There is nothing wrong to say that this world has many wonders. In India where almost every creation of nature has some religious aspect as per the Hindu religion, the people worship rivers too. It may seem strange but it is true and India is a home to some longest and in fact popular rivers across the globe.

Rivers are actually one among those factors that have enhanced the popularity of the country all over the world. The good thing about the Indian rivers is they are filled with water throughout the year and because most of them pass through the popular cities, they are known to attract the attention of a lot of people.

In fact, a lot of adventurous activities are based on rivers in India. Moreover, they widely contribute in making the agricultural practices simpler. In addition to this, they play a significant role in making the life possible at various regions and also contribute in enhancing the GDP of India directly or indirectly. The top 10 longest rivers in India along with some of the very interesting facts about them are spotlighted below.

10. Tapti river

Longest Rivers in India

Also known as Tapi River, it rises from the Gawilgarh hills in the Madhya Pradesh, it is one of the very popular rivers in the Central India. With a total length of around 724 Km, it’s basin area of around 65 thousand kilometer square. It passes from Surat, Bhusawal, Burhanpur and Jalgaon. It has many religious aspects associated with it and many people worship this river to get the blessings of god.

8. The Great Kaveri River

Longest Rivers in India

Next to Tapi, Kaveri is the next longest river in Indi which is having a total length of around 765 KM. It originates from the Western Ghats and passes through popular states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It covers a total Basin area of around 72,000 KM square. The famous bridge built on this river is the Cauvery and the cities from which it passes are Talakaveri, Srirangapatna and Thanjavur.

7. Mahanadi

Longest Rivers in India

It is one of the very popular and in fact a significant river in the Chhattisgarh state. The total length of the Mahanadi River is around 858 KM with a basin area of around 141,600 KM square. The cities from which is passes are Sambalpur, Boudh, Sonepur, Cuttack. It has a huge rail bridge build on it and is itself a wonder. It is also a religious river as per Hindu religion. Mahanadi attracts the attention of a very large number of people every year.

6. Narmada River

Longest Rivers in India

The total length of Narmada River is around 1312 KM and it covers a basin area of around 98,796 KM square. Its point of origination is Amarkantak hill in the Madhya Pradesh state. Vadodara and Jabalpur are the famous cities from which this river passes. The famous golden Bridge is built on this river and Narmada is one of those rivers that pass from Central India.

5. Yamuna River

Longest Rivers in India

Also called as Jamuna in some parts of the country, this river is very popular and is having a lot of religious aspects related to it. The total length of this river is around 1376 KM with a basin area of 366,223 Km square. The source of origination of Yamuna is Yamunotri, Champasar Glacier. It passes from Delhi, Allahabad, Kalpi, Firozabad, Mathura, Agra, Etawah and from several other cities in India. One of the famous bridges that were built on this river is the New Yamuna Bridge in Allahabad.

4. Krishna River

Longest Rivers in India

It rises from the Western Ghats near the Mahabaleshwar which is a popular place in the country. The total length of this river is close to 1400 KM and is one of the longest rivers in the Central-Southern India. The Penumudi–Puligadda Bridge is the popular bridge that has been built on it. The Krishna River is very popular because of clean water and several other factors.

3. The Ganges River

Longest Rivers in India

It is also known as Ganga River and is one of the holiest rivers in the country. It has also been tagged as the National River of India. The total length of this river is 2525 KM. the Ganga Water is used in a lot of religious activities in the country. Its water is called as “Ganga-Jal” and Indians often keep it in their homes for religious purposes. The Indian Postal department has also started the delivery of Ganga Water all over the world earlier this year. The famous cities from where it passes are Allahabad, Haridwar, Patna, Ghazipur and Varanasi.

2. Brahmaputra River

Longest Rivers in India

At number 9, we have river Brahmaputra River in our list. The total length of this river is around 2900 KM. It is popular all over the Asia. The arrival point of this river is the Himalayan region of India and it ends at the Bay of Bengal. Some of the popular bridges such as Dhola-Sadia Bridge and Narayam Setu have been built on it. Along with India, Brahmaputra also has some part in China and Bangladesh in addition to India. There are a few conflicts between India and China related to building of Dams on this river by China.

1. The Indus River

Longest Rivers in India

Indus, also known as Sindhu is the longest river in India with a total length of 3200 KM. Just like the Brahmaputra, it has some parts in Pakistan and China. The point of origination of this river is Sênggê Zangbo, Tibetan Plateau. Many other rivers merge in Indus in India and it is a religious river. Being the longest river in India, it attracts the attention of so many International tourists and researchers from all over the world.

These are the top 10 longest rivers in India and some of the interesting facts about them. They have been listed along with their total length and cities they pass from. All these rivers are considered as holy as per Hindu religion in India and a lot of people worship them. You might have no idea but these rivers are considered as the heart of India due to a very large number of reasons.


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