Our nation, India, is a land of diversity, be it in regards to anything. And it applies to our agricultural industry too which shares most part of the GDP. India performs better than many of many agricultural products and onion is surely one of them.

India is one of the largest producers of onions in the world, second only to China. Known for its pungency, Indian onions are available the whole year. This major vegetable crop grown by Indian farmers accounts for about 20 percent of world’s total onion production. Three seasons are chosen to cultivate onions which are namely Kharif, late kharif and rabi. There are many varieties that can be found in our sub-continent which mainly belongs to Agrifound and Pusa.

Onion cultivation brings in some major alteration to the economy of India. A huge sum of money comes in with export of this crop. Last fiscal year, 464.02 USD Millions entered India just because of onion export. India is trying its best to retain and develop this status by building modern pack-houses which would facilitate packaging after sorting and grading out of quality onions. Below are some states of India with the highest contribution to Onion production in 2019:

10. Tamil Nadu

Largest Onion Producing States in India 2019

The first representative from southern India comes to be Tamil Nadu. It grabs the 10th spot on the list. The state has 37.7 (000’ Hectares) used for cultivating onions of many varieties. The state has a noticeable 11398 Kg/Ha of yielding capacity, which is great. It produces more than 4,29,720 tonnes of onions per year. It may be noted that onions of this state may not be of export quality, but are good enough for nation’s requirement and domestic purpose.

9. Uttar Pradesh

Largest Onion Producing States in India

Coming next in the list is the most densely populated state, Uttar Pradesh. In recent few years, there have been major changes in agricultural practices bringing in positive results and feedbacks. The state has more than 26,600 Ha of land under cultivation of onion with an annual yield of 17820 Kg/Ha. The state contributes around 4,74,010 tonnes in nation’s onion production.

8. Rajasthan

Onion Producing States in India

The dry state of India comes next in the list. The epithet may sound wrong as Rajasthan contributes a huge 4760210 tonnes. Late Kharif season is chosen as the most favourable time to grow onions. With lack of technical methods and modern equipment, the state is lacking the perfect combo of tools to increase their yield. Climate may be the other factor. The state has a very low yielding capacity of 3422 Kg/Ha. 139100 Ha of land belonging to this state is mostly under onion cultivation.

7. Haryana

Onion Producing States in India

People in the state of Haryana love to practice farming and over 80 percent of the population is engaged and dependent on agricultural practices. This may be the reason behind the huge number in the yielding capacity column which is 21744 Kg/Ha. It has an even lower number in the area engaged in onion cultivation than few previously mentioned names. Only a little, around 27800 Ha of land is used to grow onions.

6. Andhra Pradesh

Onion Producing States in India

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana may be two different states now, but when they were together, they used to be higher up on this list. But this political interference didn’t affect much as they still grab the 6th position. The state is now producing onions with yielding capacity of more than 15160 Kg/Ha. It is now producing over 1002100 tonnes of onions in 66100 Ha of land.

5. Bihar

Onion Producing States in India

Next on the list comes a slightly smaller yet with the greater potential state, Bihar. Bihar is day-by-day maximising its effort to incorporate good agricultural practices and increase their yield. They have successfully reached this with 24008 Kg/Ha of huge and phenomenal yielding capacity. It contributes to about 1304150 tonnes of onions produced and land spread for this purpose is around 543200 Ha.

4. Gujarat

Onion Producing States in India

Gujarat possesses the best of all to produce the highest quality of onions. They have the highest yield among all Indians states in onion production. Be it climate, area or soil, they inhabit the most suitable environment for onion production in India. The state has 25592 Kg/Ha of yielding capacity, Highest in the subcontinent. It produces 1858000 tonnes of onions consuming a little more than 72600 Ha of land.

3. Madhya Pradesh

Onion Producing States in India

The central state of India, Madhya Pradesh grabs the 3rd rank in this list. With over 2826000 tonnes of onions per year, the state spontaneously contributes to the Indian economy. Over 117310 Ha of land in this state is under onion cultivation. The state’s count of Onion produced per hectare is around 24090 Kg/ha which is second highest in the nation.

2. Karnataka

Onion Producing States in India

Another south Indian state to be a part of this list in Karnataka. Onions produced in this state are more meant for the international market than domestic purpose. Soil suitability and climate have made this state a good host to onion producers. The state has a yielding capacity of more than 15011 Kg/Ha and produces 2466400 tonnes of onions per year. The land used for cultivating onions is more than 164300 Ha.

1. Maharashtra

Onion Producing States in India

Sitting at the top is another big state of India i.e. Maharashtra. March to June sets to be the best season to produce onions over here in this state. The state is situated beside the Arabian Sea, thus providing a suitable climate for onion plant growth. With a production of over 5867000 tonnes per year, Maharashtra produces at least 29 percent of All India’s onion production. The state has a yielding capacity of over 14667 Kg/Ha and uses a vast stretch of land i.e. 468000 Ha for onion production.

So these were few states which are doing great when it comes to cultivate and grow onions. They are incorporating more and more technological advancements in agricultural practices to gain more yielding value. Onion produces by these states just do not only fulfils the nation’s requirement but do grab great export deals making India wealthier. Let’s wish that farmers do not lose their touch and keep doing the great work.


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