighty-seven million tonnes. Bauxite is found in places like Junagadh, Jamnagar, Kheda, Sabarkantha, Kutch, Bhavnagar, and Amreli. The significant deposits are known to occur in belts which are around 48 kilometers long and 3 meters wide which lie in between the Kucch and the Arabian sea. The belt passes through Junagadh, Amreli, and Bhavnagar.

1. Orissa

Orissa Top Famous Largest Bauxite Producing States in India 2019

Orissa is undoubtedly the largest producers of bauxite in the country and account for around fifty percent of the production in the country. The recoverable reserves according to the estimate are around 1370 million tonnes. The primary belt is located in Koraput and Kalahandi, and this belt is known to extend over to Andhra Pradesh. The belt is three-hundred kilometers long, hundred kilometers wide, and around thirteen-hundred meters wide. This is the thickest bauxite producing belt in India. The main bauxite deposits are in Koraput, Kalahandi, Sambalpur, Bolangir, and Sundargarh. The mining areas of the state include Kathakal, Chandragiri, Pasumalai, Manjimali, Pottangi, Kodingandi, etc. A new plant for the production of aluminum in Doraguda produces bauxite that is ready for the market.

The total bauxite reserve in India is around 2500 million tonnes. Though this is only one percent of the entire bauxite production in the world, India is very popular for the leading states that produce bauxite. States that are known to have a huge bauxite reserve include Karnataka as well. Places like Vishakhapatnam, Dakshin Kannad, Udhampur, Kollam, etc are also among the significant producers of bauxite in the country. The export of bauxite in India has reduced mainly because of the increasing demand within the country. Countries that buy bauxite from India include Italy, UK, Japan, and Germany.


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