Soybean has been found to be extremely beneficial for those being a diabetic patient or suffering from diabetics. It is basically termed as Kharif Crop India and known to be the fastest growing crop which has numerous health benefits to keep stay healthy and fit. Apart from India, the United States has a Soybean production of 89 million tonnes annually and thus makes it world’s largest Soybean producer. This high-protein crop has a huge foreign exchange benefit which fetches huge net profit through this fast-growing crop.

Soybean is a good digestive food and hence it can be digested easily and besides it is counted amongst the most nourishing and bodybuilding foods in the world. It is a great dietary fiber for children as it helps them in promoting their growth and development. It is very rich in lecithin and is very beneficial for those having mental fatigue. With the regular consumption of Soybean, it helps to provide protection against cholesterol deposits. It helps in lowering of cholesterol level through emulsification of fats in the body.

Soybeans provide protection against the development and hardening of the arteries and the resultant complications of heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. It has been reported that Soybean helps a person stay lean, by causing his body to produce fewer and smaller fat cells. It is also a good source of rich fiber which helps in acute constipation. It is truly recommended as the world’s healthiest food. In term of Vitamins, Soybeans contains Vitamin K, riboflavin, thiamin, folate, and Vitamin C & B6. Thus, today we have enlisted the top 10 largest Soybean producing states in India in 2019 to get an overall overview.

10. Uttar Pradesh

Largest Soybean Producing States in India 2019

The 10th largest Soybean production state said to Uttar Pradesh where Soybean is considered as one of the most important global sources of protein and oil and besides it is taken as the income return of the various poor farmers. The arid zone of Bundelkhand is the main growing area of soybean in Uttar Pradesh which comprises of great cultivation over a large extends of agricultural land. The content of soil moisture is very suitable for the production and cultivation of soybeans. Much of the state’s economy and revenue comes from the production of Soybeans which also have additional health benefits for the state people as well.

9. Tamil Nadu

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 9th largest Soybean producing state is said to be Tamil Nadu where soybean is sold at the comparative price and also provides a high-quality supply of soybeans throughout the state. The warm and moist climate in Tamil Nadu is an ideal and best suitable for the cultivation of Soybean crops in large extent. The crop yield comes in great quality and fetches high-end income for the various poor farmers involved in soybean farming. It also has good market demand for its high-quality supply

8. West Bengal

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 8th largest soybean producing state is said to be West Bengal which doesn’t offer much soybean cultivation with minimal supply but yet it has able to secure the 8th position in soybean production. It has rich and superior quality supply of soybean cultivation and besides the warm and humid climate of West Bengal is an added advantage and partially fulfils all the necessary requirement of Soybean growth as a primary Kharif Crop. The production of Soybean in this region is comparatively very less and minimal compared to other major states.

7. Karnataka

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 7th largest soybean producing state is said to be Karnataka where soybean seeds are sown manually at a depth of 2 to 3 cm adopting a space of 30 by 5 cm. The soil has been landing after the 25th day of serving and the crops are grown up to 10 cm long. Irrigation is done immediately after the sowing of the crop as it gives a better result with high-quality soybeans. It fetches a positive income for all the cultivators and farmers who put forth their hard work and dedication over it. A large area of land is basically involved in this farming and the climate is best suitable as it comprises of arid zone.

6. Gujarat

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 6th largest soybean producing state is said to be Gujarat where the Kharif Crop is grown extensively with high-superior quality and is sold in the market at a comparative price. Gujarat serves in the rapid growth of this fast growing crop compared to the other major states. The farmers here play a significant role in bringing out the best-quality crop as possible with modern and latest techniques and methods. It gives high yield growth with heavy flowering. Thus, it has shown rapid growth from the past few decades.

5. Chhattisgarh

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 5th largest soybean producing state is said to be Chhattisgarh where the Kharif Crop Soybean is cultivated about 51% compared to other agricultural cultivation undoubtedly. It usually serves its cultivation of soybean over 1.5 hectors of agricultural land to bring out the best possible high-quality soybeans for the state market. It has been estimated that about 1.35 tonnes of Soybeans are cultivated and produced annually. Hence, the state’s arid zone with the warm climatic condition is best suitable for the growth and production of the soybean crop and perhaps large revenue is collected for the poor farmers out this yielded crop.

4. Andhra Pradesh

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 4th largest soybean producing state is said to be Andhra Pradesh where the sowing area is covered about 2.993 hectors of land with the expected yield of 815 along with estimated production is about 2.439. Thus, the production in Andhra Pradesh is ranked in the 4th position as we can see the capacity and yielding power of this state and hence helping a wide range of farmers to earn a good revenue and income return from this Kharif Crop. Soybeans are a rich source of protein and hence the cultivators and farmers are exporting this rich protein to other states and other countries as well which in turn a huge foreign exchange value for the country’s economy.

3. Maharashtra

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 3rd largest soybean producing state is said to be Maharashtra which contributes 89% of the total production. Maharashtra said to be having dominated over the production of Soybean and hence it has great potential to a large extent in the cultivation of this Kharif Crop. It has a significant growth rate with a high-profit for a wide range of farmers and cultivators in Maharashtra. It has abundant soybean yield production with heavy flowering that brings stability to the state’s economy.

2. Rajasthan

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

The 2nd largest soybean producing state is said to be Rajasthan where the yielding power of this Kharif Crop has been cultivated in large extent in huge hectors of land that is basically a predominated soybean agricultural land. It involves in a huge supply of soybean in other states as well in packaging mode that fetches more and more revenue for the state’s economy as well as for the poor farmers who put forth their labor in bringing out the best-quality seeds.

1. Madhya Pradesh

Largest Soybean Producing States in India

Madhya Pradesh stands unique in the 1st position as the largest producing state of soybean in India which said to have global recognition as the state’s majority of revenue and income come from this without a doubt. The state comprises of national value due to its production of Soybean to a large extent. It has been estimated that around 3.9 million tonnes of Soybeans are produced annually which is really significant and remarkable for the state growth.

Therefore, these sums up the entire list of the top 30 largest soybean producing states in India which has been witnessed to give us great nutritional values and supplements from a wide range of farmers of various states who has put forth great labor and dedication in yielding this high-quality crop to large extent which helps to gain high-revenue for our country’s economy.