The demand of natural fibres is increasing all over the world. There are certain reasons for this and the biggest one is the beauty they provide. Silk is one such natural fibre that is widely demanded. Basically, it is used in fabricating clothes which are popular all over the world. In the present time, pure silk is demanded everywhere and thus its price is high as compare to other natural fibres. Although many artificial techniques have been developed to produce silk, the hand-made silk clothes are the ones that are demanded everywhere. You might have no idea but there are many countries where these clothes are popular and India is one among them.

The fact is India is also one among the top silk producing countries of the world. The same is exported in different parts of the world from India and in fact, the pure silk from India is considered as one of the finest one in terms of quality. In addition to this, India is a major contributor in fulfilling the world’s growing silk demand. Not all the states in the country are contributing equally. First thing is not all states are known to produce silk. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 largest silk producing states in India in 2018. You can check them out below.

10. Maharashtra

Largest Silk Producing States in India

The financial capital of India stands at the number 10 position when it comes to producing silk in the country. Although Maharashtra is a large state in terms of area in India, the silk production in this state is not as high as other states. On an average basis, it produces 222 metric tons silk every year which is not very high as compare to the other states that are contributing in the production of the same.

9. Manipur

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Manipur is another contributor to silk production in India. This state is known to provide quality silk although the overall production is not very high as compared with other states. The last year production was 310 metric tons which is also the average silk provided by Manipur every year in India.

8. Nagaland

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Nagaland is a popular state in India when it comes to tourists attractions. In addition to this, there is another factor that contributes in its popularity and i.e. silk production. Each year, they produce around 330 metric tons of silk which is mainly exported to the international markets. Although this state has significantly improved the average production since last few years, it is nothing when compared to the continuous rising demand of same.

7. Meghalaya

Largest Silk Producing States in India

The last year silk production of Meghalaya was 500 plus metric tons and this is one of the states in India which has gained a lot of popularity due to silk production. Meghalaya contributes around 20% of the silk produced in the Eastern India alone. Another thing that makes it popular is the quality of silk produced is superb in every aspect.

6. Jharkhand

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Jharkhand is one of the states whose major income portion comes from silk export. It actually exports almost all the silk directly to the western countries. It stands at number sixth position in our list. The last year production was 1100 plus metric tons which have been improved significantly since last few years. Jharkhand silk is also sent to some south Indian traders.

5. Tamil Nadu

Largest Silk Producing States in India

The next major contributor to silk production in India is the southern State Tamil Nadu. Since last few years, the state is producing almost equal Silk as produced by Jharkhand. 1200 metric tons was the registered figure last year and it is largely expected to grow this year.

4. Assam

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Assam is not just popular for producing tea but is also a major contributor in silk production. Actually, this state is popular for being a major contributor in generating overall income for the country from exports. Assam silk production in the year 2016-17 was 2000 plus metric tons and this state is known to provide quality at the best price.

3. West Bengal

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Another Eastern state that is known to provide quality silk is West Bengal. Most of the silk produced here is exported to other countries expect a few which is utilised in producing silk sarees. This state also produces more than 2000 metric tons of silk every year and has been one of the top states in India for producing the same since long time. One of the best things about this state is you can purchase silk in the fibre form also to design your fabric in your own style.

2. Andhra Pradesh

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Andhra Pradesh is another state which has been widely contributing in silk production in India and is known to be one of the finest providers of same in the country. With the continuously rising demand of silk in Southern India, many industries in this state are working very hard to produce more and more silk every year. Although the production has been improved upto a good extent, there is still a difference between the demand and the supply.

1. Karnataka

Largest Silk Producing States in India

Karnataka is the number one and in fact the largest producer of silk in India since a long time period. The average silk produced by them every year is around 8200 metric tons which is more than one third of the total silk produced in India every year. One of the major factors for this is the reliable policies of government for the industries contributing towards this. Also, there are several other factors that enable this state to stay at the top of silk production in India.

So these are the top 10 largest silk producing states in India in 2018. Not all these states provide the silk for sale within the country but a few directly export the same to other countries. The fact is Silk clothes are quite popular among Indian women and it is known to be a unique fabric. In Southern India, pure silk sarees are quite popular and in fact, widely demanded. Also, Silk in India is cheap as compare to rest of the world. It is because of no other reason than this, many countries import the same from here. It must be noted that silk production by different states in India largely fluctuates every year. This is because silk production depends directly on many environmental, as well as several other factors.


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