India’s diversity is yet to be unmatched by any other country be it in regards to anything. Just the number and varieties of fruits that our subcontinental nation possesses are greater than any of that in another country. Indians love to cultivate and have made agricultural the most important field and backbone of the country.

One of the fruits is Guava. Guava is found in almost every part of the country. Psidium guajava is the scientific name given to the guava tree. Guava counts up to be one of the most commercially important fruits in India. After mango, banana and citrus, guava makes up to be the 4th most important fruit all over India.

Background and origin story of guava in India takes back to the 17th century when it used to be a tropical American native and was first introduced in the country of India. This fruit is mostly chosen as the care to be taken is less and it gradually getting up higher on the commercial value list. Some may not deliberately grow a Guava tree but may end up profiting by selling the fruit. Guava cultivation has gradually increased over time and now below are the top 10 states that contributes the most in Guava production in 2018:

10. Odisha

Largest Guava Producing States in India

The adjoining state to Bay of Bengal, Odisha comes first in the list to take the 10th spot. Odisha provides optimal climate for the growth of Guava tree in the state. Odisha has a tropical climate which promotes forest and other commercial trees also. The state has compromised 14100 Ha of its land for Guava trees. It also produces more than 100000 Metric tonnes of guava per year.

9. Karnataka

Largest Guava Producing States in India

Coming next in the list is one south-Indian state, Karnataka. This state of India has the culture of adapting the most technologically advanced methods to their benefits. Intelligent farmers over here have made the most use of this aromatic fruit. They are day by day working to increase their yield per Ha. The state has more than 7200 Ha of land under Guava production which produces more than 138500 Metric tonnes of the fruit.

8. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Largest Guava Producing States in India

The state of Andhra Pradesh has been slightly moved and politically influenced over recent division. Still not taking the division in consideration and counting up the total productivity, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana grab the 8th spot. The states with their constant efforts are managing to do great in this field. The total land they have put under Guava cultivation is around 10100 Ha and overall they produce nearly 151000 Metric Tonnes of fruit.

7. Gujarat

Largest Guava Producing States in India

Gujarat grabs the 7th spot in Guava cultivation. Guava produced in this state is of good quality implying to the suitable climate over the state. Bhavnagar and Ahmadabad are the major belts which focus on Guava cultivation. With over 156800 Metric tonnes of guava produced annually, Gujarat has also started exporting the fruits over to different countries like USA, UAE, and Saudi Arabia etc. the states of Gujarat uses 9800 Ha of land for Guava production.

6. Punjab

Largest Guava Producing States in India

Representing the Northern part of India, Punjab comes next in the list. Punjab is known as a powerful agricultural state with immense capability. They have made a good use of this and have realised earlier the commercial benefit of this fruit before they shove their interest n this. Guava over this tropical region is of great taste and scent. Punjab produces more than 169400 Metric Tonnes of Guava annually over just a little area of 8000 ha, which shows their great yielding capacity.

5. West Bengal

Largest Guava Producing States in India

West Bengal comes next in the list, sitting at the 5th spot. The main attention given to Guava production is done by districts like South & North 24 Parganas and Hooghly. The state possesses immense potential of many crops and fruit cultivation owing to the mighty Ganges banks intersecting the state. Guava is one of the most popular fruit over here and farmers do great in producing them. This fruit seeks great business chances to many. The state produces a huge 139900 Metric Tonnes of Guava across field spread over 13400 Ha in area.

4. Bihar

Largest Guava Producing States in India

Next to grab the 4th spot in Bihar. The major varieties of Guava grown in this state are Allahabad Safeda, Chittidar, Harijha and Hafshi. Bihar has a moderate yielding capacity but is doing great gradually. The state has 29200 ha stretch of land under guava production which produces 231500 Metric Tonnes of the quality fruit.

3. Madhya Pradesh

Largest Guava Producing States in India

Next in the list is the middle state of the nation, Madhya Pradesh. Madhya provides the best sub-tropical climate and rainfall distribution for perfect growth of guava tree. The main varieties that are grown over here are L-49, Seedless Chittidar and Hafshi. The state contributes around 8200 ha of land for growing guava trees and produces 238500 Metric Tonnes of guava with huge yielding capacity.

2. Maharashtra

Largest Guava Producing States in India

One of the largest states in India, Maharashtra grabs the second rank. The main belts producing guavas are Satara, Pune, Beed, Amravati and Aurangabad. The many varieties that the state has are Nagpur seedless, Dholka, Dharwar, Sindh and Nasik. Over 33500 ha of land is meant for guava cultivation and overall production in state is around 258000 Metric Tonnes.

1. Uttar Pradesh

Largest Guava Producing States in India

For the highest rank, Uttar Pradesh made its way. This densely populated state has good craze over this fruit and farmers over here seek good business in guava production. The state produces a humongous 486700 Metric tonnes of Guava over 39900 Ha of land with great yielding capacity. Uttar Pradesh has the best knowledge for commercial value of this fruit and are doing the best in business.

So these were few states that have taken guava cultivation to the next level. They are contributing more and more area of land for guava tree to grow and thus are benefiting too. These states also produce the much better quality of Guava for export to different nations too. Let’s hope that farmers of more states also see the potential and rising commercial value of Guava and seek interest in this fruit.


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