Coal is a great source of power but it is hard to get as it is a non-renewable. India is solely depended on coal production as it helps to generate electricity for various purposes from domestic usage to industrial usage. India’s best coal is in Jharia, Jharkhand where underground fires caused by open mining have been burning for centuries. It is a sad truth that coal is an important source of minerals yet it releases some harmful gases in the air which cause a tremendous climatic change which is a serious health issue for everybody.

The production of coal in India is immense lying on the two belts one on the Peninsular India and the other is in the North-Eastern part of India. The availability of coal can be found in billion tones across the various states where coal diggers go deep underground to bring out the best coal for industrial usage. The added advantage of coal is that it is the cheapest and very efficient way to create electricity. Coal is a huge part of the economy just like the oil and natural gas. Thus, today we have enlisted the top 10 largest coal producing states in India in 2019 over which millions of people are solely depended today.

10. Assam

Largest Coal Producing States in India 2019

Assam is one of the richest coal-producing states in India which is known by the popular name North Eastern Coalfield, Margherita. It is an established coalfield which lies in the Tinsukia district of Assam which came into a function in the year 1956. It is probably one of the oldest coal mining stations where mining is taking place over the past century and it also provides employment opportunity for the people working there. Perhaps, it is one the giant coal reserves in India over which the country’s economy is largely depended on that helps to generate electricity for the country.

9. Meghalaya

Largest Coal Producing States in India

Meghalaya is one of the beautiful seven sister states of the North-East. It is a repository of a rich base of natural resources. With an estimated infra reserve of about 640 million tonnes coal remains the biggest contributor to Meghalaya’s economy. But the state is caught in a legal battle over coal mining impacting the lives of lakhs of people. The quality of coal found in the state is considered far better than other parts of the country reason being the mineral here contains minimal ash content beside its ability to generate to more heat in comparison to some of the best grade coal. Coal here has been mined since the mid 19th century in Meghalaya and preferable known as the storehouse of the black diamond.

8. Uttar Pradesh

Largest Coal Producing States in India

Another leading state with largest coal reserve in India is the state of Uttar Pradesh where again we find a rich base of mineral like coal to a large extent flourishing the state’s economy. The economy of Uttar Pradesh is largely depended on natural mineral as it is found in ample quantity there. Uttar Pradesh has also the largest agriculture sector by 23% GDP. The Singruali region is the base of coal reserve in Uttar Pradesh and its coal mining helps to upgrade the economy of the country to a large extent.

7. West Bengal

Largest Coal Producing States in India

Raniganj Coalfield which is said to be the oldest coal reserve in India dates back to the British period where India’s half of the economy was based on this particular coalfield. The Raniganj Coalfield is considered as the largest coalfield reserve generating over 12.42 billion tonnes which eventually uplift the country’s economy to a large extent. It came into operation back in the year 1974 and it is solely under the Eastern Coalfield Limited. Asansol, Bankura, and Durgapur are the subdivision of Raniganj Coalfield.

6. Maharashtra

Largest Coal Producing States in India

Maharashtra is the 6th largest coal mining reserve in India which accounts to generate over 10, 964 million tonnes in the cities of Ballarpur, Nagpur, Chandrapur, Wardha, Yavatmal, and others. In addition to this, it has a rich base of other mineral sources like Iran Ore, Limestone, Manganese Ore, Clay, Silica, Bauxite, Zinc Ore, Dolomite, and others. A state where you can get ample natural minerals deposited deep inside the earth which gives a remarkable growth to our natural resources industry and thus helps to uplift our country’s GDP to a great extent.

5. Andhra Pradesh

Largest Coal Producing States in India

The 5th leading state in producing coal in India is the state of Andhra Pradesh where it lays the storehouse for the black diamond and generates over 22. 468 million tonnes of coal reserve in India. A huge extent of coal mines has been located in the region of Chintalapudi where it has shown the deposits of over 1, 030 million tonnes which significantly an added advantage for the state economy.

4. Madhya Pradesh

Largest Coal Producing States in India

Madhya Pradesh specialty lies below the earth’s crust underneath the foliage, soil, and rock lays one of the richest coal deposits in the country. The government of India sanctions all statutory permission and clearances for the operation of reliance power Sasan Coal Mines. It is estimated that the total mine area is about 2,037 hectares out of which mining area is about 2,586.05 hectares. It has an approved capacity of 20 million tonnes per annum.

3. Odisha

Largest Coal Producing States in India

The second largest coal power in India lies in the state of Odisha where it generates over 112, 917 million tomes of coal deposit and the Talcher region is the best-known coal mining region in the state of Odhisa. It is therefore the richest source of the country’s economy as it contributes a large extent coal in the district of Jharsuguda and Ranpur regions. Every year it generates tonnes of coal in the state of Odisha where coal miners dig deep into the earth to get the best coal out of it. It happens to be the largest coal generating power in India

2. Jharkhand

Largest Coal Producing States in India

The second largest contributors of coal mining state is the state of Jharkhand where it generates over 113, 014 million tonnes which established a stable economy of the country as well as the state without a doubt. The coal reserve lies in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand in the area of Govindpur, Teturiya, Benidih, Salanpur, Kasunda, and others. The Jharkhand coal mines belong to the region of Gondwana coalfield.

1. Chhattisgarh

Largest Coal Producing States in India

The first and the foremost leading state in producing great extent of coal deposit is the state of Chhattisgarh where it generates over 127, 095 million tonnes of coal to uplift the economic power of the state to a large extent. The regions like Korba and Bishrampur have a huge coal reserve that contributes to the state economic growth and besides increases the GDP as well.

Thus, this sums up the total list of the top 10 largest coal producing states in India in 2019 which largely contributes to our country’s economy and GDP as well. Coal is, therefore, a major source of power in generating electricity for domestic and industrial usage that helps in the growth of the country. These major leading states are doing an excellent job in promoting the coal production in India to a large extent.


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