India is a place where we can find a huge number of diversities in the cuisine, culture, climatic condition or language. The soil of this land and the climatic conditions helps in the growth of delicious and beautiful fruits. India is cultivating a huge number of fruits from a long time and they still cultivate oldest fruits and they also deal with exporting of famous fruits like pome fruits, citrus fruits, stone fruits or apple fruits. The cold climate present in Shimla is great for the cultivation of oranges whereas the hot climate of Nagpur is great for the orange cultivation.

When it comes to guava cultivation then the Allahabad is the best place. There are many fruits capitals of India. Fruits like grapes, apples, guava, pineapples, Indian gooseberry, Ramphal, Star gooseberry, sweet orange, mulberry etc are also grown in this soil. So here is a list of top 10 largest fruit producing states in India in 2019 ranked according to the production rate. The production of fruits in India is much faster than it vegetable production.

10. kerala

Largest Fruit Producing States in India 2019

Kerala is famous for its travelling places and great climate but here you can see some rare fruits. Some of its famous fruits are Chakka or jackfruits. In the tropical lowland of Kerala, you can find many jackfruit plants. Pineapples are the most seen fruit of Kerala as mainly the fruits which are having small throwns and they are cultivated in a large amount in Kerala. The special kind of fruits that is mango is also grown here. The mango trees that grow in Kerala are mostly selling origin. Other fruits that grow here are papaya, banana, custard apple, black plum, star gooseberry, guava, rose apple etc.

9. West Bengal

Largest Fruit Producing States in India

West Bengal is famous for its fruit production. They offer an incredible amount if fruits like papaya, litchi, pineapple, guava etc which were generally brought here by the famous Portuguese. During the late summer’s and early monsoon, you will probably hear people saying “ time for jackfruits and mangoes”. During this time the cooking of taal fruit can be seen in every kitchen. The mangoes from Malda are very famous and the taal is a special dish for the monsoon. Other fruits are Amalaki, Amra, banana, ata, bel, guava, cucumber, rapes, jalpai, kalojam, jamrul, kul etc.

8. Bihar

Largest Fruit Producing States in India

Bihar is famous for its lychee production and ranks the third when it comes to producing pineapples and the other famous fruits are mangoes, banana, guava etc. It also produces the plant with medicinal value that is amla. Mango trees can be found here as the soil and climate favor the growth of this fruit.

7. Uttar Pradesh

Largest Fruit Producing States in India

Uttar Pradesh is a land that has a physical diversity that leads to the production of various fruits. The land of Uttar Pradesh is mainly divided into four zones. The fruits grown in the Northern temperature zone are apples, peaches, pears, plums and cherries. Subtropical zone produces jackfruits, banana, mango, pineapples etc. The plain region grows mango, papaya, jujube, malta etc. It also produces many citrus fruits.

6. Madhya Pradesh

Largest Fruit Producing States in India

Madhya Pradesh has successfully created a niche in terms of producing fruits. It stands in the top position when it comes to guava production. They produce the second best oranges and ranks 6th in terms of banana production. Other notable fruits which are produced by this region are papaya, banana, orange, mango, gooseberry etc.

5. Karnataka

Fruit Producing States in India

Karnataka produces many citrus fruits, guava, papaya, pineapple, litchi, sapota etc. Karnataka produces 6619.6 counts in terms of fruits. In Karnataka, you can also see the orange mela.

4. Tamil Nadu

Fruit Producing States in India

Jungli jalebi is popular in Tamilnadu. It can be consumed raw or can be used to make some lemonade. The fruit Mangosteen is not much common in other parts of India and in Tamil Nadu you can easily find it. It is actually Thailand’s main fruit but it can be cultivated in this soil. A mango is something which can be easily found anywhere but not everyone has tasted the wild mangoes.

3. Gujarat

Fruit Producing States in India

Gujarat stands the third in producing fruits. It is known for its Alphonso and the Kesar mangoes. They produce 10% of the total fruit production of the country. Gujarat is also famous for banana, custard apple, cashew, papaya, pomegranate, chikoo, dates, coconut, green berry, and guava. The mangoes, banana, and pomegranate of this pace are exported outside. In this place, you can also find citrus fruits.

2. Maharashtra

Fruit Producing States in India

In Maharashtra, various fruits are cultivated in different areas. The Marathwada part is known for guava, mosambi and custard apple and the Deccan areas are famous for cashew nut, cheeku, and fig. Anjeer or fig is mainly cultivated here offers a great taste to the people. Jalgoan present in Maharashtra is famous for banana and is also termed as their banana capital. This place is famous for wine. It has many vineyard and orchards.

1. Andhra Pradesh

Fruit Producing States in India

There are much variety of fruits which you can find in Andhra Pradesh. Starting from Rajahmundry Seethaphalam is probably the sweetest custard apple you will ever taste. This place is also famous for producing chikku but it is not present 12 months. So it is a seasonal fruit of this place. Manjalu of this place is worth a try and you can widely find this fruit in the entire Andhra Pradesh. It is famous during the summer time. Nuzvid mangoes are quite famous and they are exported to the other countries.

These are some top ten states of India that are producing a huge variety of fruits which are exported to the other countries. Fruits have different health benefits and ethnic values. The fruits like mango, banana, apple, guava, grapes, pomegranate, orange, and sapota are very famous Indian fruits. Each year the production is increasing and these ten states also have their own unique fruits which cannot be found in other states. Though the taste will differ depending on the soil and climatic condition of the states. India is the second largest when it comes to the production of fruits.


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