Top 10 Largest Tomato Producing States in India

Tomatoes are known to add a lot to the health of one and all. There is probably nothing wrong to say that one can easily add quality to life after eating them. One of the biggest factors about tomatoes is it’s actually a fruit. However, you will find in almost every Indian kitchen as an important ingredient used during tempering of vegetables which is quite common in India. It is actually known to add a lot of taste in the vegetables and other recipes. Also, it is consumed as a part of green Salad. In addition to this, tomatoes offer certain hidden health benefits and by consuming them, one can simply enhance the quality of life.

Although you can find tomatoes in all the states in India and throughout the year, it actually doesn’t mean all states are producing them in equal amount. The fact is there are more consumers of tomatoes in India than in any other part of the world and the fact that no Indian dish can be made tasteful without them cannot be denied. One of the biggest factors about tomatoes in India is you can find them in different varieties throughout the year. Also, they are different in terms of taste and many other factors.

Here is the list of top 10 largest tomato producing states in India in 2018

10. Karnataka

Karnataka Top Famous Largest Tomato Producing States in India 2017

At number 10, we have Karnataka on our list. This south Indian state is known to produce quality tomatoes since long. The production in the year 2016-17 was around 25488 Metric Tons and that was actually a record. Karnataka has a well-known diversity and the state bears favorable temperature and weather conditions tomatoes required for the growth. The good thing is most of the farmers in the state doesn’t use pesticides beyond a limit.

9. Chhattisgarh


Chhattisgarh is another popular state of central India which is famous for tomato production. The state is famous for the production of low cost vegetables including tomatoes. Although the cost is low, this doesn’t actually mean quality is compromised by them. One of the biggest factors is Chattisgarh is a popular state when it comes to tomato production which has secured a lot of reputation because of no other reason than quality.

8. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is not just popular for producing tomatoes but the state is also known to provide a lot of other vegetables too. One of the best things about the tomatoes which are produced in this state is they are capable to be consumed directly. Although all tomatoes can be consumed in this way, health experts generally don’t advice the same. Tamil Nadu has been a popular state for producing the tomatoes which are available in most of the South Indian cities.

7. Maharashtra


The Maharashtra is not just famous for being one of the hottest places where the popular Bollywood stars live. In fact, the state also bears a lot of reputation in producing tomatoes. Actually, Maharashtra has won many awards in recent years for being at the top of producing many vegetables. Most of the tomatoes produced here are provided to some famous Indian restaurants in the state. It is also the state which consumes a large amount of tomatoes every year.

6. Odisha


It is actually a state where you can find a lot of varieties of tomatoes which are known for their taste and perfect size actually. Odisha has been known to offer quality tomatoes and the good thing is this is the state where you can find the organic ones. It is because of this reason the cost is always a bit high in this state.

5. Gujarat


Well, Gujarat is one of the very popular states in India. It is actually known for industries and commercial establishments. Gujarat has also been known for producing the quality tomatoes in the country. It is actually a state which produces them in surplus amount and even helps other states meeting their needs. Gujarat tomatoes are popular in some neighbouring states also.

4. Bihar


Bihar is another state where you can find a huge variety of tomatoes and the good thing is there are several options available when it comes to quality and price. Bihar wouldn’t just produce them for meeting the needs of their own cities but also help a few other states to meet their demand simply.

3. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh also secures a great reputation in India when it comes to tomatoes production. The fact is there are a very large number of farmers in this state that always make sure of taste and quality. In fact, the tomatoes are one of the major crops of this state due to which the income of state government has enhanced in the last few years.

2. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is one of the leading producers of tomatoes in India since more than a decade. It is the state where you can buy them at the lowest price without compromising with the quality. UP has been known to export them to other countries as well. Also, the farming practices are improving in this state because of which farmers are able to produce more and more tomatoes.

1. West Bengal

West Bengal Top Popular Largest Tomato Producing States in India 2018

This Eastern state of India is known to have some of the well-known varieties of tomatoes available in all their cities. It is the largest producer of same since last few years. The fact is farmers here follow the advanced techniques for the production and always pay close attention to health. Bengal tomatoes are known all over the Eastern India for being rich in nutrients.

All these states are known to produce quality tomatoes in India. Also, there are few which simply exports them to other parts of the world. In fact, Indian tomatoes are widely known for their taste and uniqueness in many ways in different parts of the world. Moreover, Indian tomatoes are cheap and have top-notch quality. You might have no idea but India is one of the largest producers of tomatoes in the world. The entire credit goes to the farmers which work very hard to produce them so that they can be served to one and all.

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