Top 10 Largest Papaya Producing States in India

Fruits are the mouth-watering delicacies of India with so much added valuable nutrients variety in it that eventually plays an active and healthy role in our everyday food intake. In the variety of various fruits available in the Indian market; we have taken papaya as the centre of discussion today in our discussed article. Papaya is known to be deliciously sweet and has a personal consistency. It is considered to have a reputation for being one of the more enjoyable fruits. This fruit can be enjoyed a year-round in most places especially in a country like India where cultivation of fruits and crop are the staple profession of the people produced in various parts of India with high-net income.

Papaya preferably can be used as great snacks in the warm summer afternoons. Papayas are not only delicious in their own way but they also have many of the health benefits which should also be considered as well to a large extent significantly. It is observed; that one medium-sized papaya has about 119 calories and thus in one medium papaya one can get 224% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C and a good amount of fibre. Apart from this, papaya contains other vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and much for the healthy growth of children and as well as for grown-up adults.

Papaya also helps in the protection of heart disease and also protect against diabetic disease. It is due to the fact that papayas are high in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A in huge proportions. These vitamins and minerals can also prevent the oxidations of cholesterol to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol from the human body significantly. Thus, the production of papaya varies according to the growth rate of different states in India which largely contributes the healthy growth of our country.

Let’s look at the top 10 largest papaya producing states in India in 2018

10. Rajasthan

Rajasthan Top Popular Largest Papaya Producing States in India 2017

The 10th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Rajasthan where it annually grows a huge quantity of papaya every year with a high-yield surplus which is quite beneficial and fetches a considerable amount for the farmers of Rajasthan. It has a very high commercial importance for its added nutrition value and other meditative value as well. It is best grown in the winter season as it is the most suitable climate for the growth and production of papaya fruit. The state produced high-density of pomegranate cultivation which gives the cultivators and the farmers a good return of income. The cultivation and trade of this fruit are on a large scale which fetch every year a huge demand in the fruit market of Rajasthan undoubtedly.

9. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

The 9th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Uttar Pradesh where agriculture is a staple practice with the development of a variety of vegetables and fruits. The agricultural land of papaya fetches the farmers to produce high income per unit area with high nutritive and medicinal value. It adapts very well in the rich soil of Uttar Pradesh and comes up well due to its dry land which is favourable for the cultivation of papaya. The farmers are here are always in beneficial condition to the huge surplus of papaya fruit crop.

8. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

The 8th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Madhya Pradesh where it records the exponential growth of papaya plantation to a large extent significantly. It has high demand among the consumers of the state which has been highly attracting to the people due to its nutrients and health benefits which have shown remarkable income rate in their annual income. Madhya Pradesh with medium fertility gives the best-quality sweetness for the pomegranate lovers. The various nurseries in this region have put forth immense hard work and dedication to produce high-quality seeds to the farmers. This eventually enhances the exporting facility to other parts of the states.

7. West Bengal

West Bengal

The 7th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of West Bengal where papaya is considered as the fourth largest cultivation after pineapple, mango, and banana. It has eventually covered over 7,540 hectares of land with suitable climate condition for the high-surplus of papaya fruit which hugely signifies high-yield ad improved quality of fruits. They use latest techniques and methodology which reduce pests and diseases and thus helps in flowering at the right time. Its health beneficial attributes have increased its growth rate in the various region of West Bengal.

6. Karnataka


The 7th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Karnataka where the farmers indulge in good maintenance practice for high-surplus growth of papaya cultivation in India. It is considered as a commercial crop in this region which grows in large hectors of land in huge quantity by the hard labouring of the state farmers who preferably use latest techniques and methods with right pruning process and thus gives better yield of fruit with heavy flowering.

5. Gujarat


The 5th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Gujarat where the main cultivation of papaya can be found in the part of Bhuj region in the state of Gujarat with huge surplus and high-net profit for the poor state farmers in enormous quantity. The success rate in Gujarat is about 78% which fetch the poor farmer’s heavy income annually with the rise in demand for the fruit.

4. Maharashtra


The 4th largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Maharashtra where 80% of the state people is highly depended on agricultural land in huge quantity significantly. Almost 50% India’s production comes from Maharashtra alone. The regions where it shows an impeccable growth rate of papaya plants are Latur, Satara, Ahmednagar, and much other in high-density for the state production as well as for the state economy. The state has yielded the most with a heavy supply of this fruit during the seasonal time.

3. Odisha


The 3rd largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Odisha where the state believes in natural and organic farming of papaya cultivation in high extent significantly. The cultivation of papaya is best suitable in this region as it comprises of the arid zone that provides dry land cultivation of tropics and sub-tropics. The suitable climate and soil condition is very much favourable for the high production and cultivation of papaya plantation to a large extent significantly.

2. Assam


The 2nd largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Assam where after tea production the papaya plantation has taken a significant place in the various region of Assam. The large-scale production of pomegranate fruit is cultivated over here with high demand and high net profit and is very much popular throughout the seasons. The farmers here are efficiently involved in the practice of papaya plantation with modern techniques and methodologies.

1. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Top Famous Largest Papaya Producing States in India 2018

The largest growing production of Papaya is found in the state of Andhra Pradesh which has remarkably secured the first position in the plantation of papaya plant in India. Andhra Pradesh being a dry and sub-tropical region cultivates superior and high-density papaya that fetches remarkable success for the cultivation process. Thus, the growth rate of agricultural production in parts of Andhra Pradesh has shown remarkable success rate with huge annual profit.

Thus, this sum up the entire list of our top 10 largest papaya producing states in India where the fruit plant contributes high-medicinal value and nutrients properties for the extreme growth of healthy skin and body of all age. Therefore, the various states in India are equally putting immense dedication and hard work for the production of high-quality of papaya seeds.

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