The most trending ways to earn plenty of money to fulfil your dream life according to your own needs and preferences is to invest a basic amount to various shares available in the Indian market for a varied range of people with great opportunity and great earnings as well. It is a better way to earn a lot at a specific period of time but with this, it involves great risk as well as it requires ups and downs of the share market. It is always a smart choice to choose the right stock where you can definitely earn more money rather than losing the amount you invested in the stock market.

There is various investment market or platforms where you can invest your money which includes Equity Market, Commodity, Futures, Index Futures, Options, and Forex. Perhaps, this mode of earning involves great risk but at the same time, it is one of the best platforms to invest to fetch more and more money. Investing your valuables in the stock market definitely, requires great skills and tactics without which you will unable to earn money instead you will lose your invested money at a huge price. Therefore, today we have enlisted the top most expensive shares in India in 2019 where you can take the risk to invest your valuables with great earnings.

10. Nestle India

Most Expensive Shares in India 2019

Nestle is one of the great success stories not just in business not just in Switzerland but in the global stock market as well. The company is a Switzerland-based holding brand of the Nestle Group and is preferably engaged in the development and production of food and beverages. Nestle has a diverse source of revenue with huge success stories where it builds trust and belief among billions of people as it is one of the trusted brands in the global market. The brand itself comprises of a story with many branches on the tree of success. In a robust market or a growing market where you get a history that Nestle has 70 times of earning in the global market which is absolutely glorious to imagine. It has a great market value with working employees of 333000. It is estimated that the price of Nestle stock for one day is about INR 7850.

9. P&G

Most Expensive Shares in India

In 1837, P&G was founded with huge success in the global market with a number of products for various usages. It has been reported that generation of P&G employees is making and marketing products that were firsts of their kinds. With the imagination, innovation, and integrity seven generation of P&G employees have worked to create products and build various essentials of touching and improving lives every day. It is another leading company which beliefs in shaping the personal care of every individual with huge benefits in the stock market. It comprises of a range of products like Wella, Whisper, Gillette, and others. Presently, the company operates in more than 180 countries and have more than 25 billion dollars brands.

8. Bajaj Finance

Most Expensive Shares in India

One of the leading companies in the finance industry is Bajaj Finance which comprises of a huge price of INR 1,750 in Indian stock market. It efficiently deals in personal loan, business loan, home loan, engineer loan, various insurance policies, EMI cards, fixed deposits, and other finance-related plans and schemes. Bajaj Finance is one of the acclaimed and trusted companies in the banking sector with its headquarters based in Pune, Maharashtra. It has been estimated that it has generated total revenue of 715 million dollars over the past years with a huge establishment in the Indian market.

7. Honeywell

Most Expensive Shares in India 2019

Honeywell is an American based company dealing in various ranges of products in the felid of oil & gas, buildings, productivity, manufacturing, healthcare, security, Aerospace & Defence, vehicles, performance materials & chemicals, and footwear. Thus, it is a known fact that it has a diverse source of revenue from various mode of industry. The company is an established and acclaimed brand that ranks in consumer products for various purposes. Honeywell technology is found in both home and at work. It upgraded features and advanced technology keeps working system run efficiently and in a fast way without causing any trouble or issues. The company has revenue of worth 39.3 billion USD in the global market. Currently, the company has a stock price in the Indian market of worth INR 14, 142.02 crores.

6. 3M India

Most Expensive Shares in India

3M India is basically an American company which has successfully hold its position in India with the vision of developing business in the cross-sector and apply modern methods and ideology to make things work easier with efficiency. Today, its brand has put forth remarkable presence in the millions of home and has become a pioneer across B2B products segments like car care, healthcare delivery products, and various others. 3M India is an established and trusted company with its headquarters based in Bengaluru.

5. Shree Cements

Most Expensive Shares in India

Shree Cement is an Indian based company which has marked remarkable profitable growth in the Indian stock market with great working performance in building and creating various industrial usage products. Shree Cements is preferably a cement manufacturing company which is one of the largest cement manufacturers. It one of India’s efficient and sustainable organisations with the cement production capacity of 13.5 million tons per annum.

4. Page Industry

Most Expensive Shares in India

The Page Industry Company got the exclusive hold of the US-based Jockey International promoted by Mr. Sunder Genomal. It manufactures and distributes innerwear for men and women under the brand name of Jockey. Jockey produces 4.5 lakh pieces of inner wear every day. The inner wear comprising 197 different styles are sold through 23 thousand retail outlets and 117 exclusive Jockey showrooms in 1200 cities across the country. The company’s dynamic strategy helps the company to break the stranglehold of the competitors. In addition to this, the company did not use films stars like its competitors to endorse Jockey. Finally and most importantly it changes the rule of the game by bringing innerwear out of the closet and broke the traditional shyness among the retailers. All these strategies of the company paid off with remarkable profit and huge earnings in the Indian market.

3. Eicher Motors

Most Expensive Shares in India

One of the third leading companies Eicher Motors which have efficiently secured a high-profile net profit in the Indian stock market with huge earnings and future possibilities. The company has grown with huge success in Indian market with remarkable working performances in automobiles. Presently, in 2017 the stock price has reached up to 26,000 which is significantly a remarkable growth over the past years. The company was established back in the year 1982 with its headquarters based in Gurgaon, India. It is has been estimated that it has generated revenue worth of INR 11,923 crores.

2. Bosch

Most Expensive Shares in India

Bosch is a manufacturing company that focuses on automotive components. It is the best place for the talented engineers who can easily imply their skills and knowledge in Robert Bosch technology. The company was incorporated back in the year 1886 with its headquarters based in Gerlingen, Germany. It is one of the powerful and leading companies and has ranked in the second position of various automotive components.

1. MRF

Most Expensive Shares in India

MRF ranked at the number one position on the top 10 most expensive shares in India which has enhanced the marketing field of the rubber industry in the Indian market with superior and high-quality of material. The company was incorporated in the year 1946 with its headquarters based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company deals in various ranges of products like sports equipment, tires, toys, paints, conveyor belt, and others. Thus, it shares a huge net capital in the Indian stock market with huge net income and net profit as well.

Thus, this completes the entire list of our top 10 most expensive shares in India which enables every individual and every commoner to invest a sum of money in this trusted and acclaimed brands or companies to gain huge net profit to earn a sufficient sum of money with huge possibilities in the near future. With great innovation, imagination, and belief these acclaimed companies are running successfully with high-efficiency working performance.


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