Top 10 Largest Peanuts Producing States in India

Peanuts also commonly called groundnut is known for its edible seed important for its high content of oil. This underground crop is important for both small and large commercial producers. They are rich in phytonutrients and essential nutrients. India being a country with suitable climatic conditions with required soil types stands second in the list of top peanuts producing countries after China.

India is known to produce 6.6 million tones of peanuts on a yearly basis whereas China leads the list with a production of 16.5 million tones yearly. The other major countries producing peanuts are Nigeria, United States and Sudan. Oil from peanuts accounts nearly 25 percent of total oil production in the country. Nearly 9,690 thousand tones of peanuts are produced in India per annum. They need appropriate rainfall for their growth hence are addicted to rain-fed regions and are high to deviations in rainfall. They show huge fluctuations in their production.

In India, they can be grown in both Rabi and Kharif seasons. Due to change in climatic conditions and rainfall patterns, production of peanuts is also varying according to that. India is also known for exporting groundnuts to all countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

Below is the list of Top 10 Largest Peanuts Producing States in India in 2018


ORISSA Top Popular Peanuts Producing States in India 2017

In terms of peanuts production, Orissa stands tenth in the list. Groundnuts are perfectly grown in well-drained loams of soil which is abundantly found in Orissa. Because of rainfall dependency of this oilseed crop the state’s production has decreased significantly.



They are known to produce various disease resistant types of groundnuts. The main varieties include T-28, T-64, Chandra, Chitra, Kaushal, Prakash and Amber. All of them are known for their unique characters. T-28 and T-64 is tolerant of peanut disease namely Tikka and nearly contains 48 percent of oils within them. Chandra is a spreading variety and has a yielding potential of 30 quintals of peanuts per hectare. Chitra is a semi-spreading variety with a yielding potential of 20 quintals of peanuts per hectares. Kaushal is a bunch variety containing 49 percent of oils. Prakash and Amber is a spreading variety with accuracy of producing around 25 quintals of peanuts per hectares.



Peanut production of here is nearly 199.2 thousand tones yearly. This data is increased by twenty tones from the production from the production of previous years. The soil type here is very much suitable for the production of groundnuts here making the state rank eight in top peanuts producing states of the country. Peanuts crop of tropical and subtropical regions finds this place suitable for their cultivation.



They produce 278.8 thousand tones of peanuts yearly. They have suffered a hundred tones decrease in production from the previous years due to unavailability of adequate rainfall making them rank seventh in the list of dominant peanut-producing states of the country. Moreover, the states climatic condition is adequate for the peanut cultivation.



They have a total yearly production of 312 thousand tones of peanuts. They have a decreased production of 58 thousand tones as compared to the previous year yielding making them stand sixth in the list of major peanuts producing states. This middle state of sub-continent harbors suitable climate for producing peanuts and is doing it correctly.



They are known to produce 381.4 thousand tones of groundnut per annum. They have suffered a subtraction of 120.6 thousand tones of peanuts productions as compared to previous year. They stand fifth in the list of top states producing peanuts in the country.



They produce a total of 788 thousand tones of peanuts per annum. This has significantly improved their production of peanuts over years and has increased the count by 295 thousand tones from previous years. They have a huge annual increase of 59.84 percent from the previous years. They have a share of 9.39 percent of total peanut production in the country. The main area where it is extensively grown is Krishna-Godavari delta region. The major districts which cultivate peanuts dominantly are Anantapur, Kurnool, Chittoor, Cuddapah, Warangal, Srikakulam, Mahaboobnagar and Visakhapatnam.



They produces approximately 894.9 thousand tones of peanuts yearly. They have a decrease in their productivity compared to previous year which is a low of 31.5 thousand tones having an annular decrease of 3.4 percent. Peanut is the main oilseed produced here. They are cultivated as both irrigated crop and rain-fed crop. The major districts where peanuts are produced are Villupuram, Namakkal, Erode, Vellore, Salem and Thiruvannamalai. Though they are the dominant producers there are other regions also producing peanuts.



They have a total production of 1041.1 thousand tones of peanuts per annum which makes them second largest producers of groundnut in the country after Gujarat. They suffered an increase in their productivity compared to previous years which is 29.9 thousand tones more than previous years. Thus have an annual growth of 2.96 percent. They have a share of 12.39 percent of total peanuts production of India. The major peanuts producing districts here are Dungarpur, Kota, Jhalawar, Karauli, Dausa, Banswara, Jaipur and Sawaimadhopur. The production here counts mainly on the basis of rainfall here.


GUJARAT Top Famous Peanuts Producing States in India 2018

They are the largest producers of groundnuts in India with approx 2892 thousands tones yearly. They share around 50 percent of total peanut production of India. The major producers of peanuts come under the district of Jamnagar, Gir, Amreli, Bhavnagar and Porbandar. They all come under the Kathiawar Peninsula, the ideal location for the production of peanuts.

These are the major states producing peanuts in India though there are some other places also known to produce peanuts but not in higher amounts. They are similar to almonds and walnuts and served with many dishes. Moreover, they are known for their high nutritional profile and a huge amount of oil content. India is blessed with an adequate climate which allows different crops to be grown here helping the country to develop by improving the productivity.

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